Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Stumblebums Are Gone

Both Cruz and Kasich have dropped out, finally realizing they never stood a chance. Why did they stay in so long, trying to stop Trump?

As far as I know it was Caroll Quiqley who created the concept of the Deep State, in his seminal book, Tragedy and Hope. The Deep State is that collection of bureaucrats, bankers, the military/industrial complex and Big Business, that actually runs the country. Politicians are mostly their puppets.

These are the people, who live on the coasts, who consider everyone in Flyover Land to be cannon fodder ("Soldiers are stupid animals," as the Jew war criminal Henry Kissinger said).

Some politicians want to be part of the Deep State. Barry Soetero, for example, never had a job in his life but has been a puppet of the Deep State and certainly wants to be part of it. That's why such people end up getting paid a zillion dollars for a speech.

Bill Clinton was actually a student of Quigley's and I'm sure he certainly understands what Quiqley taught.

Cruz and Kasich certainly support the Deep State.

Trump appears to be a traitor to his own class which means he is a patriot. I think he really does love this country.

It reminds me of a song by the Kinks called "Victoria," which was about England's Queen Victoria. "I am poor but I am free...for this land I would die." They remind me of Trump's blue collar/working class supporters.

Cruz and Kasich wanted business as usual - all that Deep State destructiveness. People see through the problem even they've never heard of the Deep State. That's why they've been voting for Trump and Sanders.

The next ten years are going to be interesting. The American Empire is finally collapsing. If we have any sense we'll jump ahead of the game and bring it home before it collapses and save a lot of blood and treasure. Out with the Third World vermin investing this country. Get the economy back online.

These are not hard things to do. The people want it. Apparently Trump wants it. The Establishment does not, but the Establishment always falls.

And thank God for that.


Mike said...

The Deep State is that collection of beaureaucrats, bankers, the military/industrial complex and Big Business, that actually runs the country. Politicians are mostly their puppets.

I've been watching re-runs of a political satire/comedy show called 'Yes, Prime Minister' (made in the 1980s), which basically portrays the UK as run by the un-elected civil servants while the politicians are only concerned by publicity ratings. It's pretty good stuff.

Oh, and if you want a quick guide to who reads the papers in the UK watch this ~2 minute clip.

'Who reads the papers'

Anonymous said...

My tinfoil hat tells me Trump and Sanders are just controlled opposition ... I hope I'm wrong ...

Unknown said...

Trump is worth ten billion dollars. So who controls him? Answer: no one.

Anonymous said...

Perfect, albeit with one minor exception. As I glance at my bookshelves that particular title reads, "Tragedy and Hope." Beyond that, get ready boys. The "Anglo-American Establishment" as Quigley so referred to it isn't going down without a very nasty fight. And note that "They" aren't "Anglo" nor "American", they are "Them" and just happen by quite deliberate acts of history happen to reside in both locales.

"Off with their heads."

Anonymous said...

America was founded in reaction to the french revolution. The european aristocracy dropped their titles, kept their money, and established a nation founded on the right of property. The "deep government" is simply the same families that for sport have spent the last millennium making europe a graveyard for common people, playing the "great game".

Understand that, and you'll understand why the USA has troops in turkey and the levant, why NATO fought in bosnia. The USA has no military threats to its territory - none. (terrorism is not a *military* threat). The USA could easily shut up shop, police its coastline and the world would be a better place for it.

But if you can't use your position of inflience and the family money brought over to the New World in the 17 and early 1800's to start a war that's going to kill a whole bun ch of poor people over basically nothing - what's the point?

Anonymous said...

"America was founded in reaction to the french revolution."

America declared its independence as a nation in 1776. The French Revolution was in 1789.