Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Those Most Fervently for War are the Ones Who Won’t Fight

This has been noticed for hundreds if not thousands of years: those who howl most fervently for war are the Chickenhawk cowards who can do nothing but give bad advice but never have any intention of volunteering for the front lines.

I’ve mentioned before the undeclared Vietnam war started when I was seven. Even then I was hearing the same cowardly nonsense I’ve heard in every war: “If we don’t fight them over there we’ll have to fight them here!”

But the people who say these things never volunteer for the military. I used to offer to drive them down to the enlistment center but they always had some bullshit excuse. They always do.

I think when I was about 19 or 20 I read Gone with the Wind, which really is a great American novel.

The author, Margaret Mitchell, wrote about Chickenhawks during the War between the States. All they could do is give terrible advice when at parties. “Why, if I was in charge of the war…what the hell is wrong with these generals? They’re doing it all wrong!” But none of them had any intention of making their way even to the rear lines. Or even to a hospital to tend the wounded.

These vile people always pretend they are patriots because the support war – any war. It’s a cheap way of deluding themselves they are patriots when they are nothing of the sort. Those who see though these cowards…these ball-less cowards can only point their fingers at other people and howl, “Coward! Traitor! Pacifist! Liberal! ” They are projecting their own cowardice.

These nutcases see war as entertainment, just the way Romans saw the gladiator fights in the Coliseum as entertainment. They have no idea the Bible refers to this as “the lust of the eye” – seeing death and destruction as entertainment from a distance. A safe distance. A very safe distance.

These Chickenhawk cowards are trying to fill their empty, meaningless lives by pretending they are brave and patriotic.

What’s the old saying? “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”?

That’s not quite accurate. It’s the first refuge of a scoundrel – a coward.


Anonymous said...

I see this sentiment in the Church from my fellow Catholic's. They talk big about being a martyr for the faith and declare how they would die before they would give up one dogma of faith. They are always pushing the "let's all be martyr's" theme, yet they won't even make the sign of the cross before eating meals in public.

I tell my kids "you don't want to be martyr's" don't run headlong into it, avoid it whenever possible." But if you can't avoid it, pray like crazy for the grace to accept it.

I think what get's me the most about the pro war fanaticism is that it is coming from people in foreign countries who can't wait to send American men to fight their battles.

Screw them, and Yes I Served.

Roman Lance said...

Sorry, accidentally posted anonymously.

Roman Lance.

kurt9 said...

Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious.

Glen Filthie said...


It's a common debate tactic used by menstrual teenaged girls, their rabbity effeminate men and other disreputable shitlibs: 'agree with my politics or I'll call you names!' Frankly I'm astonished that a man of your intellect would resort to such foolishness, Bob. What next? Are we racists, homophobes and fascists if we disagree with you?😆
I am not craven; I am a student of history and understand the context of the times and circumstances under which Dubya worked. Like many Americans, you have internalized the problems in the Middle East and are completely clueless about how the Arab mind works.
Bush is not to blame for the failures there - he gave America a solid win in Iraq and Obama pissed the victories away. Like many Americans, Obitthole thinks that America can just take its ball and go home - and walk away. (How anyone cannot see that as cowardice is beyond me).
No matter. You will learn differently in the days ahead. History is very tolerant of fools that don't learn the lesson the first time; a remedial lesson on geopolitics is in the works for you as we speak.

Unknown said...

I told it as it is: cowards run their mouth but never put their money where their mouth is. I've never seen an exception.

Glen Filthie said...

Perhaps it's a matter of perspective then, Bob. I would never accuse you of cowardice (unless of course, there was a good rude joke to be had in it) - but I know men who would. These 'exceptions' as you call them were squaddies in Afbagistan who went and actually DID the heavy lifting: they swapped lead with the Talibangers, ran them out of town - and then set up schools, clinics, and courthouses and were in the process of teaching the locals how they work - when uneducated liberal rubes and hicks in flyover country back at home jerked the rug out from underneath them. THESE are the guys calling you cowards and traitors, Bob, and I think they have your measure far more accurately than you have theirs... but that's just me. They went out and did the job - while media slobs in posh hotels wrote horror stories for the morons at home. Suffice it to say I would disagree with you on who the scoundrels and patriots are and I am comfortable with my assessment.

The squaddies I know that would accuse you of cowardice would say your treachery was twofold - not only did you stab your servicemen in the back while they tried to perform a good and noble mission - you stabbed the locals in the back that befriended America and Canada and dared to hope that they could transform their country into something other than a third world shit hole.

So no, that is not me projecting, that is the courageous men and women telling YOU how it is, while you run your mouth with lame evasions and accusations.

Unknown said...

