Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'd Vote for a Dyke before I'd Vote for a Wimp

I hope Trump becomes President. If not him, I'd rather see Hillary instead of Jeb Bush.

Isn't two generations of imbeciles enough? As Presidents, both Bushes were smartasses and incompetent. Jeb doesn't appear to be a smartass, but he has Punchable Wimp Face. Mangina Face. I don't even want to look at him. And he's a traitor, saying that flooding the country with Third World anti-Americans was "love." No, it's hate - Jeb's hate for Americans and America.

When the Bushes got in, it made me pine for Clinton - and I couldn't stand him, either. He's a white trash serial rapist who should be in prison.

Hillary is a old, carpet-munching dyke (could she run Bill as Vice-President?). But she appears to be more competent than Jeb, in whom I see no competence at all.

And why is it Trump is attacking Jeb far more than Hillary? There must be a good reason for that.

I'd rather have a dyke in office rather than a wimp.


Anonymous said...

No woman should ever be a political leader due to female nature.

What about Bernie Sanders?

DeNihilist said...

Hey Bob, a good take from McCain re feminist lies -

Brian said...

Bob, you're playing their game and you don't even realize it. The lesser of two (or in this case, three) evils is still evil. You've been around a while, haven't you figured out that in the last hundred years, no matter who gets elected, the same agenda pushes forward at the behest of the people? Get a grip. Politics in America (and much of the world, really) is rigged because it's not run for your benefit, but for theirs.

Read the Constitution using a legal dictionary (preferably Black's 4th ed. or earlier) and find out what kind of a government we're really supposed to have.

dancing is forbidden said...

cthulhu 2016. the greater of two evils.

Brian said...

“National election campaigns are media events. Media run them. Media pump ratings. They produce the soap opera. They construct the illusion. Many people hate hearing this, because they prefer to believe the few candidates who can actually win are real. No one with that much face time on national television is real.” - Jon Rappoport

Anonymous said...

There is no circumstance under which I would vote for Jeb Bush for anything, even dog catcher. Maybe he could competently box pizzas. As for Clinton and Sanders being worse, if we're going to have a commie as president then at least we'll
be honest about it.

cecilhenry said...

We have that in Ontario. Premier Whynne is an unabashed lesbian and parasite,

She thinks the taxpayer is her Daddy.

And owes her and everyone with a grievance or envious grudge as much money as can be fleeced.

Women should not be in office. They only see 'helping' as helping themselves to your labour.

Quartermain said...

Here is 28Sherman's take:

Unknown said...

I'd rather throw my vote away than choose between Bush or Clinton. I'll vote for Kodos.

Unknown said...
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Quartermain said...

Ad for Jeb Bush:

Ad for Hillary Clinton:

Anonymous said...

I dislike Trump for a variety of reasons.

One is here:

"Donald Trump isn't rich because he's a great investor. He's rich because his dad was rich."

Trump isn't likely the "business genius" that he tries to portray with his big mouth in the media.

Glen Filthie said...

Er...actually, he is.

He has gone bankrupt and has recovered admirably each time. Most people are done for once they go bankrupt.

As for a murderous dyke (who has gone senile)- being a better POTUS than Jeb? Put down the bloody bong, Unca Bob! The 60's are over!

Anonymous said...

"Er...actually, he is."

Actually, No. Seriously. Trump isn't "all that and a bag of chips" when it comes to business as he likes to think.

If an S&P index fund bests, and even trounces by a wide margin, ones' return on their business capital, then it's time to rethink things.

Furthermore, it's a lot easier to get richer, when one was born rich to begin with. I believe there is a pertinent saying: "He was born on third base, but he thinks he hit a triple." (applied to George H.W. Bush actually, but still applicable to the Trump-Meister.)

Unknown said...

The Bushes were born rich and have used do to do nothing except mass murder people and destroy the U.S.

Rusty Shackleford said...

"Donald Trump isn't rich because he's a great investor. He's rich because his dad was rich."

I could seriously give a fuck less if Trump made his money jerking off punks under a bridge. He's a white man with balls who throws down, pisses off the right people and doesn't apologize. When is the last time anyone like that had a legitimate shot at the presidency? If someone is going to spend their own dime to hit the road and speak up for policies that benefit me and are hated by every echelon of the elite, I'll vote for him.

Anonymous said...

"He's a white man with balls who throws down, pisses off the right people and doesn't apologize."

The Bushes, Clinton, Carter, Obama, etc, pissed off plenty of people as well, both the wrong and right ones I'm sure. But I suppose one could say that Trump is the "least worst" of the presidential candidates.

Quartermain said...

"The Bushes were born rich and have used do to do nothing except mass murder people and destroy the U.S."

Not to mention they're close family friends of the Clintons. Pretty much like the rest of the political class. I like what Robert L Kocher said about the Bushes and the Kennedys.

"I wish the leisure rich would find something better with their time than inflict themselves on us through politics."

Bizarro said...

.you people don't know lucky you aM

.both of them are boringly charismatic and monotonously good speakers .jeb bush is grotesquely handsome and effeminately manlY . hillary Clinton is hideously beautiful with a screechyly delightful cacklE

.on bizzarro world, us want our leaders to be weak kneed political time servers more concerned with personal vendettas and private power structures than the problems of government, not allow free debate on vital matters, instead put party unity first above the well being of the people them govern, have no concern for the vital problems of today, have excessive addictions to various drugs and certain sexual practices weirder the better

.sadly them do the exact oppositE

Bizarro said...

.if me lived on your world in your country me would have hard time choosing between the two of theM .them both sure are gooD