Monday, January 19, 2015

The Terrible Father, the Terrible Mother and the Manosphere

"When people are seduced by dominance and power, they inevitably make a Faustian pact with the devil. They satiate their unending hunger for more power by getting into bed with the devil. Of course, they find out too late that what they have given up in the bargain is their soul. Jung added, '…whoever prefers power is therefore, in the Christian view, possessed by the devil.'" - Paul Levy

The Greeks understood there were two ways of thinking about things: the mythos and the logos. Mythological and logical, although I think they are ultimately the same thing - which is why it is "mytho-logical," i.e. the logic of myth.

Mythologically, there is the Great Father/Terrible Father and the Great Mother/Terrible Mother. I think the easiest way to identify the Terrible Father/Terrible Mother is that both are interested only in power, domination and control, and both are incapable of love. At their worst that makes them psychopaths.

The Terrible Mother is the Witch, the Harlot, the seductive and destructive woman. In the West, Eve, Delilah and the Medusa (a beautiful woman with venomous snakes for hair), for some examples. The one who tries to turn men into boys or prevent them from turning into men. The one that "castrates" men, the one who leads them to destruction.

Feminism is an example of the Terrible Mother. It tries to destroy men (under the guise of "justice," of course). It wants to keep them boys and tries to prevent them from turning to men. These days, usually with the use of Ritalin. It's not about love but instead power, only power.

Wrote Jung: "The Terrible Mother wants to possess and smother, devour and destroy. She is angry and jealous, enslaving her husband, lovers, and children."

The Manosphere is a reaction to the destructiveness of feminism. Unfortunately, much of the Manosphere embodies the Terrible Father - the destructive, psychopathic Father. The Terrible Father traditionally eats his own children, as evidenced by Saturn eating his son.

It is the Terrible Father in the Manosphere who tells men not to get married and to not have children, unwittingly destroying the family, the basis of civilization. It is the Terrible Father who starts war and sacrifices his own. In Star Wars Darth Vader is a Terrible Father, consumed with power, incapable of love until his son he sacrifices his life for his son. He gives up power for love.

It is the Terrible Father who say women are incapable of love, who are "hypergamous", rationalizing, gold-digging whores who have no self-awareness and only seek "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux."

It is the Terrible Father who claims women like men who exhibit "Dark Triad" traits - power, domination, control and the inability to love. To paraphrase Jung, you can have power over others, or you can have love for them, but you can't have both.

In other words, some of those of the Manosphere are trying to use the Terrible Father to fight the Terrible Mother. It's not going to work.

Both men and women have to escape the clutches of both the Terrible Mother and the Terrible Father, both of whom are only interested in power and not love, and both of whom want to sacrifice both men and women. The way feminists try to sacrifice both women and men who don't agree with them, and the way some in the Manosphere try to scapegoat, expel and ostracize those who disagree with its beliefs.

Traditionally the way to escape the clutches of both has been marriage. "The symbol par excellence of the final escape from the family is marriage," writes Ray Harris. "It is the union of male and female which allows a new round of birth to occur. In patriarchal societies the daughter is given away by the father into the care of the husband. The marriage ceremony is a rite of passage into full adult responsibility (and marks the symbolic taming, the civilizing, of the wild youth). It recapitulates the ancient union of the god and goddess."

One of the things the writer is implying is that when marriage goes the society follows and up springs the Terrible Mother and Terrible Father. Which is exactly what we are now seeing.

"Those passions are the same in all men, under all forms of simple government, and when unchecked, produce the same effects of fraud, violence, and cruelty." - John Adams


Glen Filthie said...

Correct. The Battle Of The Sexes is a fool's war; anything that hurts one gender ultimately hurts them both.
The self proclaimed alpha males seem every bit as angry and bitter as the hairy chested feminists.
I've watched the liberals and progressives throw out marriage, replace it with homosexuality, feminism, and about 6 new genders...and all I can do now is laugh at these sick, demented fucks.
I thank God for my wife. I look at the rancid shrews that have replaced the modern woman, and the posturing moral and intellectual poseurs of the internet...and sometimes I despair.

Black Poison Soul said...

The manosphere is the red-haired stepchild of the Feminist ideology. It is filled with the battered and shattered victims of emotional, mental, and physical abuse.

