Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Leftism is About Murdering the Father

Erik von Kuenelt-Leddihn, who wrote the must-have book, Leftism Revisited, claimed that leftism is about the "murder of the Father." That's "father" with a capital F, as in the archetypal Father.

And when you murder the Father, what is left? The Mother, specfically the Bad Mother. Mythologically, the Terrible Mother. You know - feminism.

All this nonsense about going into whatever bathroom you want? Would this even be under consideration if women weren't allowed to vote? If Obama wasn't a homosexual?

Feminism is leftist, and therefore about destroying the Father. And since the Father created everything in the world, including civilization, leftism is about destroying civilization.

The archetypal Father is a protector and provider. That is why He created civilization. Of course, these days, those things are being taken away from Him, and everyone is paying for it. (Affirmative Action, for an example, means "White Men Need Not Apply)".

"Our first work must be the annihilation of everything as it now exists," wrote Mikhail Bakunin.

Why? Because leftists consider people to be children, ones with plastic personalities that can be molded like Play Doh. And if you just kill enough people, as Bakunin suggested, then a brand-new society will pop up.

This leftist Utopia will never happen, although leftists never learn.

Leftism is inherently narcissistic. Everything is either all-good or all-bad. This is why leftists consider those who disagree with them not merely mistaken but evil. And being evil it's okay to kill them, since once they're gone only the good will be left.

This is why leftists always blame their problems on other people, and why so many woman blame their problems on men ("It's someone else's fault, not mine!").

Leftism is based on envy and hate (as is narcissism) so leftism is a mental illness.

Kuenelt-Leddihn wrote that sooner or later the right has to "knock the heads of the Left." That means "terminate with extreme prejudice." It's been the history of the world.

Personally I'm not looking forward to this.

But it is what invariably happens when the Father (patriarchy) is overthrown.


Anonymous said...

With the dissolve of family and the worship of single motherhood we have an entire generation of leftists. Children who hate and fear men because mom wouldn't stop bringing big and scary men. These children never learned of a father's love and discipline. I think they're lost causes. Logic won't change their emotional imbalance. They've created "safe spaces" to avoid harsh life giving truths.

Shaun F said...

You'll notice that no-one is ever "cured" of their purported mental illness. At worst they get medicated, at best they learn to act (behaviour modification) in a different fashion.

Glen Filthie said...

I hate to keep carping on this - but the women in my family have literally gone bat shit crazy. First my daughter comes out of th closet as a militant lesbian social justice warrior and announces that she is going to redefine her sexuality in defiance of her own biology, 250,00 years of human evolution, and common sense. Oh yes - she and her creepy life partner are going to redefine MY family too : guess what Pop? You can get in the closet or pound sand! (I went with the sand).

Then my idiot mother in law gets involved. The fat old cnut gets up on her high horse with her bad attitude and bad haircut and starts lecturing me on how I am in no position to judge people - all the time passing judgement on me. If I say anything the bitch tells me I'm intolerant, and intolerance won't be tolerated! I flipped her the bird and told my wife to come with me or go with them and make a decision...NOW.

Now my own mother wants a piece of me. I ain't doing this again. I still haven't figured out what I'm gonna tell that cunned stunt. Good grief ... How bad is that, when a grown man must use language like that for his own family! These women do not represent the gender, Bob. They are a disgrace to their families and their own mothers because we let them do it. As for me... I've had it with the lot. I won't tolerate them or their bullshit any more than they will tolerate me. What else can you do but wipe, call it a chit and walk away?

Twarog said...

"These children never learned of a father's love and discipline. I think they're lost causes. Logic won't change their emotional imbalance."

The cycle of broken families begetting other broken families ends when married men and their sons organize with their brothers, cousins, and in-laws to seize political power, then force underclass men and women to marry their sweethearts at shotgun-point. "Here's our new law code: Deflower a woman and you marry her, touch another man's wife and you hang, give birth to a bastard and we leave you both in abject poverty where you belong. No exceptions". Political power eventually flows to the groups who exercise sexual restraint, and they usually re-write the laws to favor their brand of strict monogamy- it's a common historical pattern.

Anonymous said...

Note that the seething rage against Trump among ostensibly white people has the smell of father-hatred about it. "Daddy" is a popular nickname for Trump. In this nation of broken homes, he inspires rage, adulation, longing, and temper tantrums.

He has the magic power. We are seeing something bigger than policy details.