Saturday, March 4, 2017

We Were Attacked by Saudi Arabia on 9-11

On 9-11 I was driving my car listening to the “Bob and Tom” comedy program. Then it was interrupted.

I knew something very bad was happening, so I parked and went into a local bank. Everyone was standing there silently watching the big-screen TV.

Days later some names began to come out. “Osama bin Laden,” mostly.

Then other things began to come out, such as the fact the outgoing Clinton administration had warned the incoming Bush administration about bin Laden – and it was ignored.

Then other things began to come out, such as the Bush Crime Family had business dealings for 25 years with the billionaire bin Laden family – 25 members of which Dubya Shrub flew out of the country the day after 9-11. What the hell?

Most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and all were Wahabi Muslims, which came out of Saudi Arabia and is funded by the Saudi government. Osama bin Laden was worth about 20 million dollars.

I realized the incompetent Dubya Shrub was not going to attack Saudi Arabia and utterly destroy the Wahabi murder cult. Instead he and his administration attacked and destroyed Iraq, which was no threat to us at all – and Afghanistan, again no threat to us at all.

I remember seeing yard signs, “No war for oil” and reading articles about how the war was for “oil, empire and Israel.”

Oil I understood, although with all the money we wasted on the wars we could have spent it to become energy-independent. We’re going to be energy-independent anyway in several more years, what with fracking and natural gas.

Empire I understood. Wealthy countries almost always become empires – and they always fall, too. Anyone who doesn’t know that is a complete ignoramus.

Israel I understood. Dubya had a bunch of Jew traitors in his administration that put Israel first – Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle – all gone and I hope Trump has nothing to do with any more of those neocon traitors. He is a patriot, something that the Bush Crime Family never was.

One of the reasons Iraq was destroyed is that the neocons in Shrub’s administration had his jug ear and convinced him Iraq was a threat to Israel. Then Shrub conned himself and said Iraq was a threat to the U.S. – which it wasn’t. So a bunch of Americans were wounded and died for a blasphemous, anti-American, anti-Christian country like Israel.

I always thought there was more to it than that. The Bush Crime Family had made tens of millions of dollars from the bin Ladens. And if Saudi Arabia had been invaded and conquered…goodbye to all that money.

And that is why Saudi Arabia was not invaded and the Wahabi murder cult not utterly destroyed. It was all about money and American soldiers being sacrificed to the Bush Crime Family – and all for a little bit of money.

I knew almost from the beginning that Shrub was stupid, ignorant and uneducated. I knew he was a brain-damaged alcoholic and a coward who refused to fly in Vietnam after all that money was spent training him as a fighter pilot.

But I also realize quite rapidly that not only was he a liar and a war criminal he was also a traitor – he had sacrificed God knows how many lives having the American military defend the country – Saudi Arabia – that had attacked us.


Glen Filthie said...

No, America was attacked by militant Wahhabists. If you don't know what that is, you probably shouldn't be lecturing on Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden does not represent Saudi Arabia any more than you or Michael Moore represent America. George Bush and anyone with an IQ above freezing knew this.

I might have to do a lecture on the middle east on my own scholarly blog - and will expect your attendance and participation, Mr. Wallace! I'll have to see if I can slot it in between fart jokes and GIFs of clowns getting hit in the nuts - but I'll work something out.

Unknown said...

Saudi Arabia is a fake country created by the British for political and economic reasons. To call it Saudi Arabia is the same thing as me conquering Canada and calling it Wallace Canada.

I saw them behead an innocent 17-year-old foreign girl.

cecilhenry said...

Yup. I'm sure the Dancing Israelis mean nothing. Vreeland means nothing. .........

Anonymous said...

This too:

Unknown said...

^That site is run by a nut.