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George Gilder Was, and Is, a Moron

"Gilder bought the conservative political monthly magazine "The American Spectator" from its founder, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., in the summer of 2000, switching the magazine's focus from politics to technology. Experiencing his own financial problems in 2002, Gilder sold the Spectator back to Tyrrell." - Wikipedia

George Gilder wrote Wealth and Poverty and had an undue influence on the Reagan administration. I read some of his books and thought, this guy just doesn't get it. He clearly is a wimp, or to use a far more inaccurate term (which will disappear in the long run), a "Beta."

Better yet, he's a pussy...pussy-whipped.

Under "wimp" in the dictionary

He wrote some more retarded books about how to make millions off of his version of advanced technology. He was wrong and lost all this money.

The following is a chapter from the book, The Garbage Generation and is available for download at the site Fisheaters

It is written by Daniel Amneus. Clearly he has "taken the Red Pill" (another dumbass phrase that will disappear).

"'The crucial process of civilization,' says George Gilder, 'is the subordination of male sexual impulses and biology to the long- term horizons of female sexuality. The overall sexual behavior of women in the modern world differs relatively little from the sexual life of women in primitive societies. It is male behavior that must be changed to create a civilized order.'

"Untrue. There is a striking difference in the behavior of males in civilized and in primitive societies--the difference between motivated, productive, stable males in the former and disruptive or idle or macho or narcissistic drones, or at best hunters and warriors, in the latter. However the most essential difference between the two societies is one less conspicuous but more pivotal: In the civilized society the females accept the regulation of their sexuality on the basis of the Sexual Constitution--monogamous marriage, the Legitimacy Principle, the double standard and female loyalty and chastity; in the primitive society the females reject sexual regulation and embrace the Promiscuity Principle, a woman's right to control her own sexuality. The female behavior is more basic, since it determines whether the males can be motivated to accept a stable and productive lifestyle. The key issue is not, as Gilder imagines, whether men can be induced to accept the Sexual Constitution which he imagines women try to impose, but whether women themselves can be induced to accept it. What causes women in civilized society to accept it is the knowledge that the economic and status rewards bestowed by patriarchal civilization can be obtained in no other way.

"Sexual regulation may take unsubtle forms--enforced wearing of veils and chadors, the confinement of women to gynecia, mutilation of female sexual organs, wearing of chastity belts and so forth. In more sophisticated societies the control is internalized and leads to feminist complaints such as the following from Peggy Morgan:

"'We're really out of control of our sexuality when we see our desires as dirty and troublesome....This leaves us open to being controlled from the outside--letting others (especially men) convince us that we want what they want us to want.'

"Here, from John Dollard's Caste and Class in a Southern Town, is an example of such manipulative regulation 'from the outside'-- males persuading females that they are really regulating themselves:

"'One of the rituals of the university dances is that of a fraternity of young blades entitled the Key-Ice. During the intermission the lights are turned out and these men march in carrying flaming brands. At the end of the procession four acolytes attend a long cake of ice. Wheeled in on a cart it glimmers in the torches' flare. Then the leader, mounted on a table in the center of the big gymnasium, lifts a glass cup of water and begins a toast that runs: 'To Woman, lovely woman of the Southland, as pure and as chaste as this sparkling water, as cold as this gleaming ice, we lift this cup, and we pledge our hearts and our lives to the protection of her virtue and chastity.'

"For 'protection' Peggy Morgan would (correctly) read enforcing.

"There can be no civilization without the regulation of female sexuality. As Dr. Gerda Lerner says in discussing the creation of the system of patriarchal civilization, 'The [ancient] state had an essential interest in the maintenance of the patriarchal family....Women's sexual subordination was institutionalized in the earliest law codes and enforced by the full power of the state. Women's cooperation in the system was secured by various means: force, economic dependency on the male head of the family, class privileges bestowed upon conforming and dependent women of the upper classes, and the artificially created division of women into respectable and non-respectable women.' Dr. Lerner's wording acknowledges the fact, unrecognized by Gilder, that the Sexual Constitution is a male idea imposed upon females. 'Social and ethnological facts,' says Robert Briffault,

"'...afford no evidence that the influence of woman has ever been exercised in the direction of extending sexual restrictions and tabus, and of imposing chastity on men....Feminine morality consists in unquestioning assent to established estimates and usages....Feminine conservatism defends polygamy and sexual freedom as staunchly as it does monogamy and morality.'

