Saturday, March 11, 2017

“The Truth is the First Casualty in War”

I don’t know who said it. It doesn’t even matter. It’s attained the status of a cliché – and even clichés wouldn’t be clichés unless there was truth in them.

I was a very little kid when the undeclared Vietnam war started. After it was over I found out it was based on a lie – the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened. 58,000 American dead, two-and-half-million Southeast Asians dead – for nothing.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote about all the “false arithmetic” employed in going to war.

I remember when the incompetent Poppy Bush invaded Panama. Remember that one? It was because Manuel Noriega was a “drug lord.” But drugs are still pouring into the United States. So it accomplished nothing.

What to get rid of drug smuggling? Legalize them. Even heroin used to be be legal in the U.S. – you could buy Bayer heroin at the corner drug store. Were there problems? Always. Many people are weak and stupid (many of them are in the “government”).

I know a guy in a wheelchair from the Panama invasion – paralyzed from the waist down.

I’ve been to VA hospitals more than once. One time there was a bunch of paralyzed men from Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq sitting outside in the sunshine.

Of course I remember when the POS Dubya Shrub had the American military invade Iraq and Afghanistan. I thought, “He’s lying about everything, of course. So I wonder what the truth is?”

Then it all came out. Both invasions were based on lies.

I also know that when wars are started a lot of people cheer them on. The farther they are from the front the louder they cheer. That’s why they’re called “Chickenhawks.” None of them know that the truth is the first casualty in war. Ignorant and stupid they are – all they can do is give bad advice.

Not surprisingly the fact that the truth is the first casualty in war in not taught in school or church or any place else.

I did have one college teacher mention it one time in one journalism class. He said that during Vietnam he had been looking for jobs in Canada since he had no intention of being drafted (fortunately he got deferments).

Why do so many people fall for the lies of the government? (I operate under the assumption that everything that comes from the government is a lie). Do that many people idealize these clowns because they are our “leaders”? Are that many people just sheep? (Sheep will follow the leader over a cliff.)

Back when Shrub was in office I met a few people who called him “my President.” They don’t do it anymore, having changed their minds about him. They finally woke up to the truth of what he is.

The late psychiatrist M. Scott Peck once wondered if Original Sin wasn’t really just laziness. Too lazy to think, too lazy to analyze (Peck had been an officer in the military during Vietnam).

The military, centuries ago, used to classify solders as combinations of lazy, stupid, smart, active.

The worst ones, to be kicked out, were the stupid and active – they got soldiers killed because of their incompetence.

The problem with democracy is that many Presidents elected to office are stupid and active (Dubya Shrub, Poppy Bush, Lyndon Johnson, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Lincoln).

Reagan was smart and lazy. Trump is smart and active.

Some people know these things but many do not – just the way they are clueless about the truth being the first casualty in war.


kurt9 said...

The late psychiatrist M. Scott Peck once wondered if Original Sin wasn’t really just laziness. Too lazy to think, too lazy to analyze.

Good one, that! I think Peck is right too.

kurt9 said...

Reagan was California laid back, like a surfer dude. Trump is New York City aggressive active.

little dynamo said...

I was active AF during that war. It certainly was not 'for nothing'. Of course the usual armaments-graft, black marketing, moneygrubbing etc. obtained during that war, just like all of them. But even that isn't the real reason it was prosecuted. The real reason goes beyond money and politics, and just because you, Bob, don't know/understand that reason, doesn't mean it didn't exist. You, like the rest of us, don't know everything about everything. The internet sure produces that idea in folks, tho.

Glen Filthie said...

Bob is trolling. It's a hold-over from his days in urinalism....errrrr...journalism. Trolling creates controversy, controversy creates readership. Or it used to... still does on occasion. Anyone that carps about the Bush family without saying a thing about the Obamas or the Clintons is either an idiot or a troll.

Fine. I'll bite.

Ol' Bob and his fellow liberal SJW's have problems wit da math, and with tactics. In Viet Nam, America won every war it fought and only lost a small handful of minor fire fights. (Guess which ones the media focused on). At Khe San - what was it? 600 Jar Heads holding against 3500 hardened NVA? And those 2 million Vietnamese died when the cowardly American hippy peaceniks at home undermined the mission in Viet Nam and pulled the boys out before they could finish the job. So, if yer keeping score, Unca Bob, us "chickenhawks" have the blood of 58000 Americans on our hands. You have the blood of two million gooks on yours. Math isn't fun is it?

In the middle east it was even more ridiculous. What? Something like 4000 American lives lost, vs HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of militant mud flap moslems? We are talking about the yodelling pigs and curs with the RPG7's and the AK47's... Go ahead, do the math Unca Bob! Show your work too, wouldjya? HAR HAR HAR! And of course, the same idiotic elderly hippies undermined that mission too. Think about it - America lost to a bunch of fig farming goat feltching moslems, despite winning every battle they fought. They built schools, hospitals, and courthouses in an effort to make those monkeys better than they were, by bringing them the trappings of civilization. How much of THAT made it into the press? There's a good reason why the MSM is dying and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

I like how that works too: they call US the cowards and call us idiotic names like "Chickenhawk". Who is the craven one here? The guys that support the military or the slobs undermining them? Real heroes, they are: they only use names like that over the internet or when they pack up in a mob at a 'demonstration or protest'. Keep beakin' you fucknozzles... because one day, you'll do that to the wrong guy and get a fist through your face for your troubles. Then you'll whine and play the victim there too, no doubt. They call Bush an imbecile. Bush Jr. flew a fighter jet while guys like Bob drive a taxi. During the Gulf war Bush was looking at satellite recon, intelligence reports gathered by embedded assets, and had a TEAM of experts, foreign and domestic, advising on the middle east - and Bob has the chit he read and wrote in liberal shit rags like the NYT.

Let's have some honesty around here. In all these cases America lost those wars AT HOME. Democrats and liberals hate the military and the sad truth is that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Machine are exactly right about our host and the rubes and idiots in fly-over country - they'll believe just about anything. Before you start giving me that bullshit about your chopper pilot, Bob - let's be honest about that too. He was a volunteer, and he knew the risks. I wonder how much he would appreciate your blood dancing? Shame on you!

The sad truth is this: America will never be victorious again in war while leftists and people like Bob have a say in military affairs. Even when they're given overwhelming victories handed to them on a silver platter, by a brave and courageous, competent military that runs like a Swiss watch, by men that paid the ultimate price for the victories - these idiots at home lose the peace. EVERY. FUCKIN. TIME.

And - like feral women and spoiled children, they never blame themselves. Oh no!These mealy mouthed meat holes call everyone else cowards and blame everyone else for the loss.

I know Bob is just trolling but some things just ain't right for that. If you'll excuse me, I'll take my leave before the usual shower of shit sets in from that flit in Texas and his gutless Farm Girl.

Unknown said...

"Ol' Bob and his fellow liberal SJW's"

I am an American, not a Canadian.

Farm Boy said...

Geezus glen, get back on your pills, you unhinged froot loop. The staff there @ Happy Acres institute for the seriously deranged don't want you wandering off the grounds. Get you and your beer gut back in your easy chair and keep that massive suck of yours in gear, as if you need to be told. Maybe they can get you a plastic rifle and you can go outside and play and pretend you are war hero shrub and killing bad guys and changing hearts and minds.