Friday, August 14, 2015

Bonecrker #36 - Just Say No to Divorced Women

I can't always say a man should stay away from a divorced woman (it depends on the circumstance of her divorce), but divorced women with kids? That's a different story. As for two divorces (or even one) with a bunch of kids? What sort of deluded man would get involved with such a woman?

This article was written by "Bonecrker" but it is from The Jiggly Room.

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Most men who are divorced have been abandoned/victimized by a woman who flaked on them. They did their part, she did not. He did not want the divorce and she forced it on him, for no reason at all beyond her own insanity. The reverse is not true. Most women who are divorced, caused their divorce, chose divorce, forced divorce on their husband and and did all sorts of things to cause as much harm as possible, usually during a self-destructive death spiral. To say any sane man should stay the hell away from them is an understatement. There are exceptions, but they are relatively uncommon. Just as there are exceptions to divorced men. Some were abusive freaks, or ran off with their secretary or something equally inappropriate. But they are rare outside the lower socio-economic classes. Even the exceptions (and I have direct experience with this), a man will find she is the type of woman who seeks out bad men. You'll see a long history of weeding out the good men and only choosing the bad. Not that big of a problem. The problem happens when they try to get you to recreate the behavior and then dump you if you refuse. Ahhh yes, the joys of being called a loser because you refuse to beat someone.

The bottom line. Men should just say no to divorced women, especially with kids. But women don't have to follow the same rule. They can find many great men who have been divorced and encounter few problems if any. The kids thing though is a hassle, and a major obstacle to any type of serious long-term relationship, even if they are very young when you first come on the scene.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite quotes from bonecracker:

"To put it another way: American men make the best husbands on the planet. But, American women make the worst wives.

Everyone except Americans seems to know it, too."

little dynamo said...

Well I'm sorry to have to agree. By no means are men always the Good Guys but frivorce is an industry of the matriarchate, driven by women and profiteers.

The king commanded -- "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her, and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.” (Mark 10)

I didn't read bonecracker but the problem is this: those divorced women, no matter their transgressions and evils, have sons who desperately want, and need, male guidance and protection. Often they need protection from their own mothers, sometimes spiritual, sometimes psychological, sometimes physical, usually a combination.

Both the modern state and churches conspire to empower females collectively, and don't do what they are directed to do, encourage and facilitate the presence of men in the lives of these millions of bereft and grieving boys. This of course is a form of willful abuse. Many do this intentionally, to control or profit or punish.

So that leaves individual men to try and help and protect these boys, usually against the power and will of their mothers, the state, and the churches. These boys can't simply be abandoned, but neither can men continue the Slut-A-Thon and marry (or have sex) with these rebellious women, continuing the cycle of hopelessness. In such circumstances, as representatives of Father, we somehow must aid these little guys, without falling under the control of mom, which she will do if she can.

I pray to God frequently concerning this issue. Beg him sometimes too.

Mindstorm said...

^ "encourage and facilitate the presence of men in the lives of these millions"

Wasn't it meant "absence"?

Unknown said...

"Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her, and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.”

That's more than enough reason to never become involved with a divorced woman. The state of your soul. The temporal consequences that happen to you while on Earth is just the icing on the cake.

People need to take marriage seriously and really know what they are getting into instead of looking at it as just another relationship they can get out of once they aren't happy.

Mindstorm said...

I would guess that having her as a booty-call and marrying her should have the same amount of social stigma. I don't see it happen, though.

Glen Filthie said...

Spot on boys. Women that aren't fit to be wives sure as hell aren't fit to be mothers.

I have a younger friend who has been through the divorce meat grinder that I greatly admire. When his ex started to shake him down in alimony negotiations he came up with what he considered a reasonable number and refused to budge on it. When the threats started he just laughed and told the lawyers he would quit his job (he was a manager and actually my boss years ago), move into his parents basement and live the life of the drifter until such time as the lady decided to be reasonable. But then, of course, he would have to find a new job, probably wouldn't be making as much money, etc, etc... And they would probably have to renegotiate again. Unsurprisingly, common sense broke out.

He isn't really a PUA today...but he handles women like snakes. The second he sees a hint of a threat, or a shit test - they get turfed and that is that for that! They aren't allowed to stay overnight and he always comes home from a date. It's so pathetic too. You can see the desperation in the women he dates. Life really starts to pass you by quickly as you get older and men seem to smile and accept it...while most women start to panic. I have had a few of his discards approach me to ask about him or ask me to speak to him on their behalf...and it makes me feel bad when I tell them I can't get involved with stuff like that. I'm just his friend and that's it.

FFS. This isn't good for anyone. Our idiot women are empowering themselves out of happiness and prosperity - and it serves them right, I suppose...but nobody likes to see women in pain.

Black Poison Soul said...

Before I got into the manosphere thing, I ran across a divorced woman who definitely did all sorts of good things for me. Also and in fact, it was her husband who had several affairs with other women.

Where things fell down big-time was one of her children. He was starting down the life-path of a criminal. Juvenile delinquency, cops over once or twice a week, you name it.

There was no way that I was going to get involved with that. And you know that she would never be happy, simply because of all this drama and garbage from that one kid.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

What gets to me is that, even though women initiate most (80%?) divorces, so many people try to turn that into "think of all those poor women who were abuse". I have yet to see any Mainstream Media checking the percentage of divorces initiated because of abuse.

Ja D said...

Nasty truth.

Gilbert said...

Wow, the double standard that you brought up really resonates with me. It seems like in our society, especially as it pertains to divorce, we tend to demonize some and victimize others without really thinking about both sides of the story. Thanks for helping to bring this information to light!