Wednesday, March 8, 2017

They Wouldn’t be Stereotypes Unless There Was Truth to Them

I find it deflating but it’s true: there wouldn’t be stereotypes unless there was truth to them. I was told that many years ago by a college professor of mine (when we were playing softball, of all things), and it turned out he was right.

This includes ethnic groups. Of course it doesn’t apply to everyone so I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt at first.

Stereotypes apply to groups but not individuals.

If someone steals a million dollars it could be anyone. But if someone steals a billion dollars what are the chances it’s a Jew? Pretty damn good.

Those hanged for rape/murder during WWII were both black and white, but what were the chances most of them were black? You already know the answer.

If you get someone blowing up car engines and getting in wrecks what are the chances it’s a woman? (I I know a mechanic who won’t let his wife drive their car.) And if you find someone standing helplessly at the side of the road looking at a flat tire on their car what are the chances it’s also a woman? I can’t imagine any man doing this.

If someone has 100 shoes is that person a man or a woman? It’s a woman – just the way it’s a woman if they have a box under their bed with 100 Beanie Babies in it (I’ve known two women who did this).

If you find people rioting in the streets, burning cars, smashing windows and throwing things at the police what are the chances those people are leftists? Try 100 percent.

You’re not supposed to talk about stereotypes, not in these days of Political Correctness. Everyone is supposed to be “equal.” To point out there is truth to stereotypes is of course “prejudice” (which actually means to “pre-judge” – to judge before the facts are in).

Almost everyone I know tries to treat people equally but everyone I know believes in stereotypes even if they won’t admit it.

I wrote an article not that long ago that you just about live your life using stereotypes. That was more about using folk tales and Aesop’s Fables than anything else - both of which are the accumulated wisdom of the human race.

Stereotypes are a kind of “rough wisdom” about people. Again, everyone use them. And again they don’t apply to everyone but they do apply to groups.

It’s sad but it’s true.

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