Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Without "Men," Women Go Insane

"Feminism is about empowering mentally ill teenage Marxist lesbians with facial piercings, who feel an urge to tell sane, normal adults that we are the problem, and that they are the solution." - the Other McCain

The reason I put quotemarks around "men" is that I mean "patriarchy."

I know more than one woman who is "bipolar" and on medication. All of them are unstable. When they became involved in a stable relationship with a man, they suddenly became much more stable.

I know a woman who is schizophrenic. When she's around me, suddenly she's much more stable.

I also know a woman who was living with a man (generally not a good idea, and certainly not in her case) who had a child by him (very bad idea to have children and not be married). She was living with the father in a house and they had a boy.

She once told me, "I like my nice boring life."

The relationship with him did not work out...and she just collapsed. She now lives with her mother, only has the boy about one weekend a month, lies in bed all day, and can barely hold a part-time job. She's been diagnosed as being on the verge of being "bipolar" and is on medication.

Those are individual cases, but when you generalize from them, it means modern women are essentially nuts.

Why? Because "patriarchy" is gone.

I use a very simple definition of leftism (and feminism is leftist): it's about the "murder of the Father," as Erick von Kuehnelt-Leddihn was perceptively wrote.

It's the belief women are "oppressed by men," which isn't true, and especially untrue since men invented everything good in the world (I consider leftism and feminism to be the creations of advanced technological society, which was created by men).

Just look at what leftism and feminism have mutated into. They're insane.

And since we have taken care of so many of our problems (like starving to death and dropping dead of disease left and right) the only things left are non-problems like "microaggressions," "rape culture," and other hallucinations.

I consider women's default nature to be socialist/fascist. When society is "patriarchal" that's kept under control. When patriarchy starts to disappear, women's nature pops back up. It might take two or three generations, but pop up it does.

This means the more women get involved in, the worse that thing gets. And since so many believe in a strong, centralized government, they're catastrophes when allowed to vote.

Many societies in the past have tried to ignore the differences between men and women and make them "equal." They've all collapsed and I know of at least 80 societies this has happened to.

Men, too, go insane without women, but in a different way. Just look around. They make enough money to just support themselves, with no surplus to support a family or advance society. Some go MGTOW and it's a damn shame that concept even exists.

"The murder of the Father" means the murder of the nuclear family, which has been one of the main goals of leftism since it's been around. They think without the "oppressive" family we'll be more free. The truth is the exact opposite.

Leftists, all of whom are deluded and don't live in the real world, just ignore these things, thinking that doubling-down on their beliefs is the cure to everything. If it doesn't work, let's make things worse!

There are prescriptions to cure our problems. The problem with the cure, as always, is to put it into effect.

I have a rough idea of what the future is going to bring. We're stomping on the brake and accelerator at the same time. Science and technology is accelerating by leaps and bounds while at the same time we're stomping on the brake when it comes to society.

Women were not especially crazy when I was in middle school and high school. My first semester in college I started to notice something was wrong with some of them, and when I gradated in 1983 it was very obvious there was something wrong with a lot of them. That was only a 15 year time period between middle school and college graduation. The difference was astonishing. Fifteen years!

Women are notorious about trying to blame their problems on men (that's one of the main characteristics of leftism - to blame your problems on someone else).

I guess we're going to have to lose another generation before there is any significant change.

“The great advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science or literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government.” - Milton Friedman


Anonymous said...

While we were dating, my wife was prone to regular emotional meltdowns over extremely trivial problems- a broken plate or a piece of misfiled paperwork were treated as The End of All Life As We Know It. These were particularly common right after she had left me and gone home for the night (I know this because of all the panicked phone late-night phone calls). We got married and moved in together, they rapidly grew less frequent and less severe, and by about the nine-month mark the panic & weeping episodes had almost completely ceased.

Modern twits may feign shock when husbands assert firm patriarchal authority, but it sure works better than Prozac.

MGTOW'd Out said...

Somehow I doubt that you were the pants in the family. Methinks you are projecting, yet again.