Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Called It Years Ago

I said years ago the greasy, unattractive "Roosh" was a fraud and liar. Ditto "Roissy" (both he and "Roosh are second-rate grifters). As for "Vox Day," he's just naive.

Funny, isn't it, that "Roosh" is obsessed with beautiful European women, to the point he lies about them? What's wrong with his own ethnic group - the one with bags over their heads? (I had a friend of mine raised in Saudi Arabia and he said the women reach their peak at 14.) I used to live around some and the women were hideous - they looked more like ugly men that women.

This article is from The Black Pill and I suggest you click on it to see pictures of women "Roosh" said he did but they said he didn't.

Roosh Never Got Laid In Ukraine

Roosh went to the Ukraine where he supposedly got laid using game and wrote a book about it. Roosh was interviewed on a Ukrainian TV show, and they exposed Roosh as a fraud. In some ways it was as bad as Roosh’s appearance on the Dr. Oz show. (Roosh clearly needs to stop appearing on TV for his own good.) While watching this video, make sure closed captioning in on to see subtitles in English.

Starting at 5:00, the host of the TV show brings in two women that Roosh allegedly met and banged while in the Ukraine. Roosh had pictures of them on his website. Neither woman knew who Roosh was. One of the women said that she was going to sue Roosh for using pictures of her without her permission. The TV show actually did find a woman who had met Roosh. This woman was not interested in him, but Roosh spent a whole lot of time chasing her. Roosh denied knowing her.

The TV show also brought out the man that Roosh stayed with while he was in the Ukraine. Roosh lied to this man by telling him that he was doing research on nightclubs for his employer. This man also confirmed that Roosh always struck out with women while he was in the Ukraine.

If you have been wondering why it costs Roosh $6500 each time he gets laid, Roosh’s appearance on this TV show proves why. Roosh is rarely getting laid, and the stories of him getting laid in his books are all or nearly all fiction.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me at all. Roosh has often bragged about being a "dark triad psychopath", as if it were some sort of achievement, or a badge of honor.

I wonder what will become of him as he gets older. I can already see he's working on an exit strategy, trying to reinvent himself as some sort of right-wing cultural critic/philosopher, but is that sustainable?

Anonymous said...

"(I had a friend of mine raised in Saudi Arabia and he said the women reach their peak at 14.) I used to live around some and the women were hideous."

This hideousness may be due to Inbreeding, which is apparently a common occurrence in middle eastern marriages due to the preference of cousin-cousin marriage in families. Inbreeding also can cause mental retardation, which may also explain why most middle easterners still live like they're living in the 8th Century.

Gigalax said...

I'd say this is an example of a stopped clock being right twice. The Black Pill is pretty dumb with most of the stuff they say, but are right about this one.

Chris Mallory said...

In a sane world, Roosh would be hustling tourists at the base of Mt. Ararat, not roaming the West.

Anonymous said...

As one commenter here put it. Roosh isnt gaming women, he's gaming men. Frustrated and desperate men to put it charitably. So whats next for Roosh? Fallen man and degenerate scumbag to Godly tradcon? No end of suckers will buy that. It's money in the bank.

Mindstorm said...

Bob, what do you make of Rollo Tomassi and Ian Ironwood?

Black Poison Soul said...

Nowhere in the definition of "dark triad psychopath" is there a bit which says "will tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth".

As anonymous a couple up put it: Roosh is gaming men. Definite snake-oil salesman. The naive and hurting men who don't think it through, get taken to the cleaners.

Unknown said...

Rollo Tomassi believes his own nonsense and as for Underwood, I know who he is but have forgotten what he has written. I'll look him up.

"Roosh" is a grifter (as is "Roissy"), just not a very good one. Both are pretty good social critics, but anyone with half a brain can diagnose today's social problems.

Rusty Shackleford said...

Roosh is like the 40 year old version of that kid who really wants to talk to you about dungeons and dragons or about what he did in summer band camp. Whether the interviewer's question is funny, confrontational or sarcastic, he just ploughs through it earnestly without changing his tone or approach. He reminds me a lot of a slimy version of Jon Heder's Napoleon Dynamite character in the way that they are both largely oblivious to the outside world and how they are perceived. In his mind, he probably believes his system works and that he's a cool motorcycle riding, DJ and club boy. The 3s and 4s he has sex with get converted into 9s and 10s. He possibly did get laid in the Ukraine, but just not by the girls in the photos or on the show.

This video is a few years old (the Ukraine has other things to worry about now than a Tadjik PUA), so he has no excuse for the Dr. Oz show. Frankly he got off lucky here because the show went off on a tangent just as they were really starting to lay into him.

Quartermain said...

Roosh reminds me of certain guys I knew in school, the military and the work place that bragged of being such Casanovas even though they were ugly, creepy and stupid.

There were some I knew in the Army, that boasted like Roosh. Newsflash, for 10 to 20 dollars a night, anybody can be a Don Juan. That was over 30 years, I don't know what the rates are now.

Robert What? said...

There is also the possibility that the Ukrainian girls were lying. I mean a girl gets gamed by a well know PUA writing a book? What girl would admit that publicly? In any case I can't say whether Roosh is being truthful or not. I'm past the age of hitting up clubs. But a lot of his social commentary rings true.

Rusty Shackleford said...

"There is also the possibility that the Ukrainian girls were lying."

In the video Roosh doesn't have anything to say when his room mate calls him a fraud and the girls say they've never seen him before. All he does is mutter some bullshit about how they're on the tv show because he used their pictures. Later in the show when a woman who looks like a prostitute accuses Roosh of hitting on her, he goes out of his way to say he never met the woman. Sure in a night club with enough alcohol maybe anyone can get lucky. But look at those girls and then look at Roosh and the way that he behaves. If we're to go by Occam's Razor what is the simplest explanation here?

Robert What? said...


I don't really care whether Roosh is lying about his exploits with women. Although maybe if I was a young'un hitting the clubs I might feel misled. As I mentioned, I read his columns for his social commentary, which for me rings true. In fact, most of his columns in the past couple of years have leaned towards that.

But the crux is that the SJWs hate our favorite Unca' as much as they hate Roosh, so I'm not going to get involved in any circular firing squad.

Unknown said...

"If we're to go by Occam's Razor what is the simplest explanation here?"

When I drove a taxi I'd pick up these Arab guys and they'd ask me, "Can you get me blonde girl?" They looked like Roosh, sometimes a little better.

Ugly men from the Middle East, beautiful blonde girls they can't get so they have to pay for them.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not he is banging the girls he claims, he is doing something none of you including the blogger have done. He has confronted the PC crowd head on. It cost him a lot. Get over yourselves and get out in the real world and battle like men. At least he does that.

Unknown said...

I consider Roosh an attention whore and without the money and attention he'd quit what he is doing. As I said he's a second-rate grifter - and I have met more than one grifter.