Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Find Out if ADHD is a Real Disorder

It's very simple.

Close down the public schools.

If ADHD goes away, it's not a real "disease." It's the schools that are the disease.

Another way is to get rid of almost all female teachers. They're the ones hallucinating boys have ADHD because they don't act like little girls.

ADHD didn't exist when I was a kid, because we had male teachers who let us for outside for recess - which kids should have at least once, maybe twice a day.

Were I student today, I would be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder without Hyperactivity (aka "daydreaming"). I was bored with school, which is a combination of prison/daycare/military school.

I learned a lot more on my own, wandering around on weekends looking at toads and wild bamboo and snakes swimming in the local lake. And checking out books on history in the library. Oddly (I being ironic here) I didn't have ADD outside of school.

I've also found I can concentrate better after a lot of physical activity. It calms me down and I feel more peaceful and focused.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree with that. ADHD is just round pegs not fitting in square holes. Sitting at a desk all day is hardly what most humans have done through history. Lots of non-studious boys hate school its no wonder they play up so much.

They blame it on all sorts of ghosts and goblins but this kid I know is just lacking proper masculine leadership. He's physically more mature than most, but poor academically. He'd be better off working as a labourer for some solid old school tradesmen. Being phsically active with men who won't take any shit off him and who he thereby respects.

Im guessing the biggest buzz he gets out of school is that he knows teachers are scared of him. Given most of them are women or "sappy" men.

Anonymous said...

read the horror stories of parrents of devil children,i included eric cartman. i think that it is time for a postmodern approach to children that are rowdy and may raise hell.

consider these 98% people

i blame the schools for not being smarter. gen ed majors suck.

if monkeys can be taught to cook by anthropologists what is so tuff about human children? their minds are sponges they should be taught by anthropologists and gen ed majors should teach monekeys, and/or have one off days where they switch monkeys for children. don't get me wrong i love my adderall but danged if that monkey wasnt cooking! gen ed majors suck and they will continue to suck until the american public demands that they under go primate training of some sort.