Sunday, March 5, 2017

On Being Charming

I once had a woman I know tell a friend of mine, “You know, Bob is very charming.” I’ve also had women tell me I’m a doll – twice – and am adorable. And fascinating, of all things. And all of it was the use of words.

I once was standing behind a woman – she didn’t know I was there – and she told a friend of hers I was very funny. I didn’t know what she was talking about since I had just been acting normally. But she still thought I was funny.

Either you’ve got it, or you don’t.

The frauds of the Manosphere tell lies about these things. You know – “Game.” Game doesn’t exist.

When you get some greasy, unattractive half-white half-wit such as “Roosh” writing about he uses “Game” to get all these beautiful women, he’s lying. Same with Roissy.

Either you’re funny, or you’re not.

I might be funny but I don’t have charisma. Bill Clinton had charisma. He still does. Poppy Bush didn’t. That’s one of the main reasons he lost.

I personally don’t fall for charisma. Or charm. They’re superficial things and mean nothing. I might have fallen for it as a teenager but that didn’t last long.

Barak Obama did have some charm. That’s one of the reasons he was elected.

Even Hitler had charisma. I’ve seen videos of his speeches – he was a spell-binding speaker, even though I didn’t understand a word he was saying. But it was easy to perceive the power he had over his audience.

I’ve mentioned before some women don’t like me at all. Every one of them has been unattractive/unmarried/divorced, and full of anger and envy. The women who like me the most are attractive, intelligent and have a sense of humor.

The same thing applies to politicians. The most successful ones are physically attractive, intelligent and have a sense of humor. Again, look at Bill Clinton – a charming man with charisma.

Charm is a kind of magic – that’s why a “charm” has to do with magic, the way young girls used to wear charm bracelets (do they even do that this anymore? I haven’t seen one for years.). There’s even a “Lucky Charms” breakfast cereal.

People, whether or not they admit it, still believe in magic. That’s what the Manosphere is about – learn the magic! How to be charming! Cast spells on women! Buy their propaganda books! Learn how to use words as voodoo!

Propaganda is really about how to manipulate people. Sometimes it works but often it doesn’t. The same with advertising. Sometimes it works but often it doesn’t.

Propaganda and advertising and politics are ultimately about trying to convince people to love me. To trust me – because I have your best interests at heart! The difference is that politics and propaganda is based on hatred but adverting isn’t.

Ultimately all of it is about the use of words, which is why Rudyard Kipling once made the comment that words are the most powerful drug known to mankind – and he was a master at the use of words.

There is something wrong with the human race – people are not rational, not when the effective use of words can have such a devastating effect of them.


Shaun F said...

I don't see game and propaganda as being significantly different. Both are tools to use words to manipulate people to get a desired result. And that is dishonest - and that is what cads do.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Something that strikes me as sad about the red pills, it's all about learning the magic so you can trick women into not seeing you as you really are. So that means who you really are is something you yourself find so repulsive, so undesirable, no woman would ever want you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your father was a good role model and taught you how to relate to women well. My father died when I was eleven. I treated women as I would treat men with even more leeway for their wishes because I wanted something from them. The man-o-sphere taught me that women test their men, that many requests (particularly the ones that don;t make sense to you) are tests of your boundaries and resolve as well as estimation of whether you are roughly equals or you believe that she is out of your league.