Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Lot of People, When They Meet Me, Don't Like Me

Years ago I read an article about Humphrey Bogart, who said a lot of people didn't like him. He had no explanation for it.

What he said stayed with me, because I have the same problem.

What I have noticed is that smart people with a sense of humor always like me. Not-very-smart people with no sense of humor tend to not like me, to the point they tell lies about me and try to do things to hurt me.

I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I'll change my mind. Some people, unfortunately, are so dumb they cannot change their minds. They always think they're right.

Some people have something wrong with the way they perceive things. Our perception goes though our emotional brain first, so everything we perceive is always colored by our feelings. If a person is childish - and God knows many are - what they think about someone is always affected then they'll never be able to judge people correctly.

There are not very many smart people with a sense of humor, who try to be fair. There are many dumb people with no sense of humor at all. That's a shame, of course.

Of course, I always keep the smart funny ones as friends and avoid the dumb ones.

Another thing I've noticed is that dogs are excellent judges of character, far better than humans, and they immediately perceive the dumb ones with no sense of humor, who tend to not like dogs.

I once was sitting in my van with my pug, who are the clowns of the dog world, and are funny and affectionate. Some guy walked up to my door and asked for a cigarette.

My pug hurled himself snarling across my lap and tried to attack him though my window. I told him my dog did not like him and to go away and never bother me again.

Later I mentioned this to a woman, who said her dog hated him and that she referred to him as "Grumpy." He was stupid, had no sense of humor, and harassed everyone to extent he ended up serving 20 days in jail and got thrown out of his apartment.

Her dog, on the other hand, when she saw me, wagged her tail so hard she could barely walk.

I've also found a lot of middle-aged women who marriages failed also dislike me and try to do things to me. But then, I'm not alone in that. These women are full of bitterness and anger, and they try to do things to other men.

Smart people have it harder, dealing with the stupid. God knows how Bill Gates had it growing up, since he looks like the archetyical nerd. Of course, now, with his money, he can completely avoid the retards.

I wonder how many problems in the world are caused by stupid humorless people who don't like dogs? A lot, I'd say.

Look at this way: when was the last time you met a smart bully?


Glen Filthie said...

You have to 'stick handle' idiots. You can't tell them anything, they have to come to it on their own and the only process that will speed their learning is engineering things so that they meet the consequences of their actions sooner and harder rather than they normally would. At all times you must maintain an air of sympathy and civility - assuming you want to get anything out of them. The smarter ones can associate punishment with certain actions but the average idiot can't.

You seem to get hung up on IQ a lot Bob - and I think I disagree. I know men that literally cannot read - and they can buy you and I out of pocket change. I also know more than a few MENSA warriors that think their IQ trumps common sense. Often what we perceive as 'intellect' is nothing more than pattern recognition - indeed, that is part and parcel of many IQ tests. It shouldn't be, in my opinion - because pattern recognition can be learned...even by dogs. True intelligence comes from being able to make successful leaps of logic based on incomplete data. I am very good at spotting trends and patterns and moderately successful at extrapolating from them. If nothing else, a successful higher education can instill this in anyone.

Women are a different can of worms. They are not rational creatures, they are rationalizing creatures. Combine that with 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...' and you have your explanation for your failure with divorced women: they are probably projecting their own failures and those of their ex onto you - and you're dead meat before you even get off the starting blocks. Fortunately I am not in the dating game but I know those who are...and I have heard many men say the same thing. It isn't you - it's them, and the best thing for everyone is to walk away as quickly and politely as possible.

Mindstorm said...

As a dog owner you are wearing the scent of your dog, Bob, haven't you noticed? I wouldn't ascribe the fact that strange dogs often approach me in a friendly manner to my personality. I am also a dog owner, and I guess they might smell a happy dog off me (or perhaps they also could read from my body language that I'm quite relaxed around them). :)

Shaun F said...

Bob - in this day of people pleasing all-inclusive political correctness, I wouldn't expect people to like you. It is a compliment. As my high school algebra teacher Mr. Reid said "Better to be hated than overlooked."

Robert What? said...

Regrettably, stupid, humourless people seem to be legion at all levels of government. I think the ability to have arbitrary power over others appeals to stupid, humorless people.