Thursday, December 8, 2016

I Am For Globalization But....

...but not for corporations.

Corporations are creations of the State and have the legal status of persons. All of them are anti-free market and anti-competition (competition always lowers prices and increases quality). If they get big and rich enough they give millions of dollars to politicians so these bribed political whores will "do favors" for them.

The Bush and Clinton Crime Families were notorious for "doing favors" for corporations, as was Barak Obama. This included looking the other way at sweatshops in other countries, in which young women had their passports confiscated, were raped and beaten, were forced to work 14 hours a day, and lived 14 to a room with one toilet - and paid almost nothing. The Bushes especially looked the other way about such things. Along with many other terrible things their crime family did.

The Founding Fathers, except for the fraud Alexander Hamilton (who only wanted the "rich" and "well-born" to rule - hilarious considering he was "the bastard son of Scots peddler") were not fans of corporations. They pulled their charters left and right and literally put them to death (Thomas Jefferson referred to these people as "the moneyed interests" and wrote they were only interested "in profit").

Cargill, for example, is one of the few corporations that controls our food supply. Farmers have to sell to Cargill for a pittance, then Cargill turns around and sells it to all over the world for a huge profit. They can only do this because the U.S. government allows it.

As an aside (sort of) Cargill had a grain elevator on my way to middle school (located on - what else? - Cargill Road). It's been torn down but another one was built in another place.

All corporations do this. They bribe politicians to pass laws to allow them to get monopoly power.

Our War for Independence was caused by a corporation - the East India Company. It had a monopoly granted by the British Crown to monopolize the tea trade and therefore attempted to put American companies out of business. That's how the Boston Tea Party happened in which crates of tea were dumped overboard (St. Paul was right when he wrote, "The love of money is the root of all evil").

Recently Trump has claimed Boeing is trying to charge way too much money for replacements for Air Force One. He's right - the job-killing Boeing was allowed by the Obama administration to sell planes to Iran.

Can you imagine Obama and the Clinton and Bush Crime Families complaining about this? Of course not. The taxpayers are just supposed to bend over and take it.

Obama, the Clinton and Bush Crime Families, never gave a good Goddamn about the exporting of American jobs. They were being paid to look the other way (the vile Dubya Shrub said he "didn't understand poor people" - and this party-boy crackhead loser was also contemptuously referred to as "Junior" by the serious players in his daddy's White House).

Now imagine if corporations had their charters pulled. Globalization would actually work then. But it would benefit the American people. That's the wonders of free trade, not managed trade.


lab guy said...

As one guy put it , corporate charters are simply a license to collect taxes for the government.

Gerry Spence wrote of corporations in his books. Not a flattering review to say the least. The problem, like government, is that people are involved. Probably nothing inherently wrong with the corporate structure as a tool to do something constructive, but its no longer about that anymore. Contrary to popular belief, big business loved the New Deal because it would put many out of business.

The Night Wind said...

Good Article. One revelation from Wiki Leaks showed that gang of Wall Street robber-barons actually gave Obama a list of their choices for him to put in cabinet positions back in 2008. Most of them were selected too.

The Libertarians (aka 'The Free Market Left') also are big proponents of Corporatism; the difference being that they want to cut the middle-man (i.e. the Government) so that monopolies can dictate policy more efficiently. This is actually the same type of government that Japan had (and largely still does) during the pre-1945 era.

Unknown said...

Small business built America, and Big Business sold America to China. I guess Japan got underbid by cheaper labor. Capitalism isn't about industry, its about setting up Monopolies. Competition makes things better, and Monopolies make you buy cheap plastic crap that's unsafe for twice the price of the good stuff that feeds families and pays the bills. Make no mistake, all those thousands of onerous regulations have nothing to do with safety or even law. Regulations help Monopolies prevent start-ups that could break their hold on the Market. You won't hear this from any "Economist". Those fakers never had a real job or managed anything in The Real World.

DJF said...

One of the great benefits that corporation owners get is limited liability/

Limited liability means that owners only risk what they put into a corporation, not the rest of their fortune, including what they have take out as profits.

So if ten guys each put $100,000 into building a paint factory and after 20 years of profitable operation it catches fire and explodes which then destroy 10 neighboring $200,000 homes the owners of the factory only lost their investment and if the paint corporation has less then $2 million in assets then the home owners are stuck with the rest of the bill for their lost homes

So limited liability is sort of like government provided catastrophic wealth insurance for the owners. If things go really bad the owners can walk away from their corporation keeping all their other assets including in the case of the ten paint factory owners the 20 years of profits that they had made. Its only the burnt down factory and its corporation which is lost