Monday, May 9, 2016

The Hell with the Talking Heads/Chattering Classes

I have a degree in Journalism. Specifically, Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism. I wish I hadn't gotten it. Even in college I was surprised with the stupidity, ignorance and arrogance of the average journalist. I didn't think most of them were like that. Turns out they were - and still are.

We used to refer to those who read the news on TV as "meat puppets."

Newspapers are dropping like flies, left and right. I predicted it 30 years ago. The three newspapers I worked on are now out of business. They were run by morons.

I had one good boss (who left the field a long time ago). The rest? Incompetents.

Newspapers never tell the truth. They're afraid of losing their advertising, which is what supports them. People on the internet don't care. Only the bigger sites have major advertising.

I make about a thousand dollars a year off of the internet. I don't need it. It's gas and cigars and dog food. And because of that I can say what want on my blog.

Many journalists think they are smarter, more knowledgeable and more moral than the average inbred Flyover Land troglodyte, whom to them are just expendable cannon fodder (I've known more than one guy killed - including one I went to high school with and was killed as a helicopter pilot during the invasion of Grenada - or horribly mangled in combat, including one paralyzed from the neck down at age 19. And for what? Nothing.).

I should have paid more attention to Nixon and Watergate, but I was what? 15? 16? I didn't care (a political 16-year-old can't be right in the head). But it turns out the press just hated Nixon. They always hated him and were orgasmic when they brought him down and he had to resign. They never considered him a legitimate President anyway. That fact that the dumbass inbred troglodytes did just proved to them how they shouldn't be allowed to vote anyway and should instead be ruled by the Self-Anointed.

The media hates Trump, and if he wins (and I think he will) the media is going to spend the next four years trying to bring him down in any way they can (Pauline Kael once wrote she didn't understand Nixon being elected because all her East Coast leftwing friends were voting for McGovern).

I'm sure Trump fully understands this hatred of him by the media.

Hillary Clinton, who truly is a corrupt monster, doesn't get a fraction of the criticism Trump gets from the media. The media would rather have her be President, which is why they are saying she is way ahead in the polls and will slaughter Trump in the election.

Personally I think Trump will mangle her, the way Nixon took 49 states to McGovern's one.

I am not the slightest bit concerned with what any well-known economist or Talking Head thinks about Trump. I put my opinion above theirs. I always have.

George Will? Paul Krugman? Thomas Sowell? John McCain? For all practical purposes all of them are now doddering senile old fools. I don't care what any of them think about Trump or anything else. Why should anyone else?

Who cares that both Bushes refused to endorse Trump and instead endorsed Clinton? Do they really think anyone cares what they think, especially after that inbred idiot Dubya Shrub invaded two innocent countries and is a war criminal responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people? What sort of complete fantasy world do these morons live in?

When did journalists get this ignorant and stupid? When they were required to get college degrees instead of working their way up like Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter? When they got on TV, which I'm sure went straight to their heads? Perhaps both?

Rush Limbaugh, who isn't stupid and actually understands the appeal of Trump, never even graduated college. What good is college at all for someone who wants to be a newspaperman? It isn't, in the slightest.

They should start at the bottom and work their way up. It should be like that for all jobs.

The media and academia babbles about Trump's economic policies. WTF? Wages stopped going up in January, 1974. Our government has allowed businesses to send all our wealth and knowledge to China, allowing them to arm themselves against us. And now the government is spending hundreds of billions trying to contain them???

The "elites" don't know what they what they doing. And Trump is going to make things worse? Exactly how?

All of this is based on my decades of experience with these morons.


Anonymous said...

Is the power and influence of Jews underestimated or ignored in journalism and government?:

Anonymous said...

"Personally I think Trump will mangle her, the way Nixon took 49 states to McGovern's one."

I dunno; a lot of likely voters- especially the older white people who bolster the GOP- still get their news exclusively from the TV talking heads, and think he's the devil incarnate. Right now, it's clearly Mrs. Clinton's race to lose by a wide margin, though Mr. Trump will probably do somewhat better than polls predict (because lots of people who plan to vote for him won't admit it).

