Friday, March 24, 2017

How Elites Used Human Sacrifice to Enforce Inequality in Ancient Societies

"The Deep State is an extremely powerful network that controls nearly everything around you. You won’t read about it in the news because it controls the news. Politicians won’t talk about it publicly. That would be like a mobster discussing murder and robbery on the 6 o’clock news. You could say the Deep State is hidden, but it’s only hidden in plain sight." - Doug Casey

There is a military saying: "Good people in back, sorry people up front." It's why the military is so big on IQ tests.

The main reason Dubya Shrub refused to fly his fighter plane in Vietnam is cowardice, but another reason is that he was one of the wealthy "elites." The lower classes are the ones who are supposed to fight and die. You know - "Rich man's war, poor man's fight." And Dubya said that God had chosen him - a coward and war criminal - to be President.

The wealthy throughout history have always used captives, criminals and the lower classes as sacrifices.

Humanity hasn't changed at all except modern man has advanced technology, which, as Arthur C. Clarke noticed, when sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.

I've mentioned before the movie, "The Cabin in the Woods," in which there is an elite, secret Deep State organization that uses advanced technology to sacrifice teen and preteen children to ancient Lovecraftian gods asleep under the earth. The technology is so advanced it can be considered magic.

This was written by Kali Holiday and is from AlterNet.

Religion has long been a useful tool for social control, with fear of god used in service of every despicable practice from slavery to war. A new study reveals that religious rites, particularly ritual sacrifice, helped create and maintain class stratification in ancient societies. According to researchers from the University of Auckland, Victoria University and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany, the findings reveal a “darker link between religion and the evolution of modern hierarchical societies” than once thought.

The analysis focused on 93 Austronesian cultures, meaning peoples who originated in Taiwan, later settling in Madagascar, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. Researchers found that the more class stratification that existed in a society—elites on top, with the rest of the populace on the bottom—the more likely it was to engage in ritualistic killings. The powerful frightened the masses into staying in proverbial line by employing “god-sanctioned” sacrifice, which entailed implicitly threatening the lives of many for supposed wrongdoing. Those at the top became, by proxy, gods among men and women, and they maintained those positions by doling out killings as they deemed necessary.

“By using human sacrifice to punish taboo violations, demoralize the underclass and instill fear of social elites, power elites were able to maintain and build social control,” lead study author Joseph Watts stated in a press release.

“[H]uman sacrifice provided a particularly effective means of social control because it provided a supernatural justification for punishment,” says study co-author Russell Gray. “Rulers, such as priests and chiefs, were often believed to be descended from gods and ritual human sacrifice was the ultimate demonstration of their power.”

The method by which sacrifices were carried out reads like a horrifying laundry list of ways you would never want to go out. Ritual killings took the form of “burning, drowning, strangulation, bludgeoning, burial, being cut to pieces, crushed beneath a newly built canoe or being rolled off the roof of a house and decapitated.” Once a society began using sacrifice to keep the ancient equivalent of the 1 percent in the top slot and slaves at the bottom, the system became self-perpetuating.

“What we found was that sacrifice was the driving force,” says researcher Quentin Atkinson, “making societies more likely to adopt high social status and less likely to revert to egalitarian social structure."

The study, which was published in Nature, holds obvious implications for the roles of religion—and fear—in our own top-down, elite-ruled culture.

“Religion has traditionally been seen as a key driver of morality and cooperation,” states Watts, “but our study finds religious rituals also had a more sinister role in the evolution of modern societies.”


Glen Filthie said...

Yup. Just like McCommie was bombing innocent civilians 'with his A10 Warthog' in Viet Nam, right Bob? And... AlterNet? Seriously? You know what 'Yellow Journalism' is right?

So what happened with that? Dubya chickens out, according to you - and who goes in his place? The closest ghetto nigger they can stuff into the cockpit? HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! You slay me. You know nothing about Americans.

Dubya flew the F-102 which was an obsolete plane relegated to the National Guard. You are correct when you say there is a hierarchy for fighter pilots - you just got it wrong as usual. (I can see why you didn't make it in journalism, HAR HAR HAR!)

The fighter jocks vie for combat tours and the competition is fierce. Only the best will get the chance. We're talking about guys like Robin Olds, Bill Driscoll, Duke Cunningham, etc. Dubya wasn't in that league. If anything, he is guilty of not being the best man for the job as a front line fighter pilot.

However, as a politician, he certainly WAS the best man for the job in his day. I will remind your groupies and hag squad that the ball is still in play in the middle east, and Bush will be seen as a visionary in the next decade the same way Reagan is revered today. Only cucks and fakes will denigrate denounce this great American - so you gals all know where you're headed!

