Monday, December 26, 2016

I Wonder If Trump Has His Own Intelligence Service And Files On People

"He has cast down the mighty from their thrones, and has lifted up up the lowly. He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent away empty!" - Luke 1:52-53

I certainly would. Apparently J.Edgar Hoover did, which is why no one could remove him. He knew too much.

I was wondering why Trump had dinner with Mitt Romney. I wondered if Trump was really considering him for a position or just screwing with the backstabber. Apparently he was just screwing with never-worked-day-in-his-day rich boy (at first I was thinking of that old saying, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer").

The same with Newt Gingrich. I don't think either Newt or Mitt will ever have a position in Trump's administration. Both are politicians, and Trump has been hiring military people and businessmen.

Gingrich is especially vile. He's had multiple divorces and adulteries, and divorced his first wife in the hospital after she had cancer surgery - and she put him though college. He once said one wife wasn't "pretty enough to be the wife of the President" (talk about self-delusion if he thought he ever stood a chance to be President).

Gingrich's rational, reasonable demeanor on TV is an act and a con, just the way Hillary Clinton's is, as was Duyba Shrub's (who went to Harvard and Yale and is a war-mongering Massachusetts Yankee) attempt to portray himself as a conservative Texan decked out as a clown in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat (he has no business wearing either).

I don't trust politicians at all. Apparently Trump doesn't either. I consider both Romney and Gingrich to be fair weather friends. Gingrich saw which way the wind was blowing and tried to run to the front of the parade - which is the defining characteristic of politicians.

And after what Romney said about Trump did he really think Trump would either forgive or trust him? I sure as hell wouldn't.

Trump reminds me a bit of Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose party. That one was anti-corporation and anti-Robber Baron - and corporations and Robber Barons is what we have today with the One Percent trying to get even wealthier and trying to crush the middle-class out of existence.

I'm sure the "elites" are horrified by Trump trying to drain the swamp vermin of their money and power. If I was one of them I sure would be.


Quartermain said...

I think Newt also helped Clinton get re-elected by his rhetoric. Many of the freshmen senators and congressmen said ol' Newt made the "revolution" all about him

A Texan said...

As native Texan, I always regarded the Bush family as northeastern carpetbaggers. The Kennedy's and Democrats had the northeast wrapped up, so Bush I had to go some hick Texas city in West Texas to ingratiate himself and get a congressional seat with his money.

Most of Trump's appointees have strong establishment links, but maybe he can use some of this to forge a better future.

Glen Filthie said...

Trump is gonna get assassinated. He wont finish his first term. You don't piss on crime families and get away with it...

Unknown said...

Not gonna happen, Glen.

kurt9 said...

Gingrich is especially vile. He's had multiple divorces and adulteries, and divorced his first wife in the hospital after she had cancer surgery - and she put him though college. He once said one wife wasn't "pretty enough to be the wife of the President".

This is precisely why I despise Gingrich.

I also do not understand why so many of the religious right support him either.

I really do appreciate you pointing this out on your blog as it is rarely mentioned elsewhere on the net. Your stock just went up with me.

Anonymous said...

I actually hope that Trump secretly has a James Bond villain-type global Spectre organization that he is the head of (but for doing good though). I'm optimistic about Trump. I hope he does good things for America and then gets a second term.

Glen Filthie said...

Hope you're right, Bob. Fact is the only way I can see him surviving is if he DOES have serious, 'smoking gun' dirt on the crime families... And a threat to go public if anything happens to him.

Laugh at me as you will... But I will bet a dollar to a donut that Pizzagate alone has enough dirt to enrage the American public enough to start a rebellion. I will bet Trump is sitting on enough evidence to hang a hundred democrats and a dozen repubs. Even his own team wants to frag him and they're dumb enough to try.

And ... How long can a man stay honest in that feculent swamp?

Robert What? said...

The only thing Trump has done that I really question is bringing Goldman Sachs snakes into his administration. Their allegiance will always be to enriching themselves and their cronies at GS.

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