Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bye, Bye, Middle Class

I owned a taxi for five years. For two years out of that five I owned a small company consisting of four cabs.

I had a blast except for owning those four taxis. That was way too much work. I didn't expect it. Except for that, it was a wonderful job. I once read that "rejoice" in the Bible might as well be translated, "Have a blast." It makes sense to me.

Every day I went to work was a new adventure. I was joyful when I went to work, eager to go. It was more play than work. I had control over my own life. I worked the hours and days I wanted. The money was pretty good - sometimes I made over $200 a day. And if I got that lucky (about one a year) I did it in about four hours. What more could you ask for?

I was reminded of something I read in Richard McKenna's novel, The Sand Pebbles: "Holman started the job the next morning. He felt filled with power and joy..." And later: "...they had caught Holman's feelings of power and accomplishment." He was rebuilding the Ship's 50-year-old engine - and Holman loved engines.

McKenna knew what he was writing about. To do so, he had to have felt it himself.

I wasn't the only one who felt that way. When I started I met an older man who had started in the '50s. He told me, "Where has this job been my entire life?"

He started in the '50s, and I think America reached its peak in that decade. I'm not the only one who thinks that. Read Bill Bryson's The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid sometime.

This driver, whose name was Al, told me he worked 11 months out of the year (we were independent contractors) then for one month he went on vacation, put his wife in the sidecar of his motorcycle, and toured the country. He made today what would be about $50,000 a year.

Those days of owning a taxi and making $50,000 a year are gone. Try about $15,000 a year. The days of it being a middle-class job are not going - they're gone.

One reason is the misnamed "multiculturalism,"

Originally all drivers were American. These days you can hardly find an American driver. Now the vast majority of drivers are foreigners, and they are not admirable foreigners.

When I started we had some Nigerian drivers. If you want to find a Nigerian who isn't a stupid criminal, good luck with that. If it was up to me, I'd deport their worthless selves right back to the toilet they came from. The stories I could tell.

The Somalians were better, but I'd deport them, too.

The Russians were the best of all, but I'd deport some of them, too. I did know one (who got fired, fortunately), who put a small mirror in his car so he could look up woman's dresses. I remember thinking, "What is he, six years old?" Then I thought, "Character-wise, that's exactly what most of the immigrant drivers are."

This influx of foreigners, most of whom lived six to a room, drove wages down so much that driving a taxi is now a lower-class job (it has enriched the owners of the big taxi companies, though - more drivers per company owner). Not just lower-class in terms of the money, but lower-class in terms of the character of the drivers.

I once almost got into a fight with a Nigerian, who cut me off to be first in line. I shoved him up against a car and next thing I know the white drivers got in-between me and him and pushed me back. Many whites have a sense of fairness, which many Third Worlders do not. If the drivers had understood what was at stake they would have got him down and kicked the crap out of him, which is what I was planning on doing. That's just about the only thing they understand.

I was cursing mightily at him, and later he told another driver I had "no right" to say the things I did to him. He had no understanding, as many foreigners don't, of the freedom to say what you want. To him it was all about his hurt feelings, never mind that fact he was a liar and a thief - your typical Nigerian.

That's not the only problem I had with no-IQ Nigerians. Another thing is that if I got within six inches of them the stink was unbearable.

We did have one Afghani driver, who I was friends with. He told me he got into some kind of a conflict with a Somalian driver, and the Somalian pulled a crowbar on him. In downtown.

Now this Somalian would have never dared pull it on a white driver, because the cops would have been all over him, and he knew it. But he knew he could get away with doing it to another immigrant.

I have so many stories I had to keep a diary to keep track of them.

When you have many different foreigners in one country they're going to fight each other. Then we there is enough of them there will be a tipping point and they'll start going after native Americans. Then after they have enough the dipshit Third Worlders in our midst will wonder what the hell hit them.

Why do they want to come to America? Because as bad as our economy is, the Third World's is worse. Permanently, worse, because it's full of Third Worlders, the vast majority of whom are genetically stupid. And when you're that stupid, there is a strong tendency for you to be a criminal.

The State and Corporations (Mussolini defined fascism as "corporatism") want immigrants so they can pay less money so they can make more. In the long run they are cutting their own throats, although they can't seem to figure that out.

If I had to use a taxi I would never get into a taxi with an immigrant driver. These days most drivers have cell phones. I'd get their number and call them personally. I used to do that with my passengers. I gave them my number. It got to the point half the money I had was from people calling me personally.

I had some of them tell me the reason why - do I have to tell you? - they didn't want to be picked up by some creep of an immigrant driver.

So much for the wonders of multiculturalism.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, you seem like the only person willing to say what no one else is willing to say though it needs to be said. This is one of those times.

Quartermain said...

Your diary sounds like it has the makings of a good book.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I find myself using the word 'incurious' and its variants a lot these days. As in, there is a strange incuriousness about immigration. Everybody assumes immigration is good, and you can't have too much of a good thing, right? That's not even a question in the immigration 'debate.'

Other unasked question:

What multicultural society has ever worked without a huge, autocratic State keeping a lid on everybody? What is the endpoint of multi-culturalism? Do we ever get to make the jump from a 'nation of immigrants' (a lie, actually) to a nation of natives?

I think 5% of the extant population is about all the immigrants a society can handle. At 10%, immigrants will localize and use other ways to leverage their influence. At 20%, the majority assuming it hasn't pushed back, starts to retreat. Above 20%, everybody wants their own country.

Roiy said...

When you said an African driver jump the taxi queue it rang bells for me. We here in Ireland have been letting third world trash in to our beautiful country and they have been doing the exact same shit: jumping queues, scamming, welfare mooching, playing the race card. We have let Chinese in to our country for decades and have never had any problems with them.

Quartermain said...

"What multicultural society has ever worked without a huge, autocratic State keeping a lid on everybody? What is the endpoint of multi-culturalism?"

I think the PTB knows that and that's what they want.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Rome a multi-cultural society in its final days?

Unknown said...

Yes, Rome was multicultural in its final days.

Glen Filthie said...

It's racist as hell but I don't care. When I call for a cab, I tell them right off the bat that I want a clean white driver, and if they send me some goddamned packie with BO and an attitude I will leave him out on the curb and call somebody else.

Aurini said...

The more immigrants we get, the worse the general quality.

Ten years ago, in Hamilton, 70% of the taxi drivers were immigrants, but they drove like stink: professional drivers, that got you here on time.

Nowadays in Calgary, 100% of them are immigrants, who drive slowly, break multiple traffic laws (the real, dangerous traffic laws, not speed limits), and frequently take the long-route to rack up the meter.