Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jeb Bush isn't "White" Anymore

He married a Mexican and speaks Spanish in his house. I remember seeing George the First clueless at a store when confronted with a scanner. The whole family is clueless and no longer American. Culturally they are no longer white.

I can't imagine Jeb being President. He wants to flood the country with Third Worlders.

I despise the whole stupid, inbred, traitorous family and have for many years.


Glen Filthie said...


Bush Sr. flew a Douglas dive bomber in WW2 - that took courage most of his detractors can only dream about. He went sky diving at the age of 80. He was a patriot and typical of the best that America can produce.

Dubya flew fighter jets. I don't care how rich you are or what connections you have - the military does not hand the keys for these birds to morons, cowards and dummies. He spent holidays with the troops in Iraq and was respected by our servicemen. He and his wife were famous for treating others with kindness and respect even when they weren't in the spot light. Who can forget Obutthole, when that black baboon bored us with a speech in a light rain while a young Marine in full dress uniform held an umbrella over him and got soaked himself?

Dunno much about Jeb, but he comes from good family unlike the Klintoons or the Obuttholes. He's probably a gentleman just like the rest of his family - and unfortunately that is not what America needs right now. Trump is the man they need and everyone except the Donk and the Repub parties know it.

Quartermain said...


Here is an article on Shrub for you to read:

You don't seem to trust your government so why do you trust ours?

However, your blog is coming along nicely, keep up the good work.

Glen Filthie said...

1. No, Bush could not stop the invasion of illegals by picking up a phone. It would have been political suicide - and may yet still be. That is nothing new, Clinton refused to deal with it too. Trump is now a target...we'll see how he does.

2. Free Trade? LOL...Every second NDP moron up here in Canada is calling Stephen Harper a traitor for Free Trade too. According to them you eeeeeeevil baby murdering Yanks are ripping US off and subverting OUR gubbermint and independence. This is business and economics - something that liberal twerps like Alan Stang will never understand. I am a proponent of free trade - but then again, I am a competitor.

3. Bush was not responsible for the rules of engagement. The pacifists and liberals are to blame for restrictive ROE's that prevent servicemen from defending themselves. America won the war against the Taliban by the way; the peace in both Afghanistan and Iraq was lost by Obama and his liberals.

4. Military men have always been subject to trial for their actions. This is primarily driven by the cretins among the liberal element more than anyone else. The judges make the calls - not George Bush.

Both of the Bush presidents were much loved and respected by the military. Stormin Norman himself laid it out for Bush Sr and told the President that he would have nothing to do with another political debacle like Viet Nam; He went on to say that HE would run the Gulf War - not the Whitehouse, that HE would free Kuwait by deploying his forces as HE saw fit - and if the President had any problems with that, his resignation would be on the President's desk in the morning.

Further, I notice our host seems to think our servicemen today are cut from the same cloth as the soft, vacuous flower children that got drafted for Viet Nam in the 60's. They were not - by any stretch. They were all patriots and volunteers, they enlisted voluntarily and trained hard for the mission and they won every single major battle they fought.

You boys sit there and tell us that the wars in the middle east were unnecessary. I'm just curious: have either of you noticed the flap around Iran, lately? They're developing nukes, Israel I shitting its pants, and they will act unilaterally if America doesn't. Iran has been yodelling about wiping Israel off the face of the earth for decades now. ISIS is running rampant. They're beheading toddlers now. For the life of me, I don't see how the elderly hippies and peaceniks can sit back, not lift a finger while this goes on...and then lay claim to the moral high ground. I'm sorry boys, but Alan Stang is an idiot.

Quartermain said...


When it comes to American foreign policy, and the American political class, you're the idiot.

Glen Filthie said...

So I have been told, Quartermain - numerous times. What part of my scholarly treatise do you object to?

Quartermain said...

If you think Alan Stang is a liberal then you can believe that Hillary Clinton is a traditional house wife and stay at home mom. Only on the Bizarro world.

In case you're not familiar.

Here is background on Stang:

I can't imagine a liberal writing a book like this:

Rusty Shackleford said...

"Who can forget Obutthole, when that black baboon bored us with a speech in a light rain while a young Marine in full dress uniform held an umbrella over him and got soaked himself?"

Glenn, have you ever considered that you might be a coprophiliac? Almost every single post you write has something to do with feces, farts, asses, buttholes, etc. I've known guys like that, who'll suddenly get really excited and go off into some sort Tourette's tangent if the conversation turns toward anything anal. But, anyhow, if that marine holding the umbrella caught pneumonia and died, Obama is still responsible for 6,851 fewer American military personnel deaths than W.

Rusty Shackleford said...

If Trump doesn't go soft, I'll vote for him. The "worse is better" side of me, though, almost hopes the former el presidente's wife does get elected just to certify that we're Argentine del Norte. We've become a clown country, and all the US is about anymore is LBGT rights and multiculturalism, all the time. If we're going to continue like this we might as well have a crazy lesbian abortionist for a president.

Quartermain said...

@Rusty S

I read in a book about Che the mass murderer, that Argentina, where he was from, was known as the France of South America.