Wednesday, September 9, 2015

If the White Man Disappeared

Charles Murray, in his Human Accomplishment, pointed out about 98% of everything in the world has been invented by Europeans and their descendents throughout the world.

When that crazed homosexual murdered those two white reporters I read a comment from a black man about two more white people dead! I thought, is he that deluded?

It's revenge based on non-existent oppression.

If there were no white people, technological society throughout the world would collapse. Africa would return to 20,000 B.C., Arabia to 700 A.D. and Asia to about 1200 A.D.

I guess there are some who think if white people disappeared, all that White Man Magic would stay and sustain society. That's what it is - the belief in magic.

There is only envy from these people, but never gratitude. They're inversely related: the more envy, the less gratitude. The more gratitude, the less envy. This has been noticed for thousands of years.

Unbearable feelings of envy lead to hate and the desire for revenge.

If our technology and infrastructure disappeared tomorrow, in about ten years ago white people would rebuild everything. And other people would follow us around like dogs begging for scraps. Demanding that we owned them.

White societies are so advanced and so rich we can now support all kinds of parasites.

Many women, unfortunately, are the same way. Gratitude because white men invented 99.999% of everything in the world? Nope. Instead, we get - of course - envy.

And if feminism is based on anything, it's based on the envy of men. And envy always wishes to destroy.

I used to think Freud was nuts (I still do). Penis envy? But if it's the envy of men's abilities and what we have created - then yes.

Carl Jung pointed out that women are biologically indispensable because they have the babies. Men, he wrote, are culturally indispensable because they created everything.

Women should thank God that men can love them (and they're trying to destroy that ability, too). Because if they didn't, women might just be turned into slaves. It's not as if they could do anything about it (I had one guy tell me, "If you couldn't fuck them there would be a bounty on them").

I'm mystified these things are not more well-known. Is that what envy does to people? Make them so self-deluded they can't admit the truth? Would they be surprised if things did collapse! They'd be walking in circles in a daze.

If white people disappeared tomorrow I suspect about two billion people would die. Most people don't know it but all our crops are based on nitrogen fertilizer, which is a creation of advanced technology. No nitrogen fertilizer and we're almost back to being hunter-gatherers. That's why until recently most Americans lived on farms - they to in order to survive.

I have known for decades the reason so many people in the past drank alcoholic beverages is because of the lack of clean water (the alcohol killed the disease-producing bacteria). Think cholera, which is a horrible way to go. But now, water is free - all those water fountains!

And where did all the chlorine come from? Who invented it? I'll let you guess.

I'll be around for about another 30 years. I suspect what is going to happen is that science and technology will advance at an astonishing rate, while the economy slowly gets worse. Accelerator and brake at the same time.

If we keep importing the Third World into this country (none of whom can sustain our civilization) we'll end up with, for all practical purposes, a broken-apart country.

I occasionally read articles from crazed feminist women about how men should be about 10% of the population. Har har! Society would collapse (not that these lunatic women believe this). The same thing would happen if there were no white people.

Some people should be expelled, considering the fact they're trying to murder and enslave us. In the long run, some of those trying to murder and enslave us are going to end up dead, too.


DeNihilist said...

Bob - "I'm mystified these things are not more well-known. Is that what envy does to people? Make them so self-deluded they can't admit the truth?"

My main question to myself these days is where did all the common sense go?

Anonymous said...

'I had one guy tell me, "If you couldn't fuck them there would be a bounty on them."'

If women were unfuckable, what use would they have? Why would there be a bounty on them?

Mindstorm said...

Come on, guano would be not available (it's too far and too little), but organic fertilizer from domesticated animals would be still in use. Crop rotation with nitrogen fixing plants and so on. I agree that deaths would reach billions, but that still would be not the end of the world, only a major setback. It would require another millennium, but they would manage to create another technocivilization, eventually.

Glen Filthie said...

Nowhere was this more apparent than in Haiti during their earthquakes. The blacks formed mobs and went on killing and looting sprees until eeeeeeevil American bastids showed up with an aircraft carrier - and ran power lines out to the mainland. With power, those ignorant imperialist swine set up clinics, hospitals and refugee camps. The poor blacks were forced to either act like white men - or stay out. Soon my fellow Canukistanis showed up with a pot full of foreign aid...and found themselves digging latrines when blacks were crapping on the streets! A lot of them quietly finished up and scooted back home at first opportunity.

Liberals don't understand that the third world is the way it is because of the ***** that live there...and now they are coming here. Last night I almost got run over by some black baboon in a beater car that clearly couldn't drive. He is going to hurt or kill someone, it's just a matter of time. At this point in the game all I can do is hope that his victim is a progressive libtard or an ignorant social justice warrior...

