Saturday, August 29, 2015

Drowning in Fat Ugly Stupid People

When I was in my early teens I read a story called “The Marching Morons” (read the story HERE) about how all the smart people had stopped reproducing, so the world was taken over by morons (the problem was taken care of by killing them by shooting them into space).

The story made its way into a movie a few years ago, called Idiocracy which never had much exposure but since has become something of a cult classic. These days everyone knows of it.

Both the story and movie were cautionary tales, and I have no idea to what extent they might come true. But I’ll say this: there sure does seem to be an awful lot of fat ugly stupid people in this country (of every race), and the problem appears to be getting worse.

Smart educated people aren’t having that many children anymore, and we’re subsidizing the stupid with welfare. I’m lost count of the number of obese women I’ve seen at the grocery store, two ugly fat brats in her cart (loaded with Sugar Bombs candy/cereal) and at the checkout she swipes a food card.

And I’ll guarantee you she doesn’t have a job, but lives on welfare, in subsidized housing, with a medical card. Her husband might have some sort of seasonal job, like cutting grass, where he’s paid cash, under the table.

A lot of time that husband (usually skinny and ugly with an unkempt beard) has to ride a bicycle, since he’s so skinny because he’s a methhead and rides the bike because he lost his driver’s license.

The problem is made worse by the influx of Third Worlders into this country. The average IQ of anyone south of the border is 89, and the average African IQ is 70. The average IQ of the Third World is estimated to be 90. We’re letting these people into the United States? My God! This country is committing suicide!

Plus, the country is destroying its own people by putting little boys on Ritalin (the poster child for Ritalin was Kurt Cobain, who offed himself with a shotgun), and is now suffering from an explosion of fat kids with diabetes due to putting high fructose corn syrup and sugar in the food supply. Profits above all, I guess.

Then, of course, that combination of State/Big Corporations has exported all our high-paying jobs to foreign countries to lower wages and make more profit. At least for a while. Talk about short-sighted.

Someday all of this will come to a head, explode and then collapse. I just wonder when. I also wonder how the problem is going to be fixed

The anger in the United States is why Donald Trump is doing so well. No one other candidate is even talking about the problems. A crazy murderous old dyke like Hillary? A Punchable Wimp Face traitor like Jeb Bush? Hah!

Sooner or later both the Democratic and Republican parties will disappear. And this will be a good thing, because they don't represent the people anymore, just the people who pay and therefore own these whores.


Mindstorm said... - warning, your crimethink might earn you the name of 'extremist' along with him. :)

Rusty Shackleford said...

I was at the grocery store the other day and saw a woman about my age with her kids. She easily weighed 2 bucks with change if she weighed a pound, and she was wearing flip flops with sweat shorts. Her body and facial features were completely shapeless and indistinct except for one thing -gigantic, splotchy blue ankle tattoos. So, you know, we're talking about a fairly typical American female here. I noticed all of this in a second before looking away, but in that time I thought to myself "Wow, some man thought it was a good idea to hit that. Some guy is working 40 hours a week at a job he hates to go home to that."

Here's a funny article in the Guardian by a potato faced English female about how a man on a train asked her what book she was reading. It's titled "I’m tired of being kind to creepy men in order to stay safe." You know, I grew up with these kind of women, so I shouldn't be surprised. But even still I thought at first that it was maybe some sort of self effacing parody. I think she's being serious, though.

Robert What? said...

This has gone on longer than many people would have guessed it could. I think it is a testament to the productivity and innovation of earlier generations that we are still chugging along on their fumes.

Doug Cranmer said...

Everything that you said is true, but what's also true is that in the long run it's self-correcting. Once you understand that we did this to ourselves it make the consequences easier to take, if you're an adult.

As for, "A Punchable Wimp Face," the Germans have a perfect word for that, Backpfeifengesicht.

Rusty Shackleford said...

"I think it is a testament to the productivity and innovation of earlier generations that we are still chugging along on their fumes."

It's not a lack of IQ, a technological problem, a genetic problem or a lack of innovation. It's an abject failure of moral and will at every level. Consider western culture as being analogous to a structure. Somewhere on some societal level the foundation has cracked, and we are the people living in the remains. Every western movement in modern times has taken some facet from the traditional Christian virtues, parasitically fed off of it and distorted it to suit itself, while the whole increasingly fades away and loses its meaning and context to the people. Any virtue taken by itself and apart from the context of the others has the potential to do great harm. Chesterton put it this way:

“..the next great heresy is going to be simply an attack on morality; and especially on sexual morality. And it is coming, “not” from a few Socialists surviving from the Fabian Society, but from the living exultant energy of the rich resolved to enjoy themselves at last, with neither Popery not Puritanism not Socialism to hold them back….
The madness of tomorrow is “not” in Moscow, but much more in Manhattan."

