Monday, December 19, 2016

The Existence of the Middle Class Prevents Class Warfare

"There is, in general, a dearth of reliable information in the United States. To sift the correct information from deceit, falsehood and fabrication requires a special gift - the ability to the weigh evidence" - Leftism Revisited, Eric von Kuehnelt- Leddihn (1990)

History tells us, without exception, the one war that has always existed has been between the politically powerful/rich - and everyone else. And always the people on the bottom have always risen up and slaughtered their oppressors.

It's happening in the U.S. today, with the One Percent and its political whores crushing the middle-class out of existence. Fortunately the U.S. doesn't have revolutions. We have peaceful coups, this time with the election of Donald Trump. Who isn't a politician.

The fact the U.S. has always had a huge middle-class has prevented the kind of bloody revolutions that has been the rule in the past.

I'm originally from the Midwest. Actually from a steel mill town. That steel mill is closed down, although it's opening up again - with perhaps 200 jobs. It's a start.

Because I'm from the Midwest is why I knew Trump was going to be elected. The retards on the East and West coast have always ignored the Midwest as Flyover Land populated by stupid inbred hillbillies whose only use was as cannon fodder. The polls ignored us, which is why I ignored the polls - because I knew they were utterly wrong.

Occasionally I'll get some foreigner telling me how it is with the U.S. I once had some English wanker tell me the U.S. was founded by wealthy people for wealthy people, to exploit and impoverish everyone else. He was trying to use some Jew bullshit like Marxism to explain the founding of the U.S. - and I told him so.

I've almost never seen a foreigner who understands the U.S. I do know one German woman who's been here 30 years who understands it. She even understands the Electoral College - and told me almost all Germans don't understand it. They don't understand why the Hildabeast isn't President since she (supposedly) won the popular vote (she also knows that Hitler was democratically elected).

I've also told Canadians to worry about the nancy boy they put into office and to not worry about the U.S. and what it's doing. They were making comments about the supposed incompetence of Trump but didn't have a clue about the criminality, corruption and pathological lying of the Hildabeast.

As for Trump claiming he can get the U.S. up to an increase of 4% a year on GNP instead of the anemic 2% we'd had under Obama, that seems to bit high, but I'd settle for 3% a year.

I dread to think would be happen if the middle-class evaporated and we were left with just rich and poor. That state of affair wouldn't last very long at all before collapsing into destruction.

"And how do people view politicians? As liars, evil compromisers who strive to enrich themselves through corruption, nepotism and bribery" - Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn


Shaun F said...

The Nancy boy in Canada is a disaster. The apple don't fall from the tree.

Omega Man said...

How can you tell if a politician is lying?

His lips are moving!

Unknown said...

Canada's Nancy Boy is their Obama.