Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No One Gives a Damn About Trump's Flaws

Donald Trump is certainly flawed. He's declared bankruptcy four times and is well-known for stiffing his subcontractors and suppliers (he pays them but waits until the last minute).

Guess what? No one cares. Because these things don't affect them.

The Mainstream Media/Talking Heads/Chattering Classes can attack Trump all they want, but it hasn't (and won't) do any good. For one thing, 80% of people are ruled by their feelings and therefore are not rational (that's Pareto's 80/20 Law, which has been proven over and over and over).

Muslims? No more immigration and kick out most of them (Poland, for example, has no Muslims and therefore no terrorism, and that's the end of that argument).

"Free trade" and "globalism"? Renegotiate those horrible anti-American deals to favor us.

Our interfering in the Middle East, which has done no good whatsover and has cost thousands of American lives and lost billions and billions of dollars? Pull out our troops.

Trump is the only candidate who's said these things, and that is why so many people are voting for him. They don't care about anything else about him.

The Republican party (and the Democrats for that matter) do not understand how angry Americans are. The only thing they'll understand is losing their elections, the way the senile anti-American John McClain is on the verge of losing his.

And that is why I want both parties destroyed, along with the Bush and Clinton crime families. It'd be good for America.

No, not good. Great!


Quartermain said...

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Anonymous said...

"The Republican party (and the Democrats for that matter) do not understand how angry Americans are."

Angry?? Are you kidding me. I'm hearing from so many on how angry they are that I'm considering a Guillotine sharpening business. I see opportunity and pounce.

Enkidu said...

"Poland, for example, has no Muslims and therefore no terrorism, and that's the end of that argument".

Actually, they have a very small population of Lipka Tatars- Central-Asian Muslims who settled in Poland during the early 14th century. They have been totally cut off from the rest of the Muslim world and have been comfortably living amongst Christians for over six hundred years, though, so they're a very different breed of Muslim from the Arabs, Pakistanis, and Africans, and it doesn't affect your sound argument. They don't even look all that physically different from Poles, though some have slightly Asian-looking features- Charles Bronson was partly descended from them, which is why he could play an Indian half-breed in Western films.

A.B. Prosper said...

Walmart also does the last minute but always pay thing. Its a standard operating practice in many businesses these days.

Yep, no one cares about Trump's failures.

In any case, its not like the USG isn't insolvent or can control its spending. If we lived in a different America, 85% White including children , healthy, vital with a robust economy and a balanced budget , Trump wouldn't be necessary and his failures might actually matter.

Now? He is just the man for the job, nationalist and patriotic with the added benefit that even if he fails, we win.

Glen Filthie said...


I LIKE the fact that when the PC Weiner Gang starts mouthing off about racists, homophobes and bigots - Trump tells them to FOAD and says what he thinks. His detractors are so utterly indoctrinated into PC that when Trump tells them to shove it - all they can do is gawp like fish out of water or shriek the same BS they've always done - only louder. They are dumbfounded when all that brings back from the electorate is derisive laughter. He is going to murder Hillary the same way he did his rivals in the race for the nomination.

He won't deliver on any of it - but at least the conversations have started and that is a good thing. A lot of this PC bullshit is almost set in stone and clearing it away will take a major effort and may well yet involve bloodshed too.

Robert What? said...

I'm going to vote for Trump - assuming he is the nominee, which seems all but certain. However I don't for a second think he is going to do anything about immigration. And there will not be a "Muslim Pause".