Thursday, September 19, 2013

Worthless Make-Work Jobs for Women

I worked for myself for years. Then in 2009 everything collapsed. And it hasn't picked back up, contrary to government lies. So, out of necessity, for a while I worked for others, until I opened my own business again.

My, how things have changed.

Now we have "Human Resources Departments" which hire dumb young women with worthless college degrees. They're make-work jobs that, I'm sure, pay way too much.

I was interviewed for half an hour and asked stupid questions they clearly memorized from a textbook. They looked to be about 25 years old and clearly had no idea what they were doing.

One question was, "Do you smile a lot?" Since I had decided I didn't want the job, I answered, "I hardly smile at it. In fact, I glower a lot." Of course I didn't get the job, which was fine with me.

These days, when you're interviewed by HR you're supposed to give the "right" answers. I suggest you don't do that and instead tell the truth: "You do know of course you have a make-work job and if it was eliminated things would get better?" Let's put it this way: do you really want to work at a job when the person who hired you is an Epsilon Minus?

These were the first times I've interviewed with "Human Resources." Before I always interviewed with owners. Not so much of that, not anymore.

Of course, none of these women knew they were incompetent. Incompetents rarely know they are incompetent. Usually they think they are super-competent. (By the way, I've worked with incompetent men and they didn't know they were incompetent, either.)

When too many women go into a field, men move out. Since there are so many girls in "Human Resources" the men who are in it are going to move out. That is, if there are any men in it. In fact, when too many women go into too many fields, a noticeable number of men stop participating in the economy.

If men cannot find useful high-paying jobs that allow them to be patriarch/protectors and masters of their own ships, then they'll just say, fuck it all. The first is good for men, women and society and the second is bad for all involved.

Often they become never-do-wells or predators. Just look around.

Since it is men who created civilization, science and technology, when they withdraw society goes backward and sometimes collapses. The signs are clearly obvious for those who want to see them.

Now, unfortunately, when I think of "Human Resources" I think "Dumb College Girls with Worthless Degrees Diddling Around in Make-Work Jobs."

When I was hired I found the companies which were top-heavy with management who did nothing. I worked at one place which had 100% female management - six of them. Three of them didn't do anything. It was astonishing. This was a small business.

The second company was the same way. That was it. Time to open my own business!

I'd go nuts if I had a sinecure in which I did nothing. I have to find something useful to do.

I also found women tend to play it safe but in really dumb ways. That is, rules out the wazoo. Men often take chances. Many women are horrified by that and put worthless "safety" rules above doing the right thing. It was suffocating - and that is the biggest reason why men flee working for women.

Unfortunately many women are clueless about these things. They probably delude themselves men don't want to work for "smart, strong, independent" women, which is the exact opposite of the truth. No one wants to work for silly little girls with no management skills, which is why most women prefer to work for men.

I'd say 80% of women (Pareto's Law here) cannot successfully participate, maintain and advance civilization. I get tired of saying it, but the humorist P.J. O'Rourke was right: without men civilization would last until the next oil change.

These women are parasites on a not-so-healthy economy, which means someday - and most probably quite soon - their jobs will go away. Then they'll whine and complain about their "important" jobs going away and claim sexism.

A job is not a job unless it adds value to the economy. Make-work jobs don't add value; they subtract it. That's why they're parasitical.

Ultimately it's men's fault for allowing this problem. They didn't have to allow it, but they did it out of a misguided sense of fair play and justice (the real definition of Justice is to "give each his due").

If most women can't even run companies competently they sure aren't going to be able to run societies. And that is why there are no matriarchies. Never have been, and never will be.

They suck out the adventure in a job and the ability to accomplish anything. And they don't even know it.


Glen Filthie said...

Oh man.

I went to work for a big politically correct instrumentation manufacturer years back. I went from inside sales to project management in 4 months.

Then they brought on my new boss, a 28 year old femc*nt. Big rack of plastic boobs, stacked, and very easy on the eyes...but a complete b*tch to work with. I walked out a month later, no notice. Two years later everyone I knew there was either laid off or did what I did...and the young hottie was still running the show there. Last I heard the sales had also gone through the floor.

I refuse to work for women. I might do it until I find a job elsewhere but I have yet to meet a female manager worth her salt.

Quartermain said...

The HR ditzes came up with the term over qualified. Meaning a guy with some college is over qualified for mail room but not pushing a broom.

They also ask illegal questions and have respect for another's boundaries.

They will only hire people who already have jobs.

They have marginalized many men of two or more generations.

This b.s has been going on since the late '70's and early '80's.

They now have a website where they can black list any interviewees they don't like.

Captain Capitalism has some choice words about the HR ditz:

Anonymous said...

Very true and to the point.

Quartermain said...

Another thing about the HR ditz.

They're usually the type that say "I want men with confidence."

Then after going through a few confidence men, all men are bad because of their poor choices.

x said...

"If most women can't even run companies competently they sure aren't going to be able to run societies. And that is why there are no matriarchies. Never have been, and never will be. "

You may have heard of the Amazon tribe of warrior women. This story came from the Spanish explorer and conquistador Francisco de Orellana. He told many tales and exaggerations of his voyage down the Amazon river to the Spanish court. No one else ever reported this Amazon tribe of warrior women, there is zero evidence of its existence.

Rise of he machines: The future has lots of robots few jobs for humans,
There is a huge shift about to happen, large numbers of jobs will be made obsolete in the near future. Men will be hit hard by this shift. Make work jobs are immune to this as there sole purpose is to give riskless paid work to women, what's the point of automating a useless job?