Chesterton wrote that in 1926. In 2015 a resurgent Orthodox Russia is standing up to a secular/pagan west. East Germans are fighting against an onslaught of foreign invaders while west Germany throws love parades and organizes welcoming committees. Bob, you talk a lot about Europe being the killer continent, but the faithless, gutless weaklings in the west are only capable of killing themselves. These empty ciphers are internally so feeble and rotten that if Islam were forced on them, they would consider it a relief.

Hillaire Belloc finished his history of Europe with the following lines:

"Europe will return to the Faith, or she will perish. The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith."

sth_txs said...

I agree that IQ is important but look how many fairly bright people voted for trash like Bush II and Obama. Before that Clinton and whatever other garbage was offered as 'electable'. I've flat out told friends that I'm disgusted that they make an effort to teach their children some basic honesty but still vote for the garbage they do.

What is worse they have internet and still ignorant.

The do gooders won't admit that poor people have always been with us and part of the reason is because some of them make really stupid decisions all the time. There is no saving people who do want to be saved.

Anonymous said...

Once you understand that we did this to ourselves it make the consequences easier to take, if you're an adult.

What's this "we" bullshit, kemosabe. I never agreed to, voted for or was even asked about most of the government/corporatist policies that have led us to this state. Actual right leaning "conservative" people would have said no to all of it, which is why we were never consulted. The politicians of both parties did this to us, and the media spun or covered up any evidence that was actually discovered that our freedoms and prerogatives as citizens were being usurped.

Quartermain said...


Mr. Wallace, here is a BlogSpot I think you would enjoy, maybe might add to your blog roll.

I have a lot of fun, maybe too much.


I think they would enjoy your anti-PC Canadian perspective.

Anonymous said...

This country is now an absolute cesspool. It has fallen very, very far from it's peak and still has a ways to fall. Culturally speaking, America is an unbearable place to live for people who have high standards and remember how it used to be. The only people who can likely go forward and live in America without being massively depressed are people who have come from the 3rd world and see America in it's current state as an improvement upon what they used to experience.

After recent personal experiences of mine, I have little desire to participate in American society anymore; on an economic level, civic level, etc. Living in America is too mentally crippling for me. And the sad part is that there is nowhere else to go. Sadly, a declining America is as good as it's gonna get for the people currently living on planet earth. I wish I could just go to Alaska and live in a tree or something, but of course that's silly and unrealistic. I would die of exposure and starvation very quickly. The best thing I can do is stay inside and pretend the outside world doesn't exist.

Also, America and the Western world will not simply collapse. Not for many, many decades at least. It's a common fantasy that many disenchanted people have that things will collapse and there will be hope to rebuild something new afterwords. I would not count on that fantasy coming true. The Soviet Union never collapsed. The plug was simply pulled on it, and attention was diverted to the continued wrecking of America. The host was bled dry, and the parasite found a new host. Life in Russia is as bleak as it ever was.

America will continue it's slide into oblivion, but it will not collapse. Those who hold power will wield it viciously and hold onto power for generations. Count on that.

A collapse may occur in several decades, possibly even generations in the future, and a collapse will likely occur due to incompetence and corruption swallowing even the super rich as neglected nuclear facilities and other dangerous technology rot and decay and create environmental disasters. What does a billionaire banker know about running a nuclear facility, after all?

Anonymous said...

There probably won't be a sudden, sharp collapse of society, America will just slowly meander aimlessly on into the oblivion of mediocrity and the Third World - unless of course there is a nuclear strike by either Russia or China, or both, or maybe even a big meteor impact.

Robert What? said...

I think we are kidding ourselves if we think it isn't, in part, a genetic problem.

Anonymous said...

"I think we are kidding ourselves if we think it isn't, in part, a genetic problem. "

Has the white IQ plunged in the past few generations? It actually hasn't. IQ is just another genetic attribute. It isn't a catch all synonym for "good." If a people have lost the will to act in their own interest, IQ is useless.

"Life in Russia is as bleak as it ever was."

No offense, but have you talked to a Russian lately? You really think life in modern Russia is the same as the post war ww2 USSR? For people who value results over ideology, it's seeming increasingly likely that the wrong side won the cold war.

Anonymous said...

