Friday, December 16, 2016

Will Hillary Clinton Run in 2020?

I wouldn't be surprised that Hillary Clinton is so self-deluded, so obsessed with money and power, that she tries to run in 2020. After all, Bernie Saunders ran when he was 76, and Clinton will be 74 (although she appears to be a zombie kept alive by prescription medication).

She probably thinks that because she won the popular vote (which is debatable once you take out the dead people and the illegal aliens) that she win the Electoral College next time.

The Mainstream Media, as always, will be on her side, and tell every lie they can to help her. They'll say the economy is a catastrophe during Trump, even if it is humming along nicely (then they'll say he "inherited Obama's economy").

If Trump does the things he says he's doing to do, the economy will improve substantially. It ain't hard - cut taxes and regulations, and the economy takes off. Deport the illegal aliens, and wages will rise (I've known about 10 who've self-deported back to Mexico). Now we need to get rid of the potential terrorists and those with IQs of 89 (which the mean IQ of immigrant Third Worlders).

I am not a fan of either party (we actually only have one party with a left and a right wing). But Trump and many of the people in his new administration aren’t politicians - and that is a huge plus.

I knew this kind of push-back was going to happen sooner or later. I predicted Trump in a landslide victory because people do not vote ideology but their economic interest. If the economy had 1% unemployment and four percent growth and Clinton said she would continue those policies and not insulted the people who built this country as a "basket of deplorables" she would have won.

But hey - who's going to listen to me? I'm just another nobody.


Kentucky Headhunter said...

Hillary still being alive in four years will be definitive proof that there is no God.

Unknown said...

It proves the existence of the Devil, though.

Anonymous said...

"But hey - who's going to listen to me?"

I'll listen to you Bob, as a matter of fact it was your constant reference to the fables of yore that spurred me to add some of those selections to my personal library for my children. The originals, not the Disneyfied crapfests that were pushed on us Gen Xer's.

As far as Hillary is concerned, I think the only thing she will be runnin' fer in 2020 is the latest fifth of vodka that fell from her bedside table. I could be wrong though, she could be runnin' fer two.

Roman Lance said...

Sorry about the anonymous comment...Thought I'd let you it was a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders (not Saunders) was 74 not 76 during the campaign.

Glen Filthie said...

I agreed with you Bob - but with reservations at the time. Hillary lost because she got trapped in her own bubble of bullchit. The repubs were trapped in theirs when they tried to run Cruz, Jeb and other establishment bungholes. My question at the time was, "Are we (the alt right) trapped in our own bubble?" The questions were very real: how many vibrants and progs were out there voting with their melanin and vaginas? How many clueless white stupid non-men were out there? How many sexual degenerates were out there? There are a lot of marginal, useless, stupid people that are doing just fine thanks to the donks and they had a lot to lose. Trump is going to shake up the welfare class, the self proclaimed victim groups, the corrupt carpet baggers, the unions.... holy mackaral, there are entire cities and two generations of pigs at the trough that need to be butchered to make America great again. Those pigs know it too - that is why they wept and snivelled when Hill lost, and grasping at every straw to overturn the election.

I see civil wars coming. This isn't over.

Unknown said...

It's just as likely Hillary will either be dead or her health complications will worsen in 4 years. Drug cocktails to keep her upright during the debates can only keep those things at bay for so long.

Robert What? said...

I think it is still possible for Hillary to be appointed President this comimg January. Many powerful people and institutions are working hard at it, Constitution be damned.

Black Poison Soul said...

I sincerely hope that Hillary does not get appointed President. That would be the one thing that IMO would begin another civil war.

Unknown said...

"I sincerely hope that Hillary does not get appointed President"

That's actually an impossibility.

Twarog said...

Democratic leaders paved the way for Mrs. Clinton's nomination because they owed favors to her husband, but I'm sure a lot of them had serious misgivings. She may run, but after the fiasco of 2016, they're probably not going to hand it to her on a silver platter like last time. She lost in 2008 to a one-term Senator and lost in 2016 to someone who had never run for public office before in his life; she may hold a lot of pull with the Democrats, but they still like to win once in a while.