Wednesday, April 30, 2014

""Shit Tests' Are For Shit"

"The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is that it is robbing the human race, posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth produced by its collision with error." John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859

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The author, as I do, does not believe in "shit tests." It is a concept created by amateurs, not scientists, and is based on "Evo-Psych," which isn't a science and is closer to fairy tales. I can come up with Evo-Psych explanations by the dozens.

I've read more than once it takes five years for a person to change their mind when confronted with the truth. That's a shame, because it really slows down progress. They suffer that oh-so-painful cognitive dissonance and desperately try to hold on to their outmoded worldview with insults and excuses.

There are those who memorize, and there are those who think. I don't see much overlap.

"Man creates and woman destroys. These characteristics are demonstrated in everyday life. Firstly look at stable male-headed families, secondly look at chaotic single-mother families, or businesses headed by women, or even women in the army; destruction, entropy is what women excel at. It's part of their nature, to degrade, to debase, to destroy. This is not a value judgement, I'm not saying that women are inherently evil and stand in direct opposition to goodness. This is an observation, like saying that rocks fall down hill because of gravity, or biological material decays because entropy. Entropy, death, has it's uses (like a burning forest fire that clears out the dead wood), but only as a servant to life, to goodness (or call it what you will; if entropy/death ruled over life then we'd never be able to evolve, to progress either genetically as a species, or memetically as a culture. Quite frankly, if Entropy ruled 'over' Life, then we'd all be in the shit!

"So what are Shit Tests supposed to be?

"Click here for the PUA definition. According to the PUAs who coined the term they are an evolutionary tool used by women to determine the fitness of male partners for purposes of reproduction. Basically if a man fails a shit test by a woman then he WON'T be allowed to breed with that woman. Now this concept has two obvious problems:

"1 - Women DO NOT choose the best sexual partners to breed with. Ask yourself this: do women fantasize over genetically mediocre pop-stars or genetically superior (both in body and brains) astronauts? Clearly Pop Stars are more popular (hence the term 'pop') than astronauts. I'm pretty sure that astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong didn't had as many groupies as pop stars Mick Jagger, or Robbie Williams.

"Now you may say that 'Women choose pop stars because they follow the herds choice' in which case I must ask 'How do women then determine what fitness is?'. If they are incapable of determining fitness, if they are reliant on the views of others to determine what fitness is, the views of other women, who are in turn dependent on views of other women, then how can women use Shit Tests as a tool for choosing a fit mate? It's not possible, because women are unable to determine what fitness is in the first place. In short: Women don't know what fitness is, so they cannot construct a test to determine who a fit mate is.

"2 - Women's general behaviour towards other women shows that Shit Tests are not just used against men whom they want to breed with: there is lots of catty behaviour, 'bitching', sarcasm, all of which are exactly like the behaviour described in Shit Tests. Does this mean that women are Shit Testing other women? That they really want to get some hard-core lesbo action? That they want to wack-in a double-ended dildo and go at it like the proverbial rabbits? No, of course it doesn't. Women don't Shit Test other women to determine if they are genetically 'Fit' partners, because you can't produce offspring with a woman and a woman; you need a man and a woman to have children. So you see that women’s behaviour towards other women demonstrates that Shit Tests are nothing to do with Genetic Fitness at all.

"If you think that all the activities, behavioural traits, of women are good all of the time including the behaviour that is seen as Shit Testing, then you are simply mistaken, and are going to suffer because of it. You’ll suffer because you'll end up perceiving negative female behaviour as something positive, and that's definitely no good thing.

"Instead of seeing the various types of female behaviour as 'a good thing' see them as a bad thing, and be prepared to deal with them accordingly. Simon Sheppard has an excellent list of female behaviours at his site which is an excellent list of behavioural traits."


Quartermain said...


Here is a blog you might find of interest:

especially the top article.

Unknown said...

Good blog, think I'll put it in my blogroll. The top article about hero worship? Good article.

AAB said...

Hey, thanks for the re-blog and the link. The more people that know 'shit tests' are bunk the better. Especially the younger guys who have a hard enough time as it is figuring out the tactics of the female sex. They don't need more specious nonsense thrown in their faces.

BTW, I found your site via Vulture of Critique.

Unknown said...

They've run across easy, simple-minded concepts by Roissy and Vox Day and it feeds their egos by thinking so many women are shit-testing them it convinces them they're Alphas.