I have not talked to any Russians who live in Russia, only the ones who are here in the US. They are in the US for a reason. My understanding about Russia is that it hasn't improved much since the 1970s, which was a better period than directly after WW2. I will say that the average life span of a Russian male is 59.5 years. That cannot possibly be much better than anytime post WW2. Russian males have the lowest lifespan in the entire industrial world. That speaks volumes about the conditions over there. There is a misconception that people have about Russia here in the US. They think it has improved. It has not. Open corruption and gangsterism is the norm in Russia. Even though it is rapidly declining, the living standard and quality of life in the US is still vastly better than that of Russia. All of the Russian immigrants who are here will confirm that.

That being said, morale is likely higher among Russians than Americans despite living conditions. Russians are not bombarded with the same horrible, backward, toxic media messages that Americans are subjected to on a daily basis. From a morality standpoint, Russia won the Cold War. I also think that Russia potentially has a brighter future than America in the long term. That is truly sad for patriotic Americans. Our grandfathers are rolling in their graves.

Rusty S. said...

What's your source here, a 1995 CIA factbook? Well, hopefully you'll be glad to know that your information is a little out of date. The current lifespan of a Russian male has been going up in the past several years and is now at 65.3 years and rising according to Russia's wiki page. It was at ~70 years for males in the late 1980's but declined precipitously after the fall of the USSR. The country is also experiencing a rise in birth rates and a decline in atheism -the opposite of trends in western Europe.

I really don't care about the statistics, though. When I look at Russia, (this is admittedly from an outsider's view) I see a leader who's acting in his country's interest and not making any apologies. When I talk to young Russians it's hard to get them to shut up about how great Russia is. They are proud of Russia and proud to be Russian. This is the opposite of our country. And the Russian girls I meet, in terms of looks, style, attitude, etc. are very feminine. American women are like some sort of knock off parody in comparison. American girls don't know how to be women. in any meaningful sense of the word. So, I've got to agree with you that I like their chances in the long run better than I like ours.

Mindstorm said...

Rusty, is Putin in some magical way responsible how Russian chicks carry themselves? Also, it's easy to make youngsters gush with praise of the mother Russia when all media are government-approved. That didn't change since USSR. When they get older, usually they would stop believing the hype.

Mindstorm said...

Rusty, would you explain how high morality would translate to high innovation? I miss something, big time, here.

Mindstorm said...

Or rather 'I'm missing something'.

Rusty Shackleford said...

I wasn't making any connection between better morals (I actually meant to write morale) and innovation. What I was specifically trying to say was that technology, high average IQ, etc. don't count for much in a population has had its will broken. You can see this in the US with Jeb Bush, who is touring the country saying that there is no way that we can build a wall on our border, or change our laws to prevent abuses in the way citizenship is conferred. In another 30 years, we'll still be wringing our hands about what to call illegal immigrants, the inviolability of the 14th amendment, the morality of border walls, etc. as immigrants continue to stream in from every 3rd world nation on earth. Slovakia on the other hand just says point blank that it won't take any Muslim refugees and gets on with building its wall. So let me underline the point: this not a legal or technological problem or a lack of talent or IQ that prevents the west from securing its borders, for instance, but an abject failure of will and a bankruptcy of spirit.

"Also, it's easy to make youngsters gush with praise of the mother Russia when all media are government-approved. That didn't change since USSR. When they get older, usually they would stop believing the hype."

There's a difference between a country and a government. Russians are proud to be Russians now and were proud to be Russians in the USSR. White Americans and boys especially are taught to be ashamed of their ancestors and history. The demonization of whites in the US is like the kulaks in soviet Russia. It's been a long time since white Americans have officially been allowed to be proud of themselves in anyway. All of white history and culture must now be filtered through the experiences of other races and it is subject to be judged and either validated or declared racist by them. The highest, most important values in the US now are homo /LGBT rights and multiculturalism. We're a clown country.

"Rusty, is Putin in some magical way responsible how Russian chicks carry themselves?"

I think its because Russian dudes smack the shit out of their women when they step out of line. Watch this video of Cossacks at a Pussy Riot concert and tell me what you think:

Or more generally, Russians are more masculine than western men, which results in more feminine women. A hyper masculine leader like Putin is the symptom of that rather than the cause.

Quartermain said...

Bob, maybe you should post a link to the movie Idiocrasy.

AAB said...

Quatermain, here's a link to Idiocrasy at youtube:

Mindstorm said...

Rusty, check statistics on alcohol consumption in Russia. Guess what heavy drinking does to testosterone levels?