Jesus Christ, Bob - AlterNet? Oh how the mighty have fallen... ;)

Chris Mallory said...

Only chickenhawks and cowards praise Bush the Lesser today. I expect that will not change. Reagan gave a good speech, but he was pretty much a failure as president. Signing the amnesty should cause all Americans to curse his name.

Tell us, Lil Glennie, are you a wannabe failure who couldn't hack basic or a coward who never even signed your name on enlistment papers?

Glen Filthie said...

Just a guy who was raised in better times, by better people than you were Chris.

I am not threatened in the least when Bob accuses me of being craven; I'm an experienced man that has been in places and situations he shouldn't have and I know myself and my limits. When I was old enough to enlist, the Canadian versions of homos like you were busily gutting the once proud Canadian armed forces. They had stopped recruiting and were laying off servicemen to fund welfare and pork for liberal slobs in Morontario and Queerbec. About ten years later - when it was too late - I was infuriated to learn that Canadians could hop the border and enlist, no questions asked - in the American armed forces. That is a boat I still regret missing. I would like to think I would have made a passable Marine.

I can forgive Bob because I see what he's doing: he uses this BS about Bush to foment controversy and push his blog the same way the newspapers of his youth sensationalized the news to sell copy. Unfortunately he's fallen into the same trap they have; and he's taken many of his slower readers with him: he started to believe his own bullshit.

That thing in front of you - your computer - contains the sum of all mankind's knowledge. Instead of using it to inform himself, our host is using it to misinform the stupid kids. Alternet? They have less credibility than the New York Times, HAR HAR HAR! Stuff like this is why Hillary Clinton (correctly) thinks of you as rubes, hicks, and gullible white trash in flyover country: you're too damned stupid to inform yourselves because essentially, you're cowards yourselves and prefer pretty lies to truth. You voted for Obama believing in 'Hope And Change'. (Twice, actually). When that niggered idiot quadrupled deficit spending, you blamed Bush and voted for Trump, thinking that you could vote your way out of the coming economic shitstorm you voted yourselves into. The fact that you voted yourselves into your current circumstances escapes you - like women and children, all your mistakes are somebody else's fault.

To me this is just the stuff of high comedy. Watching these self proclaimed Alt-right types sneer at SJW's as they make the same mistakes and use the same tactics has been entertaining if nothing else. Unfortunately it just proves my theory that 85% of all human beings are uneducable f-tards.

And - just so Ya know... A coward goes along with crap like this. A man of courage and intellect stands up against it. Watch and learn, girls... If you can.

Omega man said...

I was at one time a supporter of G. W. Bush. What changed my mind about him was his refusal to give Scooter Libby a full pardon. He commuted the sentence but did not pardon him for the supposed offenses brought on by the Democratic prosecutors. Likewise with the two border agents convicted of shooting and wounding drug dealers on the border, their sentences were commuted and not pardoned. These two men were doing their jobs and the Democrats punished them for it.

A Texan said...

Once again Glenn shows himself as the subhuman trash that he is at heart. A cowardly war monger with no clue.

I"m still not clear how invading/bombing Vietnam, Iraq, and other places have benefited Americans.

Chris Mallory said...

Well, Lil Glennie, I was raised in better times too. I am a gray bearded old man now. I have enough wisdom now to know that I don't want my kids, grand-kids, and nephews to die or be maimed in some third world hellhole for reasons that have nothing to do with defending our nation. I know your type doesn't have any posterity to protect, but I do.

I did sign my name on enlistment papers. One enlistment was enough to teach me that the government is a scam and the military is the biggest scam of all. But it is good to hear you finally admit you were too much of a coward to step up and sign your name. All your excuses as to why you didn't are just the excuses of a coward. You are the one parroting the line of propaganda. You are not standing up for anything but a pack of liars,murderers, thieves, and child molesters.

Now, run along Lil Glennie and play with yourself while you think about dead gooks.

Unknown said...

Shrub has already gone down in history as a catastrophe in America and Europe.

Shaun F said...

I had a friend who worked in Afghanistan in socio-economic engineering on contract with the World Bank. He basically had to get the God fearing Muslim farmers to stop growing opium and change the crop to say potatoes. But - the problem - the Muslim farmers can't read! And as they are devout Muslims they believe the Iman. And of course, the Iman tells the God fearing farmers that in the Koran it says it's Allah's will to grow opium. You see the problem.

Unknown said...

'You know nothing about Americans.'

You're a the hell do you know more about Americans. Stick to hockey, maple syrup, and saying sorry for the most inane things.

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