Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Talk Issues Not Ideology, and Ridicule Your Opponents

That's what Trump is doing, and is it working! But the most famous (or perhaps infamous) individual to popularize these techniques was Saul Alinsky, in his notorious book, Rules for Radicals.

Alinsky, who died in '72, was a '60s radical who had been involved in community action since the '30s. So he had a lot of experience.

Has Trump read this book? Is that where he got his techniques from? It sure seems like it.

Rules for Radicals for those interested in such things, is a must-own.

Alinsky said "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon," and that is exactly what Trump is doing with his comments about "Low energy" Jeb!, and "Lyin' Ted" Cruz, and "Little Marco" Rubio. God knows what he's doing to do to the Hildebeast, who is a very rich target indeed.

Alinky said to talk issues, not ideology, and that is exactly what Trump is doing. Does he even have an ideology? He appears to be a nationalist and a populist, which aren't exactly ideologies.

His enemies are trying to ridicule him (the Hitler/Nazi meme) but it's not working. Because to the leftist everything and everybody is Hitler (of course to them the most evil man in history), so that insult has worn itself out. A long time ago.

So whatever insults and ridicule the left is coming up with is not working. Make fun of his '60s Bobby Rydell haircut? Good luck with that.

The Republicans, who are clueless, are babbling about how he is not "conservative," which is doubly funny considering the party is not conservative at all. Letting the Third World pour across the borders, exporting the middle class and crushing the world beneath the American empire is not in the slightest "conservative."

If I was the Hildebeast I'd be terrified to step on a stage with him. He's going to eviscerate her, and I'm looking forward to every second of it.

Alinsky also said to build organizations, not movements. There has been a perpetual argument about this. The Republican and Democratic parties (organizations) are sclerotic and need to be destroyed. Trump, I'm sure, has an organization. After all, he's worth eight to ten billion dollars, and did not get there by himself.

But Trump's tens of millions of supporters are not an organization - they're a movement. But to sustain their victories they'll have to become an organization.

I'm sure Trump understands all this.


Glen Filthie said...

Nazzo fast Unca Bob!

Yes, Trump is going to kick the snot out of Hillary. They have been trying to polish a hill of beans into a mountain of turd without success throughout this cycle. You are correct, the Nazi/woman hater/racist horse shit won't stick. It is a fact that The Donald wasn't described as a racist until he started to run against the Democrats.

The game is still in it's infancy.

Were I a murderous, rancid cnut like Hillary Clinton (and before ya say it, I'm NOT, **** you, Bob!!!) - I would be coming to the same conclusions you have here. And, if I were in her banana-yellow pant suit - I would note it's time to up the ante.

Billary needs a skeleton or a corpse she can pin on Trump. The standard weapons of political correctness aren't working with him, and are actually back-firing on the Democrats. It's time for somebody to die, and the frame-up is probably already in progress.

I suspect some damning evidence to spring to light in the next couple months or so. Hill has nothing to lose.

A.B. Prosper said...


I'm pretty sure the Donald also has a huuuge intelligence network of his own watching his back, maybe Mossad , Russian allies Mob guys and of course private guys as well.

He is no doubt aware of what kind of a shitstorm he is in.

Also the deep state hates Hillary after Bengazi. The normal resources she'd have are not as good as might normally be the case. In any case, Donald isn't that hated, he's a deal maker and doesn't want to rock the boat as much as people think.