Monday, December 12, 2016

The Envy and Admiration of Donald Trump

I was read out loud many "fairy tales" (actually they're folk tales) by my parents when I was little. They stuck in my brain and I analyzed them when an adult. I realized they are stories that educate and entertain and contain the accumulated wisdom of the human race, to be passed on to the young.

One thing I noticed is that a lot of them are about envy and therefore hate. Think of "Snow White" and how the Evil Queen is eaten alive with envy because Snow White is more beautiful than she is and hates her so much she tries to murder her. Think of "Cinderella," in which the stepmother's daughters cut off parts of their feet to try to make their feet fit Snow White's slipper (she tells her daughters they won't need to walk when they marry a wealthy prince).

I think a lot of people voted for Trump (I predicted his landslide victory and I will never let the Hildabeast's supporters forget that) because they admired him. He wasn't a politician and he attacked lying politicians and the corrupt, lying media (I think 80% of their stories were anti-Trump but the never mentioned Hillary being fired from her first job in government for lying - in 1974) . People enjoyed what he did and admired him. That's why they were able to emotionally connect with him - and that's why he won (the Hildabeast, with her "basket of deplorables" comment, drove sensible people away from her).

The Mainstream Media is going to be attacking Trump without mercy for the next four years. I think it's because they've lost their power to influence people and no one takes them seriously anymore. They blame their problems on Trump and so envy him because he's more powerful and influential than they are. They'll never believe that Trump deserved to be elected and will always think the Hildabeast should be in office.

The main characteristic of envy is to put other people down. To blame their problems on those they envy.

The ancient Greeks (along with theologians such as Soren Kierkegaard) noticed that admiration is concealed envy. It's the benign form of envy. Transformed envy.

You can either feel envy or gratitude (and that's been noticed for thousands of years). A lot of people are grateful and relieved that Trump was elected and not a corrupt politician like the Hildabeast.

In some ways I admire Trump, despise the MSM, and am grateful and relieved that he won and not incompetents such as the Hildebeast or Jeb! (the political aspirations of the Bush Crime Family are toast). Apparently about 50 million people feel the same way.


Farm Boy said...

Trump has greatly wounded the mainstream communist media and took them down several pegs. They used to have a lot of control over the narrative. It has been slipping away from them over the years, and they really lost it when Trump won. They absolutely cannot stand this and it's driving them nuts. They are on the way out and they know it.

Anonymous said...

I too read a lot of fairy tales, "the accumulated wisdom of mankind." Not the new Disneyfied fairy tales but the old fashioned kind filled with angst, misery and woe, AKA, the human condition.

I think people voted for the Big Bad Wolf. We were so desperate for change, for protection, provision perhaps, Putin himself could have ran and we would probably have just lobbed that metaphorical molotav cocktail at the whole system. Desperate times call for desperate measures,and people who are desperate really don't give a crap.

However, fake news aside, I really do believe Trump is going to be good for this country. I'm already charmed by the way he has said things like, "these are good people, these are strong people." Wow! I've been beat down by the racist-hater-bigot label for so long, I've completely forgotten what it's like to have a leader actually speak positively about the American people.

Robert What? said...

I voted for Trump and I am thoroughly enjoying the Leftist meltdown over his election. My main concern are his Goldman Sachs appointments. Their primary allegiance will always be to Goldman Sachs. Not sure what Trump is thinking.

Unknown said...

I voted for Trump even though I don't think he's the greatest character person on the planet but I do think he can read people really well (have to when you are in business) and will put the right people in the important positions. Compared to Hillary I'd rather take 4 years with Trump and his picks than a 3rd (and probably worse) term of Obama.

little dynamo said...

I better see some action out of Donald when (if) he takes office. He made a lot of promises, some explicit, some implicit. So far, with the possible exceptions of Mad Dog and that Bannon dood, it's been Beltway politics-as-usual. I'm not a tremendous fan of that and don't intend to be sold it, along with a puddle of yammer about MAGA.

This is a time to lay low, granted, and Trumpy's campaign statements and intensity earned him a break. He's pretty old after all. But after he's inaugurated is different.

Farm Boy said...

Ray and I are on the same λ here. I am loving Trump, cutting him some slack now, all that. But starting Jan 21, I want to see some action and, more specifically -- I want to see massive deportations w millions of illegals being shown the door (oh yes, we CAN do this), I want to see all these ripoff criminal refugee and diversity lottery and all of it SHUT DOWN, and I want to hear discussion about cutting sharply the numbers of *legal* immigrants. We should have zero illegals, and near zero legals. We don't need any more immigration. WE have at least 30 million illegals here. There will be all kinds of resistance to this, and if Trump is going to make any headway on this, he will need to move fast and with purpose. Trade deals, ISIS, yeah yeah, we'll get that figured out; but we need to stop and reverse the third world invasion that we've been putting up with for decades. That is problem #1 and that is why every politician drags their feet on this, and why the media squeals like a stuck pig every time someone brings it up.