Saturday, December 3, 2016

America's Real Divide Isn't Left or Right But Top to Bottom Which is Is Why People Vote Up Or Down

"Right to left is theory; top to bottom is experience" - Jim Hightower

People have tried to tell me that I "don't know how left this country is." I just smiled and said this county isn't "right" or "left."

People don't vote "right" or "left." They vote, as Reagan said, up or down. Because they know the real divide is top to bottom, between that small minority will much money and political power, not much sense - and then there is everyone else.

There is something about some people - greed, hubris, choose whichever of the Seven Deadly Sins you want - that when they gain money and political power they use it to try to crush everyone else.

My hometown has gone from 50,000 people to 30,000 and the steel mill, the main employer, has closed down.

Many people think there is a difference between the parties. For a long time there wasn't. We didn't have two parties; we had one with a right wing and a left wing. There was about a nickel's difference between the parties.

This crushing of everyone else by the rich and powerful had been the history of the world. In the past it has always ended in horrendous bloodshed and the destruction of government and society. Revolution, which is always a bad thing, brings what John Milton called "Chaos and Old Night."

I've had people tell me they are "liberal" or "conservative" but often they use dictionary definitions, which have nothing to do with reality.

Both parties are in thrall to Wall Street and Cosmodemonic Megacorporations and don't give a crap about Main Street. The people finally figured this out, which is why Trump was elected. I predicted it and I've explained why. Everyone in Flyover Land is being crushed by Washington DC, Wall Street and the MegaBanks. If Walmart had its way we'd be living in cinderblock apartment complexes.

Everyone in Flyover Land is fed up with the evaporation of their high-paying jobs and their middle-class lifestyle. People in Montana have more in common with people in Kentucky than than they have in common with those in DC.

People always vote for change, never the status quo. As I've written they always vote for Hope, Faith and Charity. They have faith and hope they'll get politicians who are charitable and put the country first.

Maybe next time the pollsters will take Flyover Land into consideration and finally get it right.

I did, and that's why I got it right.

"Right wing, left wing, chicken wing, it's all the same to me" - Woody Guthrie


Unknown said...

Yeah Bob, that's the wrong diagnosis. Why are you listening to Reagan? He didn't see Bush stabbing him in the back.
Its not left and right. Its not up and down either. Its top and bottom against America. This country has a parasite problem. Monopoly Money has turned America into a farce. The "Rich" are just counterfeiters stealing everything. The Poor are Third World Scum.
America is what is in between. It needs to fight. The time for talking and playing politics is long over. You don't negotiate with tapeworms and leeches.

Anonymous said...

This was well said.