Friday, May 20, 2016

Why the Mainstream Media is a Joke, Reason 217

"Trump is a misogynist."

What does that even mean? Trump hates women? I haven't seen any evidence of that.

The only people I know who hate women are serial killers who torture, kill and mutilate them. And rapists.

Speaking of rapists, Bill Clinton is a rapist. He's also a serial sexual predator, and he's married to a drunken lesbian. He not only can't keep his dick in his pants, he can't keep his cigar in his shirt pocket!

Does Bill hate women? It appears he certainly doesn't like them very much.

I've mentioned before there is a philosophical problem know as "concepts and their referents." How do the concepts in our head relate to reality? How do we know that a car and cat and dog refer to those things in reality? How do we know that a Great Dane and a chihuahua are both dogs? How does a dog know that a pug and a rottweiler are the same species that it is?

"Misogynist" is a left-wing word and doesn't refer to anything in reality. Certainly not Trump. Trump, no. Maybe he doesn't take women all that seriously, but then, what smart man does? Women are for making sandwiches and babies (the writer Edith Wharton said women are for "pleasure and procreation." Did that make her a "misogynist"?).

There are some truly ridiculous words out there. "Cis." "Transgender." Those things don't even exist.

And when words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom. Confucius said that, thousands of years ago.


Genji said...

Good stuff. I'm a silent lurker and enjoy your blog very much. Also I'm very big on the Rectification of Names (正名). It's going to require a lot of lamp posts and rope though!

Twarog said...

"There are some truly ridiculous words out there. "Cis." "Transgender." Those things don't even exist."

How about adding "racism" to that list? The word works by conflating a bunch of superficially similar but fundamentally distinct concepts under one cumbersome and incoherent umbrella.

It's as if someone were to forget about the English dissenter sect and start using the word "Brownism" as a synonym for "Nazism", on the grounds that the Nazis wore brown shirts, and it was Hitler's favorite color by far. Later, someone starts condemning the US military-industrial complex as "Brownist", because they're fond of military adventuring, killing people, and sometimes wearing brown uniforms. Then we call people who love farming "Brownists", because like the Nazis, they're fond of the land, and also, dirt is brown. The whole process ends with people condemning teddy bears as a "Brownist" influence on vulnerable young children that must be eradicated. Of course, the useless concept "Brownist" ought to be replaced with separate words describing the separate and unrelated concepts contained therein- "Genocidal", "Militarist", "Agrarian", and simply "Brown", the plain ol' color.

Likewise, there's nothing in the incredibly vague concept of "racism" that can't be described more accurately by some other word or phrase that means something clear and specific.

Anonymous said...

The Nazi's were not racist, they were just pro-German. The "Nazi" is a fiction, it or they don't exist and never existed the way people have been taught to believe.

"Nazi" is an insulting word invented by Germany's enemies. Nazi is the other "N-word."

The US interned American Japanese living in the US during world war 2.

The Germans did the same with Jews and communists (who just also happen to be largely Jewish) as well. But in Germany's case, these Jews and others were in fact subversive and causing great harm to Germany (Jews and Synagogues actually declared war first on Germany - this is well documented in the newspapers of the time). The Jews were not as innocent as they portray themselves to be. The Germans were the true innocent victims of both world wars 1 and 2. Read the book: The Myth of German Villainy.

Anonymous said...

The Jews control the media:

The Night Wind said...

The media is using types of tactics witch-doctors use on primitive peoples. They throw around words and phrases that nobody understands, yet the hearers presume that the witch-doctors are intelligent and powerful because they use them.

Anonymous said...

I think people are immensely underestimating or even completely unaware of the deliberate destruction of western civilization by Jews (like encouraging racial intermarriage, homosexuality and same-sex marriage, pornography, marriage breakdown and corruption of family courts, mass third world immigration into predominately white countries, various scientific frauds (like NASA, nuclear weapons, AIDS), usury-based finance, wars that support Israel and Jews, dumbing-down education):

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous 10:12 am, 2:37 am, and 8:11 am. I would like to apologize for my anti-Jew rants. What is the big lie are my insults against Jews. I am just coming off a hangover and I say and do things that I shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

"I am anonymous 10:12 am, 2:37 am, and 8:11 am."

No. You're not that anonymous because I am. You're probably a lying Jew.

Take The Red Pill said...

"The only people I know who hate women are serial killers who torture, kill and mutilate them. And rapists."

The people who hate men are called 'misandrists'. These people are feminists, their supporters in education and the media, their "Useful Idiot" supporters in the male and female population, their political supporters who hold public offices and bureaucratic positions, and their legal supporters practice 'law' and who hold judicial positions (aka, the "Divorce Industry".
Yet all of these people deny being 'misandric' and blindly claim that 'feminism' is "all about Equality" spite of the fact that it blatantly and plainly is NOT.

Anonymous said...

109 Excuses:

Anonymous said...

"No. You're not that anonymous because I am. You're probably a lying Jew."

Again, my apologies. I also suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. I am on my meds and will try not to revert back to my normal crazy self.