Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Women are not the selectors, hot people are"

I have seen a lot of ugly women in my life of all ages. What I have noticed is that ugly women tend to be feminists - and those that aren't overvalue their attractiveness and think they can get a guy way out of their league.

As I've said many times before, there is a lot of delusion in the Manosphere - "thirsty" men fucking "landwhales." That rarely happens. A lot of these landwhales end up with black men because they can't get a white man. They can almost never can get some "Alpha" (sic) to screw them. They're too disgusting.

Do you really think Sean Connery or George Clooney has ever screwed a fat woman? I never have and I'm no "Alpha" (sic). Or that some Wal-Martian female monster is consumed with "hypergamy"? Give me a break.

This article is from JustinAttraction.

It is often assumed that women play the role of “selector” in the dating game. The fact is that women per se are not the selectors. It is the hottest women that are the selectors.

For that matter, the hottest men are also selectors. Both hot men and hot women–in other words, the most sexually desirable members of each gender–are the sexual selectors because a large number of people want to date or sleep with them.

(Note: When I say “hot men,” understand that I am not referring to a man’s physical appearance. “Hotness” for men comes from a variety of factors including personality, the way he carries himself, how he conducts himself in social situations, how he dresses, his hygiene, etc.)

What about the fact that men are more sexually driven than women? Doesn’t this put them at a disadvantage because they “want it” more than women do?

Again, if we look at the hottest men, the men who are the most attractive to the female gender, they do not have an issue when it comes to sexual access. They can either generate sexual opportunities for themselves relatively easily, or they have opportunities coming to them with less effort.

For a wealthy and prominent male celebrity, for instance, there are plenty of women that are willing and eager to sleep with him. Many of these women would happily approach him (at a party or event), thus expressing more interest.

In this situation, it is the woman who is more sexually driven: this is her big chance to sleep with a movie star.

The least attractive men are the most sexually driven–because they have so few options–and this is what makes them overeager whenever a hot woman gives them a little interest.

This creates the illusion that women are the selectors, but what is really happening is that one person is more eager than the other, and as a result, the less eager person has leverage in the relationship.

If the man is less eager (i.e. by being outcome independent, living a powerful life that is more interesting to him than getting the next lay, etc), then suddenly the tables start to turn.


Retrenched said...

If by hot you mean has lots of sexual options, then the vast majority of "hot" people are women.

QED, it's difficult to find a female virgin over 22 who isnt a virgin by choice. Fat and ugly girls included. It is easy to find a man in that situation, though.

Retrenched said...

Saying that "women like sex, just like men like sex" is like saying "chickens like grain, just like horses like grain". They may both indeed like it, but one clearly has a much bigger appetite for it than the other.

Corvinus said...

"It is easy to find a man in that situation, though."

Do you have any sources to back up your assertion?

Anonymous said...

What's with this horseshit about asking for sources for stuff that is common sense?

Do a fuckin' web search on the topic and you'll find a gazillion sources.