Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Keep Your Friends Close...

and your enemies even closer.

Now I think Trump is going to offer Romney a job, even though he's an enemy.

After all, better inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.

If I was Romney I wouldn't take the job. But then, he is a POS politician, so he'll take it if offered.


Anonymous said...

I think Obama did the same thing with Clinton.

dienw said...

No, you do not put enemies and traitors in important positions; you give them minor jobs wherein they can be controlled by loyalists. As it now happens Trump's enemies control the transition team and have eliminated most of his base supporters who are eligible for important positions.

Glen Filthie said...

Let us understand 'establishment' republicans - or establishment conservatives if you prefer. The alt-right likes to piss on them and treat them like shit because they regard them as enemies and are too short sighted to see the potential power those guys have. Trump is smarter than that which is why he's reaching out to Romney. He's shown the rest of those assholes the stick - now he has to show them the carrot. It is the art of the deal - always the deal. It's team building.

Mitt is a respectable establishment conservatives. About the only sin he committed was misunderstanding the electorate - all the repubs did which is why Trump is driving and they are in the back seat. If Trump had been able to way them the last election would certainly HAVE been a landslide and no bones about it.

Establishment Republicans are not ignorant crime families as Unca Bob asserts; the Bushes, the Romney's and Cruz's are old world gentlemen, they are incredibly wealthy and incredibly well networked and connected. Those guys will move mountains and nations if they can be brought to heel. Trump would be nuts to alienate them.

Like all businessmen Trump will work with anyone that will turn him a profit and as per game theory - he will always give a former enemy a chance to redeem himself. I suppose we shall see who's right about all this fairly quickly.

Unknown said...

"the Bushes"

The Bushes have been puppets of Cosmodemonic Transnational Corporations since forever. The evidence is overwhelming. All politicians like this...except Trump.