Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Women Cannot Survive Without Men to Provide For and Protect Them

"An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline.” - The Fate of Empires, Sir John Glubb

Men created nearly everything in the world. A few women did, but they are outliers and often look masculine. This happened not because of thousands of years of "prejudice" and "oppression" because because men and women have different brains, hormones...all the stuff.

This means women are 100% dependent on men to provide for and protect them. It's why when women talk about being "strong" and "independent" they are nothing of the sort. This braggadocio and self-delusion is why I smile when I hear such things. Actually, when they say things like that I ask them to change the oil in my car, or the transmission fluid and filter...or even change a tire. Fat chance.

What educated women want are easy, indoor high-paying jobs. Those who are not schooled often end up in minimum-wage jobs, on various kinds of welfare - and schooled women throw them under bus. Are they mentors and models to them? Nope? Under the bus they go.

It's got to the point that women, by law, are hired over men. Some think this is funny (what is this, revenge because of utterly imaginary "prejudice"?) but when they look for a husband they find he has withdrawn (Men Going Their Own Way) or became a predator (PUAs) and, as is wont for many women, they blame their problems on men instead of looking in the mirror.

All societies have been patriarchal. There have been no matriarchal societies. Unfortunately, there is pretty close to one in black culture, and it's an utter catastrophe. In some degree it exists in white culture - enforced by law - and it, too, is turning into a catastrophe. As Samuel Johnson wrote, "Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little."

He also wrote, "Where there is no education, as in savage countries, men will have the upper hand of women. Bodily strength, no doubt, contributes to this; but it would be so, exclusive of that; for it is mind that always governs. When it comes to dry understanding, man has the better." (This isn't true in all cases, but most).

Women usually destroy a field when there are too many of them in it...fields that men established and maintained. Women destroy it, for one reason, because they want to change it to suit themselves...and then men leave. Think what the skank Adria Richards did in the software field...although what she did got her nasty half-breed ass fired.

Another reason is that almost all men are more rational than women (Johnson's "dry understanding") whereas women are run by their feelings and - civilization is not run on feelings...again I refer to the skank I mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

The future isn't too hard to predict. One, when you get a bunch of women together it's almost always turns into a petty, backstabbing clusterfuck unless men put a stop to it (and I've had to do it) Just look at where there are too many women - such as the catastrophes known as the public schools.

Marriage rates are going to continues to go down, with men withdrawing or becoming predators. And it doesn't help at all with men being denied high-paying jobs, since it leads to the inability to form a family due to poverty.

This means birth rates are going to collapse, as they are doing now. That means societal collapse. We're not going to be replace by non-whites, since they automatically a clusterfuck since they are Third Worlders. They're be at each others' throats, just as they are now.

So the more successful will move to states populated by people like them, Then, of course, the screw-ups will attempt to move there, begging for scraps as they are doing now.

It almost looks as if our "culture" is trying to destroy love...a sense of the transcendent. That's what happens in war...and do we not have different kinds of war going on?

In the long run, I expect the U.S. to fracture among ethnic lines. I expect the states to fracture, too.

Whatever is going to happen, it's going to be interesting. Not fun...but interesting.

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outsider said...

Women are simply too refined and elegant to become the obsessive compulsive focusers able to change society.