Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Neighbor's Bulldog Couple

My neighbor across the street raises bulldogs. Recently she's down to two: a male and female. I just met them a few days ago, when I walked across the street. The female backed off to stand next to my neighbor, while the male came forward, sniffed my hand, licked my fingers, then tried to climb in my lap.

The female, realizing what the male was getting, came forward to get some petting herself.

Interesting, huh? Men go first to explore and discover, and females follow once it's safe.

Don't tell me otherwise, because it's not.

By the way, now when the female sees me, she does a little dance.


cecilhenry said...

So very true. I have also come, somewhat to my own amazement, that no one believes in male superiority more than women. Indeed they are counting on it!!

But be warned. In the Diversity utopia of the future such comments as yours will be stricken VERBOTEN.

After all, Diversity means everyone must think alike about diversity.

Rusty Shackleford said...

English Bulldogs are great dogs, but they're so riddled with intentional and unintentional genetic deformities that it should probably be a crime to breed them. I've never known one that didn't have crippling health problems and massive vet bills because of the cartoon standard they're bred to. It's always a disaster for any breed that becomes popular on the show scene and is bred to meet some aesthetic standard. I've stuck with working dogs that are bred to an outside purpose, and they've always been happy, healthy dogs.

Generally, the boys are less peevish and friendlier guys than the bitches.

Unknown said...

Obviously...feminists can talk about their version of 'empowerment' all they want.

When the rubber meats the road our God given differences take over and men most of the time will do the initiating and women will be receptive to what is happening.

Unknown said...

When she walks them they snort and slobber all the time. Turns out the female was pregnant and now she has a new litter of puppies.