Saturday, April 5, 2014

Not Afraid of Rejection...Just Insults

When I was in college I was in a bar where I saw a man ask for a woman's phone number. "I'm sorry," she said, "I'm engaged. Otherwise, yes I would." She even showed him her ring finger.

Now as to whether or not she was engaged, or just wearing the ring to ward off unwanted attention, I do not know. But I was impressed that she said that if she was not engaged, she would have given him her number. Perhaps it was just to make him feel better, but it was clever.

Now compare this to the time I was sitting in a study room. A woman I vaguely knew was sitting in the chair on my right side. (I can't remember how I knew her, but I remember I didn't like her very much.)

I saw some guy come up to her and begin to talk to her. He was way too eager, praised her too much, told her how wonderful she was and how much he really liked her. Even at 21 I knew he was doing it wrong. Apparently he didn't realize he was better-looking than her, or maybe he really did like her. God knows why.

After he left, I heard her sigh, "Thank God." Meaning, thank God he left. She said it loudly, and since we were the only two within 15 feet, it was obvious she said it for my benefit.

I looked at her and said, "You are a stupid ugly fucking cunt, and you disgust me."

Her mouth dropped open and she got up and left.

I did think, though, that at least she didn't insult him to his face. I had seen that.

After watching for years, I realized most men aren't particularly afraid of being rejected by women (as long as it doesn't happen over and over, which I have seen); they're afraid of being insulted over and over.

One of my friends told that once in a bar he asked a woman to dance, and she told him, "You're about a foot too short." He got this more than once. He was stood up, had women flake in the middle of dates, and told me about a woman he had met: "I saw the disappointment in her eyes when she saw me."

I also knew another guy who was turned down ten times in a row when he asked women to dance. At least he wasn't insulted, although being turned down ten times in a row is an insult. He also had the worst self-image I had ever seen.

These weren't "shit tests" or any of that nonsense. These were nasty, bullying women. And those who bully can dish it out but can't take it. That's why I've cursed such women more than once, and in every case they fled my presence and never talked to me again. Mission accomplished.

Those who try to humiliate others can be easily humiliated themselves.

The best I ever saw was a German woman who danced with every man who asked. "It's just a dance," she told me. And notice she was foreign.

Really, that's all it is. Just a dance. Not an opportunity to insult and humiliate someone. Because, after all, as my mother once told me, "What goes around comes around."


Quartermain said...

The harpy in the library is probably working in HR now.

Quartermain said...


Here is an article to peruse for your pleasure...

Unknown said...

I have found when enough women work together it's a clusterfuck.