Friday, August 14, 2015

Women at War Against Men

"1 Everyone is conservative about what he knows best."

"2. Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing."

"3. The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies." - Robert Conquest

It's a bit deflating, but I've suffered that particular deflation for decades.

Contrary to the delusions of leftists (and feminists are leftists) there is no war of men against women. In fact, men often bend over backwards to please women.

There is, however, a war of women against men. An original War of Women Against Men.

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, whose Leftism Revisited everyone should own and not just read but study, defined leftism as "the murder of the Father."

As Robert Conquest noted, anything that is not exactly rightist becomes leftist - which always destroys.

Since feminism is leftist, it is about the murder of the Father. Without the Father ("patriarchy") civilization always collapses).

There is, however, no murder of the Mother (that's what leftists believe, and everything leftists believe is a delusion).

You can find this war of women against men in mythology and religion.

It's not in the Bible (unfortunately) but Adam's first wife was Lilith, who rebelled against Adam - and whose offspring were a bunch of demons.

It's not literally true, but the truths of mythology are eternally true even if not literally true - when women rebel against the Father - and the Father lets them do it - they invariably release demons into the world.

It was Eve who "brought evil" into the world by listening to the "serpent" (a symbol of envy and hate) and wanting to be like God - and then a weak-willed Adam listened to Eve (in Manosphere terms - at least among those who know what they are talking about - I've heard these weak-willed men, who are ruthlessly exploited by self-centered and inconsiderate women - as Zetas).

Then there is Jezebel, wife of Ahab (considered to be the worst King of Israel ever), who seduced him into worshiping Baal.

The Greek myth about Pandora? She opened a box and released all the woes in the world - leaving only Hope in the box.

At the end of the story of the Garden of Eden it states that women want to rule men but men will always rule women.

Women wanting to overthrow men and rule is their true nature. Perhaps not all women, but enough to bring all these Awful Things into the world.

Carl Jung made the observation that women's greatest flaw was thinking they were always right, and until they gave it up they'd never be happy.

When women think they're right - and are unable to see they are wrong - then men must be always wrong, so all problems must be blamed on them.

I guess they'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven (John Milton wrote that in Paradise Lost).

I've wondered for many years how much of us is genetic and how much is environmental. Usually, researchers say it's 50/50.

Does that mean women wanting to rule and destroy is 50% of what they are? If so, that's terrible. But the upside if raised right, they can overcome that 50% wanting to rule and destroy. At least the smarter ones. They've done it in the past.

That 10% (that Talented Tenth) are ultimately what matters when it comes to preserving and advancing society.

How this imperfection in people came out is beyond me. In Christianity it's Original Sin, and it can't be cured. The problems can just be ameliorated. That Talented Tenth is going to be forever at work.

It's leftists who think people are Blank Slates and can be turned into anything - including gods. To be like gods, which was one of the original lies of the "serpent" to Eve.

The way I see it, women's greatest sin is wanting to rule (even though they are incompetent to do so) and men's greatest flaw is letting them do it.

And that is why there is an eternal war of women against men.


little dynamo said...

Hm you must have driven that cab with your eyes open.

"But the upside if raised right, they can overcome that 50% wanting to rule and destroy. At least the smarter ones. They've done it in the past."

The desire to rebel exists in all females, to varying extent, but can be restrained by strong men and decent cultures that embrace God, fatherhood and masculinity. Both my grandmothers of course harbored some measure of rebellion, and yet both were dutiful, helpful, and loving to their husbands, even to the end. In different ways they both served and enjoyed their husbands, children, and grandchildren. Sometimes they disagreed with their husbands, but they didn't attempt to usurp their authority, nor to control the nation. In part because they weren't encouraged, funded, and allowed to.

So you're right, I've seen it, it absolutely can be done, but obviously not under current conditions and leadership.

After Christ returns, the war against Father (and masculinity) will end. Abruptly. I wouldn't even want to guess at whether he will again alter the essential nature of females, in context of the urge to rebel. We belong to him and he does what he wants. But by the time we get to that point, be assured, females will embrace some obedience, contrition, and compliance.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

I'm not a religious man but personally I see the whole "waiting for Jesus to return" as a bit like staying at your shitty job hoping to win the lottery.
Change happens because people make it happen.
The tide is in and good people are drowning, but the tide will roll away and take with it the people who helped this happen, both on purpose and by accident.
It is our job to try to keep afloat until such time that we can exert our influence again. Either that or we'll be remembered as another failed empire in history.

Mindstorm said...

I would rather call that 'clash of interests' than 'war' between men and women.