Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Women Should Be Taught Not To Murder Their Babies"

I have for many years thought that liberals can't think, just imitate and memorize bad ideas.

I was once told by a woman not too long ago, "Men should be taught not to rape." I did not ask, but suspected she also believed in "rape culture." (I once mentioned to a goofy-brained liberal woman that the only "rape culture" that existed was among blacks, and that about 36,000 white women a year were sexually assaulted by blacks and 0-10 black women by sexually assaulted by white men. That was a fun time.)

So I decided to have some fun with this foolish woman. Here is what I said:

"Women should be taught not to murder their babies."

I knew what the response would be, and I got it:

"Abortion is none of your business!"

Me: "I didn't say abortion, did I?"

Here is where her brains froze, so I pressed on: "Ninety-eight percent of newborns who are murdered in their first week of life are murdered by their mothers."

I got the Denial of Reality that is one of the main characteristics of liberals

"I don't believe that!"

"That's because liberals are like the Cowardly Lion. If you say, 'I wish! I wish!' long and hard enough you think reality changes. If you don't believe what I said, Google it. You're not my kid and I didn't take you to raise. You can do it on your own. You're all grown up, aren't you?"

According to the Center for Disease Control: "Among homicides during the first week of life, 82.6 percent occurred on the day of birth, 9.2 percent on the second day, and 8.2 percent during the remainder of the week...infant homicide [is] probably under-reported."

There is more weirdness involved: "The second highest peak in risk for infant homicide occurs during the eighth week of life and may be due to a caregiver's reaction to an infant's persistent crying. Infant crying duration peaks at six to eight weeks of age."

Don't cry, babies! Your mother just might rub you out!

On a related note, when you look at the distilled wisdom of the human race - folk tales - you'll find children/young women who are the objects of attempted murder by women (in their case, unrelated woman). Take a look at "Hansel and Gretel" ..."Cinderella"..."Sleeping Beauty." In the last two stories, the cruelty was done out of envy.

Now why is it we never hear about any of this? We hear about how women are supposed to be underpaid compared to men (they're not), and this and that and ban bossy, but not a peep about what women do to their infants.

I have always considered women worse than men. Think the myths about Eve and Pandora.

Liberals would rather live in their silly fantasy worlds where they are innocent and self-righteous and everyone else is guilty and evil.

Men in the past never allowed women to vote, because they understood what they would do to society. That is, destroy it. Like annihilating the next generation.

One other thing - you're more likely to be murdered in your first few weeks of life than for the rest of your life. After all, babies can't fight back.


brodie said...

I remember one of my old friends telling me a story from his childhood that I think is very relevant to understanding how bad women can be when left to their own devices.

His younger brother and he were out riding bikes. They were getting ready to cross the street, and when they pressed the pedestrian button, out of the blue a strange woman pulled up in her car and began verbally abusing them. She accused them of trying to break the pedestrian button, and threatened to force them both down to the police station.

According to my friend this crazy woman ranted at them for a good five minutes, pretty much just unloading her anger onto them, until one of their neighbors came along, saw what she was doing, and told her to piss off. He then made sure they were both okay.

They didn't do anything to the pedestrian button, in fact it would take slightly more than two boys to break one of those things with just their hands. This woman simply wanted to terrorize and unload on someone who couldn't really fight back.

I know this is actually a light example - a random woman yelling at a couple of boys doesn't compare to the more extreme examples, but I think this sort of thing is only going to get worse. Years of emotional baggage, things such as drug abuse (prescription and otherwise), and a complete lack of societal restraint will take their toll on women, who will take out their problems on somebody weak, namely children.

And that lack of societal restraint is truly insidious if you think about it. If a strange man is spotted hanging around a local school, he'll be dealt with quite swiftly. However, if a woman were to do the same thing, would anyone bat an eye?

TroperA said...

I had heard once that the rate of infanticide throughout most of human history was 30 percent (even reaching 50 percent in the case of Renaissance Italy.) This is comparable to the rate of abortion in our day and age. Women are apparently hardwired to rub out their own children if said children either interfere with a woman's ability to hook up with a good provider or if they pose a resource-hogging threat to a woman's existing children.

I'd always thought that as human beings, we should strive to overcome our instincts. Instead, we improve technology to the point where we can better rationalize our crimes. ("It's not murder if I kill the baby before it has a chance to develop pain receptors!")

Baloo said...

Dang, you're good. Reprinted and quibcagged here:
Bob Wallace upsets the feminist applecart, knocks the wheels off, and sets fire to the whole stupid thing.

Will S. said...

Don't be that girl!