Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clearing up Some of the Worst Confusions in the Manosphere

One of the more amusing - and actually pathetic - things I have read in the Manosphere is that mass murderer Tamerlan Tsarnaev was "an Alpha."

As I have pointed out before, there are no Alphas. The term applies to canines, and refers to the Alpha couple, which was the only ones that bred, to limit the number of puppies born.

You can of course apply the concept to people, but words - and concepts - are not reality. To say that human Alphas exist does not mean they do. Words and concepts have to have clear, specific definitions. Otherwise they can mean anything, which means they mean nothing. The concept of "Alpha" has so many definitions it means nothing.

The map is not the terrain. The same applies to the concepts in our heads. They're models of reality. The closer they conform to reality the better they work. Since the concept of "Alpha" is a poor model it doesn't work very well. If fact, it's such a poor model no one can agree on what it means!

Philosophically, this is a problem known as "concepts and their referents." What exactly do mental concepts refer to? Is an Alpha a good-looking, confident, wealthy guy who gets a lot of women? Tameran was good-looking but that was it.

As for devoting your life to fucking women, I know guys who count is about 100 women. Every one of them has ruined his life. Every one of them wishes he could do his life over. Every one of them is a liar and a coward. The old term "cad" applies to them. Not "Alpha." (One of these men told me, "I finally got a taste of my own medicine.")

As for Tamerlan, he was on welfare, and was supported by his American wife while he took care of their child at home. He was unemployed. (Both brothers were dubbed "losers" by their own uncle.)

Some "Alpha."

He also was a mass murderer who killed innocent people, including women and children.

Some "Alpha."

Instead of believing in delusions about non-existent Alphas, let's apply some age-old wisdom. The Four Cardinal Virtues.

I'll first point out all four of them are interrelated; if you don't have one you don't have any of them.

Bravery is one of the Four Cardinal Virtues. Any man who sets off bombs in a crowd and mass-murders innocent men and women is not a brave man.

Prudence is another one of the Four Cardinal Virtues. Tamerlan lived on welfare and off of his wife. Not very prudent, I said.

The Third: Justice. Murder of innocent people and mooching off the government and his wife. That's justice?

The fourth cardinal virtue is Self-Control. How much self-control does a man have when he quits everything he tries? Boxing and school, for two examples.

I see nothing admirable whatsoever in Tamerlan's character. The more confused in the Manosphere think he's an "Alpha" because he married a ditzy insecure American woman who converted to Islam. That's scant evidence to support claims of Alphadom.

Thinkers in the past have covered these concerns in detail. That's how they discovered the Four Cardinal Virtues, which are not religion but good practical wisdom on how to lead a successful and happy life.

Obviously Tamerlan did not lead a successful and happy life. He was a weakling, a poseur and a loser who used bluster in place of confidence and competence. Otherwise he would not have done what he did.


Retrenched said...

The word "alpha" as commonly used in the 'sphere basically means "attractive to women". That's it. It has nothing to do with how successful or good a man is; only how many panties he is able to moisten. By that standard, the Tsarnev (sp) brothers are (or were in the elder's case) clearly alpha.

If little bro. were somehow set free he could pull enough ass to make a rock star jealous.

Does that make him good? Respectable? A hero? A leader of men? No, no, no, and fuck no.

Does it make him alpha in the Roissyan sense? Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

His uncle was right. He and his brother were losers. They couldn't even pull off a very impressive terrorist attack in the midst of unarmed liberal sheeple who sh** themselves at encountering their own shadows.

If you judge them just by their Islamic militarism, and none of the other loser-y facts of their lives, they're losers.

There's no reason why they couldn't have killed at least 500 libs in Boston if they weren't total f***ups.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts. Straight up and no nonsense, backed by life experience. Thanks.

Wyowanderer said...

Thank you for challenging the bullshit about this loser. I read about his being "Alpha" as well, and was sickened that a loser such as this would be praised in any way.

Unknown said...

'The word "alpha" as commonly used in the 'sphere basically means "attractive to women".'

It means a lot more than that.