Monday, April 15, 2013

Paranoid Voodoo Killers

"Being the herd animals they are, haters’ weapons against you all boil down to trying to psychologically out-group you." - Matt Forney

Some years ago a woman I know got divorced from her husband when he developed late-onset paranoid schizophrenia. She thought he might hurt her, so they divorced. To her surprise many women ostracized her and were mean to her. She did not understand why.

I told her they considered her bad luck and if they didn't ostracize and treat her cruelly they thought her "bad luck" might rub off on them. Stupid, primitive and paranoid, yes, but it does happen. It's like they treated her as if she was a witch.

I had forgotten about my friend's problems until I read about Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17 year old Canadian girl who was sexually assaulted by some boys while she was blind drunk. They filmed it and put it on the Internet.

If that wasn't bad enough, her female "friends," some of whom had known her for years, went from being her "friends" to viciously attacking her as a slut, even though she was the victim. Her attackers thought her "bad luck" might rub off on them. What they did is the modern equivalent of making a voodoo doll of her and sticking pins in it, except that with modern technology their attack did work.

Shamed and humiliated beyond endurance, Rehtaeh killed herself. Not because of the attack by these boys, but the attack by her female "friends."

If I had ended up blind drunk in college or high school, stripped naked by girls who then filmed it, I would have been annoyed but not humiliated. The guys would have razzed me, because that is what guys do. It isn't even personal.

If anything, I'd go after the girls who did it to me. But then, maybe not, since I would be the idiot who got blind stinking drunk - which I have never done. But I would not be ostracized by the guys. I would, however, expect the girls to snigger. I'd probably just grin at them, grab my crotch and shake my junk at them. That's the way you handle these kinds of girls: you laugh at them and don't take them seriously.

Some years ago I read an article that said in wartime women were not allowed to torture the enemy to gain information. They enjoyed it too much. I wasn't surprised.

Something else: this was a gang of girls who attacked Rehtaeh. Not one girl, but a gang.

Carl Jung pointed out, quite correctly, that women's greatest flaw is that they think they are always right. Unless they overcome that flaw, they can never be happy.

Even a gang of girls is going to think they are always right, as is clearly shown in the above video. These girls have no understanding whatsoever they are in the wrong.

Crowds are bad enough because the don't have any brains (only individuals have brains) but a gang of girls not only doesn't have any brains, they can be downright evil. And not even know it. Worse than that, the think what they are doing is right.

When you get a mob, the people in it are never going to accept responsibility for their actions and always find someone to scapegoat and sacrifice. To do this, the sacrifice has to be considered bad ("bad luck) first ostracized, then killed.

Conclusion: any society in which women gain too much political power will be a society is which gangs of women stick pins into whomever they define as their enemy, in order to destroy them because they consider them bad luck. What they will do, however, is destroy themselves.

Sound familiar? Sure it does. I don't even have to explain, do I?

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