Unknown said...

In many ways the Manosphere is the mirror image of feminism. Just as the more fanatical feminists claim they have the "truth," so do the more fanatical in the Manosphere.

Unknown said...

Go to the big Manosphere sites and start popping the balloon. The reaction is priceless.

In many very real ways...they don't want feminism to go away. How else will they be able to sell game and get their notch counts up to tout how 'alpha' they are?

Anonymous said...


Black Poison Soul said...

@Earl Thomas - notch counts indeed. An endless validation of penis in vagina. I fail on the whole to see how jumping through hoops to get sex is a situation of not putting a woman up on a pedestal.

@Bob Wallace - I would love to know the "truth". Possibly to mention it in passing occasionally, however simply knowing it would be good. (Probably pump up my ego too.)

Mindstorm said...

As if all terrible mothers were never married.

Anonymous said...

The Manosphere is a reaction to feminism, particularly the Third Wave Feminism that began in the early 1990's. But Feminism was largely a reaction to the terrible fathers who were numerous before feminism became a force. Many men who bought into feminism did so because deep down, they hated their fathers.

AAB said...

Anonymous said...
Feminism was largely a reaction to the terrible fathers who were numerous before feminism became a force.

That's not really true. The idea that fathers in the old days were bad/tyrannical/un-caring is just a myth concocted by feminists who have a problem with men. In truth most fathers were good/compassionate/caring fathers. A recent study has shown this:

Remember what Orwell said: "he who controls the past controls the future". Basically, beware of feminist historians because the odds are they're speaking out of their derriere.

Unknown said...

If fathers and men were as horrible as feminists pretend, we would have very little of the wealth and stability we have today. What has been destroyed or unstabilized has been at the hands of women, feminine men, and bad feminine philosophies such as Liberalism, Socialism, Communism and Nazism.

Anonymous said...

What the heck are you talking about? Men are being destroyed wholesale by whores, misandry, femininsm and white knights.

There's no benefit of marriage and family for men. Why are you trying to convince men otherwise? The benefit in marriage for men ended several decades ago. Give me evidence where I'm wrong.

I make a ton of money. I have a high net worth. I'm not married. I don't have kids. If it weren't for feminism, the incredibly simple, care-free, easy life I live today might not have been possible. My estate is willed to men's charities.

Women have nothing to add to my life but the opportunity to have sex. Sex with most women bring (1) the chance of contracting an incurable STD, (2) the chance of a false rape claim (cause I'm not calling her the next day or next week), (3) the chance of an unwanted pregnancy, where 'my body my choice = your wallet', (4) the emasculating 'privilege' of living with a woman, (5) the pressure to get married and (6) giving a natural parasite the opportunity to transfer my wealth to themselves through divorce and/or other forms of civil suits.

Feminism helped men a lot more than it helped women. The only reason men are still getting screwed en masse is because all of media promotes a 1950s view in men's thought processes. Most of the messages sent to men in the media are still promoting white knight/captain save a hoe/gynocentric mentality (i.e., man up/get married). If you can somehow wake men up and remove the illusions, enchantments and false beliefs regarding women (i.e., teach them the true nature of women, hypergamy, etc), then you're going to have a lot more single, happy men.

All of the above is why the MGTOW mindset is so very beneficial for men. The MGTOW mindset undoes all of the false social programming that destroys men. MGTOW thinking frees men's minds.

What am I supposed to do? Get married, have kids and then end up homeless as a result of my wife cheating on me and winning an 'award' for alimony and child support?

Women can burn in hades, along with hypergamy, feminism, white knights, alimony, child support and the entire structure that supports these misandric ends.

Why are you pushing misandric, white knight thinking? Do you hope to lead naive men to their slaughter? You're preaching the destruction of men at a woman's behest.

Unknown said...

The family is the minimum basis of civilization. Once it goes, everything goes.

Anonymous said...

"The family is the minimum basis of civilization. Once it goes, everything goes."

Then let it go. Let society fall. Let humanity fall. The universe will be a much better place without a bunch of lying, cheating, alimony and child support hungry whores running the universe. Can you imagine the universe run by today's whores?

I, and many others, will not let that happen. Bitches are going down. Whores are going down.