AAB said...

about 1/3 of the food you, me and everyone on the planet eats is dependent upon nitrogen produced from chemical works that are (probably) staffed by white men and were (almost certainly) built and (definitely) developed by white men:

The Haber–Bosch Process today consumes more than one percent of humanity's energy production and is responsible for feeding roughly one-third of its population.

If those white men stopped making nitrogen then that's 1/3 of the worlds food gone, practically, overnight.

And that's not taking into consideration pesticides, herbicides, mechanisation, food loss (IIRC lots of Indias rice harvest is lost to rodents), and any other factors I've forgotten that boost agricultural yields.

If 'Turnip' Townsend hadn't developed the '4 field rotation', and John Deere hadn't developed farm machinery, and Norman Borlaug hadn't developed hybrid wheat then we'd all be an awful lot skinnier. Although for some of us that would be no bad thing!

Terrific said...

Seriously? Why would their be a bounty on them? Because women are not only parasites on society, they are destructive to society.

Because, left to their own devices, "Women Ruin Everythjng"!

If women weren't needed to satisfy the male sex drive or to reproduce, if men could truly feel sated by porn and "devices", and if babies were laid as eggs and were raised by fathers after they hatched, women would not only be unnecessary, they'd be a DRAIN on the resources of society. Just like all the welfare mothers of today! She's having babies so we will give her money because she doesn't want to work! And then she doesn't even bother to do the job of raising them! The job she is obstenibly being PAID to do! No, she lets her kids run the streets, wreaking havoc and destroying what others have built.

Look around you and seriously ask yourself - no self-censorship - what do women do that could not be done as well or better by a man?

I love women. I married a woman. But I love her for what she does for me, not for what she contributed to the rest of the world. If I didn't need her for sex and companionship, I'd have a roommate or I'd live alone.

Terrific said...

Civilization is NOT a given. Civilization takes WORK. Brains. Muscle. Discipline. Self-control.

Your "faith" in the inevitability of "progress" is misplaced. In fact, it's downright irrational. Many different factors must come together to create a successful civilization. Leave out one or two ingredients because you don't know the formula and the cake fails to rise.

Terrific said...

That sounds like a great book. I'll have to check it out.

Unknown said...

"If those white men stopped making nitrogen then that's 1/3 of the worlds food gone, practically, overnight."

As I said, billions dead.

Mindstorm said...

AAB, in my estimation humanity would have to 'scale down' to half a billion or so again. Still not the end of the world (remember, with whites gone already I am not going to care much about the rest).

Mindstorm said...

^ Disregarding the fact I would be gone as well. :)

Mindstorm said...

"Civilization takes WORK. Brains. Muscle. Discipline. Self-control."

Asians would manage. Somewhat lacking creativity, but that would be not necessary, with all the artifacts of the past.

AAB said...

in my estimation humanity would have to 'scale down' to half a billion or so again

You reckon that Earth has to lose that many people? I dunno, maybe. Pollution, habitat loss, overcrowding, and resource depletion are problems but I think those problems are the result of lifestyle choices (consumerism, amongst others) rather than numbers.

With modern technology it shouldn't be too difficult to turn arid zones into forests, and if that's possible then it should be a breeze to relocate people to formerly dry places (like Western Australia, or North-West Africa). It would certainly sort out overcrowding and the issues that it brings (lots of psychological disorders).

But alas, it's just a sci-fi pipe-dream unless someone has the will to do it. Still, a commentor can dream(!)

Mindstorm said...

All my comments here refer to the situation stated in the title:
"If the White Man Disappeared".

Mindstorm said...

"If those white men stopped making nitrogen then that's 1/3 of the worlds food gone, practically, overnight."
Nitrates, not nitrogen. Nitrogen is practically inexhaustible.

AAB said...

All my comments here refer to the situation stated in the title:
"If the White Man Disappeared".

Right, I get ya now.

Anonymous said...

The Germans were major contributors to civilization:

"The German Genius: Europe's Third Renaissance, the Second Scientific Revolution, and the Twentieth Century" by Peter Watson.

Anonymous said...

The book "The Germans" by Gordon A. Craig is also good:

They have given mankind triumphs in science, literature, philosophy, music, and art. They have also produced Hitler and the Holocaust. They are romantic and conservative, idealistic and practical, proud and insecure, ruthless and good-natured. They are, in short, the Germans.

Mike said...

Anonymous said...

They have also produced Hitler and the Holocaust.

Hitler was Austrian and part Jewish, ergo not German.

The Holocaust is debatable. It's more likely deaths were the result of Typhoid. Just like happened in Soviet labour camps in the 1930s and 1940s. The 'confessions' that were got out of the NAZIs to prove the so-called holocaust were forced confessions obtained by violence. Recent research proves that testimonies obtained under duress are inadmissible.

Slandering Germans is just white race hatred. So quit it, ok?

Anonymous said...

Book recommendation:

"The March of the Titans: A History of the White Race" by Arthur Kemp.