Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Accusation of Sexual Harassment

Some years ago, at another job, my boss told me one of the women there claimed I was sexually harassing her. He told me who she was. I was surprised, because she was the only woman there I was friends with.

The claim didn't make any sense to me. The first thing that occurred to me is that she thought we were romantically involved and that I had rejected her. We had eaten lunch a few times and attended a few public relation events. But I had never asked her out.

My first impressions tend to be true but I still had a hard time believing what occurred to me.

Another a year later I had another job. My boss there told me one day a women he had worked with in another department claimed he had sexually harassed her. Specifically she claimed he had offered her five dollars for sex.

My friend's boss, who told him about the accusation, just laughed it off. The woman was clearly a joke.

It turned out, not surprisingly, my friend had dated this girl one time.

I told my boss what had happened to me and that I thought this girl had a crush on me. I told him I thought this girl had a crush on him. "That's what my father told me," he said, surprised.

Maybe that old saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" is true. Many have the bizarre belief it is okay for them to reject a guy but cannot believe it when a guy rejects them.

I'm also reminded of something I read years ago: "There are some women who think a walk on the beach is a marriage proposal."

Later my ex-boss moved to another job, after which I lost track of him. A few years later I ran across a woman we both knew, and she told me he had been fired by his female boss....because he did not want to get involved with her.

The problem with taking sexual harassment charges seriously is that most of them are not. I suppose some guys get these claims because the women may not like him, such as in this skit.

But others may be because the women do like him, as what happened to my friend. So the best thing to do is not talk to any women you work with, except in a completely professional manner. And even then that may not work...as what happened to my friend when he did not want to get involved with his boss.

Men are starting to realize women don't work out all that much in the workplace. A tipping point for this might have been when Adria Richards(and let's remember she's a dog, which probably has something to do with it) claimed two guys behind her were talking about "forking" and "dongles." She had no proof whatsoever except her word.

One guy got fired, but so did Richards. And thank God for it.

If every woman is fired who makes a false sexual harassment claim, the problem would resolve itself fast.

As it stands now, it's better just to not hire women at all, or talk to as few as possible.

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