"What is true of the Sexual Constitution is true of civilization itself:

"'Those achievements which constitute what, in the best sense, we term civilization [says Briffault] have taken place in societies organized on patriarchal principles; they are for the most part the work of men. Women have had little direct share in them.'

"Precisely the opposite of Gilder's view that 'civilization evolved through the subordination of male sexual patterns--the short-term cycles of tension and release--to the long-term female patterns.' 'In creating civilization,' says Gilder,

"'...women transform male lust into love; channel male wanderlust into jobs, homes, and families; link men to specific children; rear children into citizens; change hunters into fathers, divert male will to power into a drive to create. Women conceive the future that men tend to fell; they feed the children that men ignore.'

"Why, if so, didn't civilization precede patriarchy and the regulation of female sexuality? This regulation was the precondition enabling males to create stable families from which they could not be expelled. The earlier matriarchal pattern is this: 'The women are not obliged to live with their husbands any longer than suits their pleasure or conscience....' In such a society women, including married women, are sexually autonomous and the men can do nothing about it. That's the way women prefer things. When Ann Landers asked her female readers whether they would, if they had the chance over again, make the decision to become mothers, 70 percent said no. Alexandre Dumas, in Les Femmes Qui Tuent, writes that a distinguished Roman Catholic priest had told him that eighty out of one hundred women who married told him afterwards that they regretted it. These women were not trying to impose the Sexual Constitution upon men; they were trying to escape from its control over their own lives. 'In the most primitive human societies,' says Briffault,

"'...there is nothing equivalent to the domination which, in advanced societies, is exercised by individuals, by classes, by one sex over the other. The notion of such a domination is entirely foreign to primitive humanity; the conception of authority is not understood. The ultimate basis of the respective status of the sexes in advanced patriarchal societies is the fact that women, not being economically productive, are economically dependent, whereas the men exercise economic power both as producers and as owners of private property....The development of durable private property, of wealth, the desire of the constitutionally predatory male to possess it and to transmit it to his descendants, are, in fact, the most common causes of the change from matriarchal to patriarchal institutions.'

"In primitive societies the loose bonds of matrimony permit much sexual freedom and women outside of these loose bonds enjoy total promiscuity. Briffault again:

"'...In all uncultured societies, where advanced retrospective claims have not become developed, and the females are not regularly betrothed or actually married before they have reached the age of puberty, girls and women who are not married are under no restrictions as to their sexual relations, and are held to be entirely free to dispose of themselves as they please in that respect. To that rule there does not exist any known exception.'

"No exceptions. Women are promiscuous unless male-created social arrangements compel or induce them to be otherwise. The truth about the creation of civilization is the opposite of what Gilder imagines it to be. Despite his belief that 'greater sexual control and discretion--more informed and deliberate sexual powers- -are displayed by women in all societies known to anthropology,' American women are today more adulterous than their husbands. 77 percent of the female readers of 'Glamour' magazine approve of women having children out of wedlock."

If you want to read the rest (it's very long) click HERE.


Ballista74 said...

Of interest to most of those in men's issues, this same George Gilder wrote a book called "Sexual Suicide", whose thoughts were picked up James Dobson, and no doubt countless others. I recount that here. I always suspected George Gilder was off about his views, but reading just a little of this tells me that "moron" more than adequately covers it.

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Male chauvinist pig! You're just a sexist racist homophobic violence against womyn teabagger who supports white supremist hetropatriarchy that oppresses womyn!

Bob, do you know what today is? That's right, HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!!!! I hope my impersonation of a radical feminist was convincing.

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Har har! You don't know the half of how evil I am!