Monday, August 10, 2015

"Bonecrker #51 - Don't Argue With Women"

I don't argue with women. I state my position and that's it.

The first time I remember this happening was with a girlfriend in college, when I was 21. She ran away one time, so I sat on my car and lit a cigarillo. She came back later and said, "You were supposed to chase me." I told I would never chase her, there was not going to be any argument about it, and she could take me or leave me.

She never did it again.

This is from the No Ma'am blog (which, by the way, is a must-read).

It is a mistake to argue with women. Arguments are all about words and women in our culture don’t match up words with actions and freely say things that don’t make sense and then deny that they don’t make sense. In short, they aren’t honest when trying to solve problems using discussion, negotiation and compromise. The reason they aren’t honest is because they are trying to be abusive and exploitative rather than having relationships based on mutual love and respect.

Instead, deal with women in the realm of behavior. Point to a behavior you don’t like and tell her to stop, or point out a missing behavior of hers and tell her to do it. Never discuss why you don’t like it or why you want her to do something. Get used to saying the word NO….a lot. And NEVER discuss things in terms of right and wrong (it’s enough that YOU want it). Always have a consequence lined up if she refuses, and ALWAYS come through with that consequence. Flakey girls get dumped, if you get my drift. This only works if you have her replacement waiting in the wings to take her place (your needs, not people’s expectations, are what’s important). Understand that, in our culture, ALL girls are flakey and need to be dumped sooner or later, so don’t hesitate to do so, or let them get away with anything. As this behavior among men becomes common (and it is), women’s flakiness will drop off dramatically.

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