Bob chickenhawks call for War with Iran and Syria. A Call to Arms right here to get the monkeys and organ grinder off your back is legit. The Civil War was Lincoln's War. Had nothing to do with slavery. Lincoln was a Goddamn crook taxing the shit outta the South to pay back his donors. Railroad Barons I hear. The problem with the Confederates were they were too law-abiding and honorable. Don't waste your honor on polecats and thieves. The Problem with the Confederates were they WEREN'T REBELS. If they were they could have marched straight into Washington after the First Manassas/Bull Run and the War was OVER. The Only Rule of War is Victory. After you win, everything you do was good, and the enemy was the sum of all evils. The Good Guys don't always win. The Winners write the History Books.

Unknown said...

"these 'exceptions' as you call them were squaddies in Afbagistan who went and actually DID the heavy lifting"

Chickenhawks never join the military, just run their mouths.

Farm Boy said...

and the authority for our military to invade other countries and try to remake them in our vision comes from ..... ?? Why don't we invade, say, Sudan, and kill all the bad guys and set up voting booths and turn them into Ohio Republicans. SAme with Pakistan. Lots of bad guys there. Then there is Yemen. Why not just bomb the place off the face of the Earth? These military incursions in these backward 7th century sand holes get us nothing but grief, riled-up locals, dead and maimed US soldiers (someone explain to me why remaking Afghanistan is worth the life of one dead US soldier, say your brother or son), and a skyrocketing national debt. But I guess it's good for business @ Boeing and Raytheon and General Dynamics and after all what is really important. Is Afghanistan a better place today? When can we leave? why does the American taxpayer have to pay for this lunacy? Worth all the dead US soldiers? Insanity and military mission creep run amok. but obozo or hillary or shrub will be there @ Andrews or Dover when the coffins are flown in and shed a few crocodile tears and tell us about "freedom" (sniff sniff)

Glen Filthie said...

Might have something to do with the fact that the Sudanese aren't flying airplanes into sky scrapers, Ya think? Yannow, that's something these mealy mouthed rubes never talk about: how SHOULD 911 have been handled, seeing as how Bush did it all wrong...

Chris Mallory said...

"the Sudanese aren't flying airplanes into sky scrapers"

Afghans weren't flying airplanes into sky scrapers either, not even the Taliban.

The majority of the hijackers were Saudis with one from Egypt, one from Lebanon, and a couple from UAE. But Bush the Lesser enjoyed long, hand holding walks and deep soul kisses with the Saudi princes so the Saudis didn't get punished.

Want to handle 9/11 the right way? Take up the Taliban on it's offer to turn the hijackers over after showing them evidence of guilt. Carpet bomb Riyadh and Tel Aviv, those Israeli art students and movers weren't innocent. Close our borders and start mass deportations. Problem solved in ways that would have saved American blood and gold.

Chris Mallory said...

"the locals ..... that befriended America and Canada "

Traditionally collaborators and traitors are hanged or shot.

Glen Filthie said...

The rubes, hicks, and yokels in flyover country slay me. They're supposedly smart enough to know the media is full of chit and yet they still believe every word they say, HAR HAR HAR!
You're aware that eeeeevil jooos run the media too, right?

Farm Boy said...

but Gwyn, you never know. How many Iraqis flew airplanes into skyscrapers? How many Kuwaitis? Did we invade Saudi Arabia the nation that had 15/19 wahhabi crazy MFrs in the planes? Boy you outsmarted us there again, gwyn. Gwyn were you ever a military officer didn't think so. maybe 5th class private that couldn't do 2 pullups or 10 pushups. Send us your address up in the north snow there glen old boy, we will pool together and get you a life-sized cardboard cutout of your hero shrub and you can put him next to your Lego set and you can see him every waking moment. Yer ever lovin' Farm Girl.

Farm Boy said...

Of all the numerous things I love about Dirty Gwyn, is that every time there might be a contender for the top dog moron here at Bob's most excellent blog, she opens her mouth and smashes any would-be competition. She is the Queen Bee

Unknown said...

All the hijackers were Wahabis and that cult is from Saudi Arabia. Since the evil Bush Crime Family was making tens of millions of dollars from the bin Laden and Saudi families they decide to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. How many hijackers were from there? Oops - none.

Glen Filthie said...

According to who, Bob? Your buddies in the media?

Hey - you drink your koolaid. For me - I'll drink with the grown ups. ;)

Unknown said...

Grown-ups know Saudi Arabia attacked us and that the Bush Crime Family is evil.

Farm Boy said...

If the US Air Force did a few quick B-52 bombing runs across s Canada, we'd get a helluva bang for our buck and eliminate one helluva lotta potential terror threats. We know that muzzies have infected Canada and they have a lot of illegals up there and .... well, you never know. I say we man up and put on our big boy pants and get out there and kick some ass. Why should we wait until a few Canadians, how would Gwyn put this, fly planes into skyscrapers. I'll bet there are lot of pilots in Canada. We could have it pretty much cleaned up by COB tomorrow and give the boys the weekend off. 'murica!!