Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Don't Need Charles Martel

We need Vlad Tepes.


Anonymous said...

Imagine you turned 13 in 2001. You're fast approaching your 30th birthday. What's been on the nightly news during these all-important formative years?

9/11, Theo van Gogh, 7/7, Madrid, Bombay, ISIS, the Boston Bomb Brothers, Parliament Hill, Sydney, Charlie Hebdo... the list goes on and on. How does this make you feel about the "Religion of Peace"?

One thing's sure: Europe will not go Muslim. When this generation hits middle age and starts to get its hands on the levers of power, they will not be in a mood to listen to Baby-Boomer liberal platitudes about Islam.

Unknown said...

I always remind myself how efficient the Germans are at killing - they were kicking our asses in WWII, contrary to the myths - so just wait until they get really mad at Muslims.

Baloo said...

Again you're quibcagged!
When Charles Martel Just Isn't Enough