Still, she's so incompetent and unlikeable, it's not impossible that she'd score a bunch of "own goals" on the campaign trail (even assuming she stays out of prison). Her husband's former golf buddy is also the only GOPer who understands her weaknesses well enough to exploit them- when they debate, rest assured that he's going for the jugular. RubiCruzSich would have run a clean, respectable, gentlemanly campaign- and lost miserably like Sen. McCain in 08, who refused to beat Sen. Obama over the head with Reverend Wright.

A Clinton victory won't be completely disastrous, though. She'll get the blame for the upcoming recession (already on its way) and the violent third-world spongers that flood the southern border after she declares a flagrantly illegal amnesty. And the best part is that all of the mainstream GOP talking heads will be impotent to criticize her, because they'll all have given her their endorsement. Mr. Trump will be proven right, and hopefully someone more polished, less brash, and less impulsive will take up his mantle in 2020.

sth_txs said...

Trump has a number of bad ideas if implemented, would make things worse, but we do need a criminal Congress to go along with it no matter who wins. He also has some good ideas or thoughts about some things. Putting America first and maybe making friends with Putin are not horrible ideas.

I may just vote for him just to see the libtard left and scumbag neo cons go ape shit over it. Hell, Governor Moonbeam says he would like to build a wall around CA (hey, where can I donate) and a number leftarded Hollywood types with more money than sense said they would leave. What's wrong with that?

Unknown said...

"I dunno; a lot of likely voters- especially the older white people who bolster the GOP- still get their news exclusively from the TV talking heads"

Every older voter I know - including lifelong Democrats - are voting for Trump.

As I said before, both parties have been pissing on this country for 40 years and telling us it's raining lemonade. People have wised up.

Glen Filthie said...

Good grief! Chelsea and Bill are going to vote for Trump!

Bob is right on the money with this. Consider feminism (just one of many serious problems created by the Donks): they've gotten away with it this long because they have been able to direct the vast majority of damage at conservatives and republicans. Unfortunately (for the Donks) weaponized feminism has boomeranged on them. Liberal men are being sacrificed to The Vagina in droves now...and liberal women have sons, fathers and husbands getting burned by it too. Hillary is promising more and while that plays well to the lickspittles in the press and the Republican Establishment - for the working man this is serious business that can very possibly cost him his job, his home and potentially his family. Throw in the other liberal birds coming home to roost: the queers and gender benders want access to your kids: not only in the courtroom and the class room - but the bathroom as well. Add in the economic incompetence, the illegals and all the rest of the shite the Donks have been dolling out - I can see a landslide coming.

That is, of course, subject to the usual caveats and disclaimers. If Trump can keep his nose clean and has no corpses or skeletons that we don't know about - the election is his to win or lose and the press can't do a damned thing about it. Not even other leftists trust the media anymore.

How in hell are you making a thousand bucks off your blog, Bob? So far mine has gotten me kicked in the balls, gang raped by some fat ugly lesbians, and fired out of a cannon...what's your secret???

Anonymous said...

A Journalist, by etymology, is 'one who keeps a journal'. What is a journal, these days? A blog.

Similarly, the "freedom of the press' is not that large companies called "The Press" should be "free". It is that citizens may press - print and publish - whatever they darn well like. It meant, in Ye Olde Times, printing and handing out pamphlets. These days, well - you keep a blog.

Bloggers are today's Journalists. And the good bits of Journalism courses are probably still relevant - there's nuggets hidden in all the shit.

Unknown said...

I make my money on the internet by people clicking on the ads on my blog and also buying things from Amazon.

It'd taken me ten years to get there.

Mike said...

Bob said...

Rush Limbaugh, who isn't stupid and actually understands the appeal of Trump, never even graduated college.

Milo Yionnopolous, assistant editor (or something) at Breitbart, also dropped out of Cambridge University and he's a Trump supporter. (And a convervative anti-feminist to boot). I'm starting to think that university (college in the USA) is just an extension of school, inasmuch as it's just about rote learning, and then parroting what the teacher said when the end-of-year exams come around. There's no real original creative thought at all. Well, not for the undergraduates anyway.

Dusty Meckelford said...

Mike, you do realize that Milo is homosexual, right?

Unknown said...

"Milo is homosexual,"

I tell people he's my favorite fag, unlike that fag Barry Soetero.