Monday, March 20, 2017

Nothing Good Comes From Career Politicians

"…unscrupulous and uninhibited [politicians] are likely to be more successful" - The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek

I know people who were disappointed that Barry (“Hope&Change”) Soetero didn’t do anything useful as President, such as stopping Dubya’s catastrophic wars. I thought: what did they expect? Soetero is a a career politician who’s never had a job in his life. The only thing he did as President was go on vacation and improve his golf game.

The same applies to every member of the evil Bush Crime Family. None of them has ever had a job and almost all have been arrested for drug and alcohol offenses. The whole Satanic family is as corrupt as hell. Did it really matter that Al Gore won the popular vote and would have won the Presidency if the Supreme Court hadn’t given the election to Bush in the Florida recount? Can you imagine anything being different after 9-11 if Gore had been President? Things could possibly have been worse – hard to believe considering Shrub was a catastrophe.

The last time we had a President who wasn’t a career politician was Ronald Reagan – and he was, like Trump, a second-rate actor. Which of course doesn’t matter at all.

Politicians become politicians because they don’t want to get real jobs and can’t make it in the real world. They are also obsessed with money and power and sex.

I’ve mentioned before I know an 84-year-old man who was a bomber pilot in Korea and who spent his career as a political consultant. He told me he’s only met one honest politician in his life. All the rest had money and sex and drug problems. The Clintons are perfect examples of what he meant. Bill and his cigars? Hillary a drunken muff-diver? What the hell?

The only thing politicians are good at is running their mouths and being glib and articulate. Hell, Hitler was that and look how he turned out.

This is supposedly one of those old Chinese sayings: “Do you judge a dog wise because he can bark well?”

I am also reminded of that quote by Rudyard Kipling that words are the most powerful drug in the world. He was right - and every election tens of millions of deluded people show that Kipling was right (and every new generation has to learn the hard way). They fall for politician’s lies every time and then are disappointed when all them turn out to be exactly the same.

Donald Trump, thank God, is not a politician. I still expect him to screw up. But I also expect him to also do a lot of good things (more good things than screw-ups), which we never got from Soetero or any of the Bush Crime Family.

And thank God! the corrupt criminal and career politician Hillary Clinton lost and her political career is now over. Nothing would have changed if she had won. It would have been criminal business as usual. And all those tens of millions of people who voted for her would have ended up hating her the way so many people now despise the ineffective Soetero and hate Dubya Shrub because of the bad things he did to the United States.

I know a politically-ignorant woman who told me she was going to vote for Hillary Clinton because of her “experience.” I told her Clinton’s “experience” had consisted of getting fired from her first job in government in 1974 for lying, breaking the rules of the Democratic party, and for breaking the law – and that she had never stopped being corrupt and a liar from that day.

Let’s wait and see to what extent Trump can avoid any of these problems.


Elspeth said...

My expectations were very, very low of President Obama, but I at least thought he would be anti-war. That he might -maybe- put a stop to the middle east carnage. Instead, he doubled down while pretending to be drawing down the conflicts. The media clapped and cheered.

They're all horrible, the lot of them.

Unknown said...

"They're all horrible, the lot of them."

Horrible people only wanting money and power.

Glen Filthie said...

Ronald Reagan was no pacifist, girls. He threatened to bomb the shit out of Iran and meant it. He went into tense meetings with the Russians with a revolver in his brief case. He DID bomb the shit out of Libya.

By all accounts he's a chicken hawk, HAR HAR HAR!

Fuzzy thinking, Bob?

Unknown said...

And when a bunch of unarmed American peacekeepers were murdered in the Middle East he pulled the troops straight out - because we were in their part of the world, just the way I'd help kill Muslim troops if they were in mine.

Glen Filthie said...

Actually, he was a career politician too....

Don't get me wrong, I loved Reagan and Nancy, but in the real world he would have done exactly what Dubya did under the same circumstances. As would Trump...

Unknown said...

"but in the real world he would have done exactly what Dubya did under the same circumstances. As would Trump..."

Not even close.

pigpen51 said...

I agree with much of this post, Bob, but I have to differ when it comes to George H.W. Bush. He was a military man, entering the Navy as an aviator during WWII. He became an oil man after, and was a millionaire before age 40. He then entered politics, if you will, heading the CIA, and then was a member of the House of Representatives. He of course, had the good fortune of having Prescott Bush as his father, but that in no way detracts from the fact that he served the country during the war, and then was a businessman, before entering politics. He was a far step removed from Obama and the like, who have never drawn a paycheck from any other place than the public trough. And that of course does not mean that Bush the elder is an example of a great president, although, in comparison to those who have followed, he might stack up pretty well.