Monday, August 3, 2015

A Class the Manosphere Misses

That would be the Intellectual (or Scholar) class. That particular class can be divided into two categories - the right-wing and the left-wing. The right wing can be considered K-selected and the left wing, r-selected.

To be more accurate, perhaps it's better to say it's a hierarchy - the leftists the lowest class...and everyone else above them.

It's a hierarchy only roughly speaking, because there are so many scholarly disciplines, but nothing compared to the (nonexistent) strict hierarchy of Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Omega. When I say nonexistent it's because what the Manosphere believes are "alphas" are in reality "omegas" - the scum/criminal/deviant class (and there is a hierarchy in them - in prison the child molesters are on the bottom and the cop shooters/killers on top).

Whether or not the intellectual class is popular with women is irrelevant - except to the adolescent.

The ogre Karl Marx was an example of an r-selected leftist. He had an illegitimate child whom he never claimed.

There were worse than him, such as the monster Jean Jacques Rousseau, who left a bunch of his illegitimate infants outside church doors, where most of them probably died in orphanages. He just didn't care.

These days, it's the "intellectual" - and narcissistic - leftists who are the biggest supporters of abortion. No surprise there.

If you want to use Manosphere terms, the r-selected intellectual leftists, promiscuous and wanting nothing to do with their children, are Omegas - part of the scum/deviant/criminal class. They just happen to be smarter than most of them (again, the Manosphere confuses these types with "alphas" - in reality they're "omegas" crippled by their "Dark Triad" characteristics).

Whether they are K-selected intellectuals or r-selected intellectuals, they always think they are teachers. And they often write.

The K-selected right-wing intellectuals are the ones who want to build up people, who want them to be the best they can be. They are family-oriented and invest in their children. They are "alphas."

It's the r-selected leftist-intellectuals who want to destroy everything and drag down everyone and everything. They are Omegas.

Geoffrey Chaucer, in his Canterbury Tales, spoke of these types (the Clerk, who was a scholar) as the ones who would "gladly learn and gladly teach," and described them as the kind who had a bookshelf at the head of their beds (his description is more of an K-selected intellectual - or possibly even an asexual one).

The r-selected leftist-intellectual Omega class is full of hate and envy, as all leftists are. In fact, that is true of all Omegas - full of hate and envy and wanting to drag everyone down to their level.

The Manosphere, as usual, doesn't have a clue about this class, since it's obsessed with sex and girls - just like nearly every adolescent, all of whom have undeveloped brains. It doesn't know the real difference between an "alpha" and an "omega" - terms, which, by the way, shouldn't even be used since they are such a poor fit.

There are other classes the Manosphere misses completely, since they fit very poorly, if at all, into the Greek alphabet soup of Alpha/Beta.

One is the Warrior class. While some are at the top, such as the Eisenhowers and the Trumans of the past, anyone who has met lower-class lifers (which stands for "Lousy Ignorant Fuckup Expecting Retirement) knows that 99% of them are not "Alphas" (sic). What they are is stupid and lazy (this is based on my personal experience, but for a fictional treatment of his 30 years in the Navy, read Richard McKenna's The Sand Pebbles).

The last lifer I met was about 65 and I once saw him walking around with his arm around his "girlfriend" - a drunken slut and the neighborhood pegboard. He was apparently so stupid he didn't have a clue.

For that matter, the Manosphere is clueless about the Merchant class, the more intelligent and ambitious ones being the Andrew Carnegies and J.P. Morgans of the so-called "Robber Baron" era. These days, Donald Trump is representative of that class, although he is no Carnegie or Morgan.

I mentioned before there is a hierarchy among omegas. This class I am very familiar with, having been raised with them. While many of them are scum, the better ones are not. Even the ones who are criminals/deviants can be half-way decent people.

But every guy I've known, no matter how good-looking, no matter how wealthy, when he has devoted his life to seducing women (I know one with a 100+ count) has been part of that Omega class.

The intellectuals, the warriors, the criminals, the merchants - these (and the other classes)...the Manosphere is clueless about them. Thoughtful people have noticed these classes for thousands of years.

In point of fact, there is much whining in the Manosphere that our society has moved away from its successful K-selected culture - and believes the cure is to act like a self-centered, promiscuous, narcissistic r-selected cad/coward.

That's sheer self-delusion, which always fails. Which is obvious to anyone paying attention.


kurt9 said...

The Manosphere, as usual, doesn't have a clue about this class, since it's obsessed with sex and girls - just like nearly every adolescent, all of whom have undeveloped brains. It doesn't know the real difference between an "alpha" and an "omega"


I came to the same conclusion about the Manosphere as a whole about a week ago.

Unknown said...

It really doesn't have a clue about class, sex, or girls. All an 'omega' can write about is their own delusions of grandeur.

Mindstorm said...
(SES) and 'the sexual market value' (SMV) are not the same metric.

Mindstorm said... - hahaha. The take-out: they are better bullshitters.

Unknown said...

"(SES) and 'the sexual market value' (SMV)"

The Lost Boys of the Manosphere think they are.

Black Poison Soul said...

We are definitely the Lost Boys.

Interesting, this post dovetails nicely into my thoughts re sexual licentiousness and how the Manosphere is barely the beginning of growing up.