Sunday, March 19, 2017

I Am Completely Tired of the Mainstream Media

A year and six months ago I could not have told you any of the names on the national news or any of the Talking Heads on Sunday morning. The only reason I now know their names is I watched them for a while because of my amusement at them throwing hissy fits about Trump (who is a flawed man but he not a politician). It was very entertaining – at first.

It was clear none of them could believe Trump was actually running for President. They couldn’t believe it when he destroyed every RINO in the field like Jeb! (thereby putting a permanent end to the political aspirations of the evil Bush Crime Family) and they were stunned at the way Trump utterly destroyed the career criminal Hillary Clinton.

Does the MSM really think interviewing the senile war criminal John McCain (who dropped napalm on citizens in Vietnam and whom the Vietnamese could have justifiably shot on the spot after he was captured after his Warthog was shot down) or the coward and war criminal Dubya Shrub would do any good at all?

It’s gotten old and is no longer entertaining – so I’ve again quit watching.

I didn’t watch the news not for years but decades. I can’t remember the last time I watched the news regularly – and I have a degree in Mass Communications. I can’t remember the last time I bought a newspaper either. Those days are over permanently.

I don’t watch the news on TV, I don’t read newspapers…to tell you the truth I don’t give a damn about the news. I’d rather watch reruns of “Star Trek” or “Thriller.”

It’s not just me. There are tens of millions of people who no longer pay any attention to the news (this certainly accounts for the popularity of someone like Rush Limbaugh, who is at least entertaining – something the MSM isn’t).

I still can’t figure out who pays all these clowns. It can’t be advertising anymore – much of it has moved to the internet (why have newspapers gone out of business but not TV stations?). Does the government pay these fools? I can believe that. My tax dollars paying the salaries of idiots like George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd? (one of my friends says he looks like a mole). I’m paying them to lie to me and bore me? My God, what a horrible thought!

What is the target audience of the MSM? It’s not Flyover Land (that’s what Limbaugh, who is originally from Missouri) successfully targeted. The MSM has to be aimed at the East and West coasts, which, as I’ve mentioned before, don’t count at all politically – and that’s why Trump won Flyover Land but lost the East and West Coasts.

How long can this nonsense continue? It’s got to end some day. Everything changes.

The question is when? To that I have no answer. No one does, for that matter.


MarkyMark said...


John McCain piloted the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. Like the Warthog, it's an attack plane. Unlike the Warthog, it was in service during Vietnam. That said, your point is well taken; I know what you meant, i.e. that he attacked innocent people.

Just out of curiosity, why do you never bash Barack Obama? I'm not defending the Bushes (either Jeb! or Shrub, both of whom are criminals), but Obama hates this country and did his level best to destroy it. One could argue that he is STILL doing that from his posh, new mansion in the Kalorama neighborhood of DC-where he has his war room. He's just TWO miles from the White House, BTW...


Tal Hartsfeld said...

At least the newspapers have the comics.
The subtle commentary of some of those far exceed the overt news stories of the main pages.
Plus you have the columnists on the editorial pages who know more of what they're talking about than the actual reporters themselves half the time.

Unknown said...

"why do you never bash Barack Obama?"

Obama was worthless but did not start two unnecessary wars like Bush.

Anonymous said...

Obama was worthless but did not start two unnecessary wars like Bush.

I'm sure the people of Libya, Syria and Ukraine appreciate your concern.

Unknown said...

"I'm sure the people of Libya, Syria and Ukraine appreciate your concern."

How many people were killed by the coward/war criminal George Bush as compared to Barak Obama? By the way the U.S. did not invade either Libya or Syria or the Ukraine.

MarkyMark said...

No, Obama is simply trying to foment a civil war, so as to destroy what's left of the USA. Secondly, he kept those unnecessary wars GOING; he did nothing to stop or end them.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

You're right about the media being a loss making entity. Just like porn, which is definitely not a profit industry now, it's there only to corrupt the masses.

Unknown said...

The system is down. You don't see it but it is. Watch the stores die off. Watch the malls empty. The monies are gone. No more easy peasy profits. Divershitty is a luxury item. We can't afford luxuries anymore. The panic isn't about Trump, Bob. The panic is White people don't support the enemy anymore. As they keep doubling down, their tiny fantasy world is burning down around them. Let me tell ya Bob. Those diverse mongrels don't give a shit about globalism, or their revolution, and the Brave New World died. The panic isn't just another repeat of Bush this time. They're not blowing smoke anymore. This time the smoke is their fake Amerika burning down.
Its all fun and games until you run out of WHITE PEOPLES' Money. You knew it Bob. They are too Anti-White for their future to live. Buh bye parasite.

Anonymous said...

Josh, white people are buying from malls. Companies are making money. What world do you live in?

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