Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Judging Politicians and People

For all I know if I met Hillary Clinton I might like her. But as a politician, based on her history since 1974, no – not at all (she was fired from her first job during Watergate for lying, breaking the rules of the Democratic Party, and breaking the law).

Donald Trump, if I met him, I doubt I would like him. I doubt I would like him much at all – and that’s based on his personal history and the things he done in his life. Even Reagan apparently didn’t like Trump very much.

On the other hand, Trump has no history as a politician – he went straight from billionaire Reality show star to President.

When it comes to politicians, it’s hard to judge their characters. So I ask, on whom do they blame their problems? Or do they accept responsibility for themselves?

Trump is blaming a lot of things on the Mainstream Media, which makes sense because they are unfairly attacking him – and these attacks aren’t going to stop for the next eight years.

Hillary Clinton blamed her problems on that “basket of deplorables” that to her makes up the country in-between New York City and Los Angeles. When I heard her say that I knew beyond all doubt she was going to lose.

Blaming your problems on other people is the first defense most people use. It’s the first defense little kids use and some people never grow out of it. It’s called projection but the historical term has been “scapegoating.”

Politics is pretty much based on scapegoating, which is why I don’t like it at all. Politicians are always pointing their fingers at their opponents and never taking responsibility for what they’ve done.

I don’t like or trust both political parties. Almost all of the Democrats and some of the Republicans are pointing their fingers at Trump – “he’s the problem!” Pray for him to resign or get impeached or assassinated!

These days the Democratic Party, which has become almost radically leftist, is the party of Finger-Pointing. It didn’t used to be like that in the past.

But then leftists have always been notorious scapegoaters, because it’s based on hate and envy (in the story of the Garden of Eden Adam blames what he did on Eve and Eve blames the “serpent,” a symbol of envy).

Find someone to blame all our problems on and get rid of them! It’s been the history of the world.

Propaganda is based on scapegoating – portray the Other as evil and once they are eradicated there will be end to evil – which will never happen. The last time I saw it happen is when the moronic Dubya Shrub called those who attacked us on 9-11“the evil ones” who attacked us for “our goodness.” A lot of people didn’t fall for it but way too many did.

Fortunately I haven’t heard Trump talking about “good” and “evil” so I don’t expect him to be starting any wars, which I expected from Hillary Clinton with her comments about Russia – and obviously some people are itching for a catastrophic war with that country.

There is something quite wrong with humanity – call it Original Sin if you want. Not so much individual people but the mass of people – oh my God! You can almost lead them around by their noses – just find someone on which they can blame their problems.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

"I don’t expect him to be starting any wars"

Donald Trump may not start any new wars but the US government is already involved in far, far too many wars right now. The question is "How many wars can Trump end?"