Friday, August 21, 2015

The One Evil Man I've Met

"If evil people cannot be defined by the illegality of their deeds or the magnitude of their sins, then how are we to define them? The answer is by the consistency of their sins. While usually subtle, their destructiveness is remarkably consistent. This is because those who have 'crossed over the line' are characterized by their absolute refusal to tolerate the sense of their own sinfulness." - M. Scott Peck

I've met only one evil man. I used to work for him for two years. I felt like going over his desk and attacking him, or getting up and walking out. He was truly repulsive. I couldn't stand being in his presence. Fortunately I only had to see him once a week.

I once told a woman I worked with how I felt about him, and she said she felt the same way. Everyone felt the same way about him. Another man I worked with referred to him as "a bad man."

He never broke the law. He was incompetent and did bad things, such as cheating on his (plain) wife with a woman he had hired (he was caught on company property having sex with her, which, along with several other things, led to his being transferred out of state. It only took about five years).

He was also a coward, disloyal and a backstabber.

Normal people are repulsed by such people, not attracted to them. M. Scott Peck, the late psychiatrist, once wrote a book, The People of the Lie, about those who met who were evil and utterly repulsive. He found normal people were always repulsed by them.

Those in the Manosphere who believe women are attracted to evil men (which in their minds means the Dark Triad) have never met someone evil.

Evil people don't necessarily kill people or are criminals. I've met murderers and they weren't evil, just children in adults's bodies.

Most of the criminals I've met weren't evil, either...just big, stupid, destructive children.

There are some women who are attracted to evil men. They are hybristophiacs and it's a recognized psychiatric disorder (hybristophilia "is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, cheating, lying, known infidelities or crime, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery"). I know a woman who is one, and she hates herself for it. These are the women who write serial killers, and again, it's a vanishingly small minority of very sick women.

Those who promote the Dark Triad (their version of "evil") - the "Roissys" and the "Vox Days" - are either liars or naive. They've had no experience with it, just their fantasies.

Some of the more naive pretend hybristophia is normal for woman and that a man should pretend to be narcissistic or evil to attract these women. What sort of lunacy is that?

Pretending to be evil or pretending you have the Dark Triad...well, you're courting some pretty bad problems there.

I have known men who beat women, and have since I was 17. The women who tolerate it are not right in their heads and mostly seem to think it's their fault. "He really loves me...I just made him mad." The men were narcissistic or borderlines or psychopaths...never normal.

Others in that situation get divorced but fast, and I've seen that, too.

What mostly happens in those circumstances is that it's two idiots fighting, and the bigger and stronger idiot wins.

Decades ago, when I lived at my parent's house, I came home and found a female relative sitting on the couch with two black eyes. She had attacked her husband (she had beat him several times with a pillow when he was sick with the flu in bed) and got punched twice for it (this reminded me of an old joke: "What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?" "Nothing - she's already been told twice"). I was completely unsympathetic to her.

Not surprisingly, they got divorced, and their home life was a catastrophe.

People who think there is any good to "evil" or the Dark Triad are innocent of what they truly are.


speakeasyx said...

I've a close relative who dated (against all advice), married (against all advice) and ended up with her life destroyed thanks to one of these idiotic "dark triad" twerps. I knew the guy was useless the moment I met him. This relative exemplified the, "I just made him angry" sickness you mention.

Her daughter, at eight, recognizes the simpering, cowardly nature hidden behind this man-child's blustering "alpha" presence. Her mother does not. I don't want to get anymore personal than this but I will say that thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs were wasted in one fell swoop when this relative went back to him shortly after their divorce, only to have this "alpha" male twerp do the same thing to her the second go-round.

Hubris, vanity, pride, arrogance: these things bring about Nemesis, not peace of mind.

DeNihilist said...

Speakeasy, in the old days, trees, rope and a noose were our friends. We are no longer allowed to cull these miscreants, they go on to breed and a proportion of their progeny turn out like them. Very unnatural.

Unknown said...

I would agree on the scale of evil a person who is a willing Dark Triad is much worse than say crimes of passion because a guy can't get his emotions under control.

That being said...both men are on the lower scale when it comes to societal cohesion and usefulness.

Unknown said...

"I've a close relative who dated (against all advice), married (against all advice) and ended up with her life destroyed thanks to one of these idiotic "dark triad" twerps."

Women should not be allowed to marry without the father (or even brother's) permission. A lot of trouble would be saved.

speakeasyx said...

You got that right, Bob.

Quartermain said...

"Women should not be allowed to marry without the father (or even brother's) permission. A lot of trouble would be saved."

And history would be changed drastically.

little dynamo said...

"Women should not be allowed to marry without the father (or even brother's) permission. A lot of trouble would be saved."

Correct. Men should be vetted first via supervised court-ship. Then the father (or in his absence, responsible male or males, usually kin) decides whether marriage takes place, after consultations and sufficient observation. It's not a perfect method, but it's vastly superior to western matriarchies and endless boyfriend/girlfriend bed-hopping selfishness. Families are destroyed and kids don't get to have daddies.

Traditional cultures had it right, and New Transformed Feminist Amerika has it rong rong and did I mention, rong? Romanticism deserves a stake through its black heart, instead of mass adoption by the State and the churches.

Empowerment and 'liberation' are expensive, and utterly desolate nations.

Mindstorm said...

Building a theory on one case?

Unknown said...

'Building a theory on one case?'

There was a famous case of a backstabber...Judas.

Glen Filthie said...

Hmpfff. I will disagree.

My father in law is a staggeringly, stubbornly stupid SJW fuck that thinks whatever his domineering shrew of a wife tells him to think. When we were kids and my future wife took me home to meet her family - the father took me aside, offered me a beer...and told me that I shouldn't get too attached to my gal because she was going to university and would in all probability marry a better man than I. When we married he and his fat cnut of a wife looked down their noses at us for 25 years and insisted on meddling in my home and family. 5 years ago I finally threw them out. They aren't allowed in my home or my life and my wife doesn't see much of them anymore either.

My wife's brother is a Marxist chit. He's a highschool principal and married a feminist wife. They had two kids, both of whom developed debilitating 'learning problems' despite the fact both their parents are supposedly professional educators. For years they looked down their noses at us as well, from their lofty perches as 'professionals'. Eventually my brother in law showed his true colours and had an affair with another teacher. His wife threw him out, his parents forgave all and are lending him money to buy a new home to live with his new girl. My wife's mom and dad treat their son like a saint, and their daughter like a sinner. Niether of the men in that family are fit to shine shoes in a whore house. Neither me nor my wife will be told what to do by such men. Their women aren't worth a pinch of chit either.

Women can damned well answer for their choices and actions the same as men.

Robert What? said...

I don't know that people are naturally repulsed to evil. That would be very helpful in life. What about the Jeffrey Dahmers of the world, who by many accounts was thoroughly charming and engaging? Although one could speculate that people just ignored their gut instincts. I would categorize what the Planned Parenthood baby part sellers are doing as evil.