Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sexual Perverts

I suppose close to 20 years ago I was listening to G. Gordon Liddy's now-defunct radio program, in which he commented that while in prison he encountered a child molester, which attitude was that everyone would be a "child lover," but that they were too scared to act on their desires.

This molester's attitude didn't surprise me, because I've seen it more that once.

When I was a teenager, perhaps 15 and 16, I used to hitchhike a lot. Many of us did. I was warned by friends about a middle-aged homosexual who'd pick up hitch-hikers and proposition them. Fortunately, I never encountered him, but in-between 15 and 21 homosexuals did proposition me. Then it quit.

Even then, I knew why: I was young. Even then, I knew they liked young boys, which is why they want to join the Scouts and the military. Access to young boys and men - and don't think otherwise.

After 21, I was too old for them.

My experience with sexual degenerates is they just don't have sexual problems - their problems affect their whole character. I've lost track of the homosexuals who are now dead of HIV. They're self-destructive and extraordinarily promiscuous, and their culture, such as it is, is rife with drug abuse, suicide and murder (homosexuals have a major serial killer problem, ignored by the media).

And leftists try to convince us there is nothing wrong with these people? This is one of the reasons, among many others, why I consider leftism to be a mental disease.

There are several signs of cultural collapse, but I think the easiest one to recognize is when the media celebrates sexual perversion.

"Gay" marriage? What a joke. Every one of them will cheat. The honest ones admit it.

I've never met a homosexual who wasn't a leftist, the reason being is that all leftists don't believe in any fixed human nature, so they believe all children can be raised as homosexuals if caught early enough.

Exactly what kind of culture do leftists believe their beliefs will create? They believe it will be a better one than we have now, obviously, but do they ever think about the details? One is which all are "equal" and there is no discrimination? What exactly does that mean? Or are they so ruled by their infantile emotions they can't see more than two seconds into the future?

Sooner or later, leftists are going to celebrate child molesters and try and convince us to do so, too. Just wait and see.


Unknown said...

Already starting over at Salon.

Quartermain said...

Leftism is a mental disease cultivated in the universities and MSM. I believe you had a post about the director of Powder and Jeepers Creepers I & II. I know of one homosexual that kicked his drinking and drug habit, looked at homosexuality in general, said yuck then became celibate.

Anonymous said...

"Sooner or later, leftists are going to celebrate child molesters and try and convince to do so, too. Just wait and see."

They were already trying to pave the way for acceptance of pedophilia in the '70s, until AIDS and the (very temporary) rightward shift in Middle America made the sexual revolution retreat from its most extreme positions. Heck, some of them were trying to get insurance companies to pay for prostitution as part of medically-sanctioned "sex therapy".

That's one element (far from the only one) that exacerbated the sex abuse problem in the Catholic Church- secular psychologists were telling bishops that pedophilia could be "cured" using modern psychiatric methods, so instead of reporting a pervert to the authorities or putting him under de facto house arrest in a rigorous monastery, like a sane person would, they'd just force him to go to a revolving-door "rehab" clinic. Once he was rubber-stamped as "cured", they'd dump him on a new, unsuspecting parish.

Glen Filthie said...

I have a gay daughter. If there was anything...ANYTHING remotely good about homosexuality I would have found it. In better times she would have been in to see a counsellor or something but, today? I am expected to stand up and applaud her life choices like some kind of trained barking seal. She's thirty years old, she lives like a 17 year old runaway and acts like one too...and my asshole in-laws encourage it and enable it because - homosexuality!!!! Don't be a homophobe!!!

Her love-partner is a psychological cripple too - apparently she has eczema so she can't go out in public or hold a full time job!

I might be able to handle it if it were just the homosexuality. But hell's bells, those two can barely care for themselves, never mind each other - and then only if nobody gets sick or hurt or has a stroke of bad luck that most of us have at one time or another in our lives. Five years ago I finally had my fill of my wife's family and their liberal antics. I walked away. I don't like the way their family is put together, I don't like the way it is falling apart and I am not going to stand by and act surprised and be sympathetic to those feminist liberal meat holes when their lives fall apart.

Pedophilia is part and parcel of the gay agenda as are any number of other mental disorders.

Unknown said...

Sexual promiscuity and perversion is one of the many heads of the leftist hydra. Anything against the Sixth Commandment can cause destruction of character.

Although my take is sodomy in particular seems to be sexual perversion on steroids. Doesn't matter if it is same-sex or opposite-sex. It affects everyone involved badly.

Anonymous said...

I sort of supported homosexuals when I was young, but that quickly changed when I actually encountered one and then several more. And I learned then when I was 14 that there is an enormous difference between reality and media. Big difference. Almost every homosexual I met was narcissistic to the point where you can physically feel the narcissism. One was a disgusting deviant crossdresser that enjoyed abuse. Another stalked a friend of mine for years because my friend hated his guts. And let's not forgot the most bizarre thing in the faggot "community": Bugchasing. Where they fetishize getting or infecting others with STDs. There's noway you can convince me that these people are normal. If you tried, I'd assume you are a liar wanting something out of me.

Unknown said...

The first time a homosexual made a pass at me I was 12 years old.

Unknown said...

"I believe you had a post about the director of Powder and Jeepers Creepers I & II."

Some years ago, yes. I saw Powder, thought, who is the pervert who made this movie? so I looked him. And yes, he's a pedophile.

Anonymous said...

"Her love-partner is a psychological cripple too - apparently she has eczema so she can't go out in public or hold a full time job!"

My wife had a lesbian roommate briefly while we were first dating; the girl never held a job during the entire time that I knew her. Where she got rent money I had no idea, though I suspect her parents must have been supporting her. I also suspect that, at least in her case, her lesbianism wasn't something innate, but probably the result of either a specific trauma like sexual abuse, or just general bad experiences with men (she was noticeably overweight, though not a complete land whale like some of her butch friends), because she didn't have the hyper-aggressive pseudo-masculine personality and palpable anti-male hostility displayed by other lesbians in her social circle. The research on lesbian "families" shows that growing up with lesbian parents is like growing up with a dysfunctional single mother, except twice as bad.

"Another stalked a friend of mine for years because my friend hated his guts."

In high school, my sister once got death threats from of the the homosexual teens who were part of the girls' social circle in which she moved, after some of the ladies had a falling-out. Filled with teenage hormones, I was going to offer to beat the s*** out of him, until my parents' more level-headed suggestion to record any future messages and play them to the police prevailed. I had met the guy long before that, though, and had known right away there was something seriously wrong with him- not just homosexuality, but a seriously narcissistic personality.

Another homosexual, this one an elderly fellow who hit on me in my early '20s, was one of the saddest psychological wrecks I've ever met in my life. His entire worldview was a nutty conspiracy theory that every man, deep down inside, was really naturally homosexual, but a vast conspiracy of women, churches, and governments worked hard to trick everyone into heterosexual relationships. He admitted to harboring misogynistic homicidal fantasies about murdering random women with an axe, and expressed his contempt for effeminate homosexual men in the most virulent language I have ever heard on the subject (apparently, he shared the sexual preferences of Ernst Röhm). He wasn't a moron, either- I could tell he had once been a highly intelligent, successful person who let his addiction to vice warp his mind and soul.